Hair Scrunchies(bands) Made in Kenya for Kenya.

    You gotta have one of this, IN DIFFERENT COLOURS.


Those hairs out of the face and you think of hair scrunchies. And they are available near you in Kenya made by a Kenyan mama. Right!. Make an order for this at an awesome wholesale price of half a dollar, save money. Buy one at a time to build your stash.

I have variety of colours available and ready to ship within and without the Kenyan borders.

Hair scruchies(bands) commonly known in Kenya are a hair staple for not only high schoolers but also adults( gym) days.

Black ones easily disappear that’s why building a number over time is crucial as they add a hair statement too.

These are velvet scrunchies. But the varieties is head spinning.

Find us on Facebook at Gertie’S Creations, Baby and Laundry. We love hearing from you. On email too and soonest doing a You tube tutorial so you can make yours.

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Bed Pillows in Kenya: An assorted array of Kikoi fashion and style.

Pillows, not only decorative make a home attractive, stylish and welcoming. A bed pillow makes you want to sleep at night and rightfully so, after a long day.

What if when you want to sleep, the smell becomes overbearing because of the stuffing inside? Or the filling is too thick because of being filled with crap making your head or spinal wonder if sleep is to be painful or painless and relaxing.

A good not too firm pillow allows for you to have a restful night because your spinal cord is well aligned hence no sleep problems, neck pains or any associated errors.

When aging, we need to keep staying “straight” knowing that becomes impossible. What a better way to ensure that than a comfortable pillow.

When filling the fibres, they are evenly and equally distributed. There won’t be any lumps and holes in your pillow.

We also allow for a refill of the former pillows. We do launder and reuse your pillow fabric if you ask us too. To cut down the cost and environment doesn’t need more trash. This is at affordable rates.

You can request for your pillowcase to be as exotic or as simple as possible… depending on what you’re looking to achieve. In your home or hotel.

Furthermore, the more colours you have the better. That creates for a home that’s easily customisable( mix and match).

Pillows add an edge to luxury in your home. Why not make an order? Follow us on Facebook page at GertiesCreationsbabyandlaundry to see the pictures and items we make.

Place your order and ask for detailed customisation that reflect your style, decor. Recommend the fabrics to use too. We deliver worldwide but shipping rates apply.

Allow for two business days please and if sending or ordering for an exotic fabric, three days would be fine.

Create comfort and style for your home or business with pillows. We love you and hoping to hear from you with your pillow enquiries.



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How Mtwapa Shocked me: Life in Mtwapa 2.

The Cappuccinos. Want that khanga Moby wrap? Give me a call on my Facebook at Gertie’S Creations.

Our Kiddos are cute regardless. Fancy that tailor made blouse? You know it’s only 1500.

Mtwapa is a place to relish a lot of things. But, if you aren’t prepared for the beauty of Sodom and Gomorrah, My Friend.

Okay, I thought I had blogged about Mtwapa 101, like Part 1. No, of course, I didn’t.

I am for all humans to interact while living harmoniously. Mtwapians have surpassed interaction and harmonious. They are graciously spreading their wings globally. The number of interracial kids in this town, CAPPUCCINOS, is too high for any in Kenya.

These babies are cutest, the residents say. “I love cappuccinos because they are very beautiful”, another lady said to me. ” I believe all babies are cute, this is how branding starts early on without us knowing”, I said. “No, you don’t get it”.  She was already speaking of business before I asked her what she really meant.

Then it dawned on me, MONEY. It’s  all for the money. ” I date white men for money, I can’t struggle like you with a tailoring shop making peanuts while I’m used to having half a million monthly from wazungus”. ” Why do you work anyway?”. I felt this an insult because I’m used to working and my hubby isn’t an atm, he would tell you. He never gives money unless it’s  to a charity or I’m in a fix!. Then he would “support” noisily. Also, I believe in working. Those who don’t work don’t get to eat.

This convo kept on, I had a whole day as I was making her pillows and some repair clothes. Mzungus are good because they give money. Which African man gives money like that? That clicked something in me. ” I have always had freedom when I work, I don’t like to be bullied when it comes to finances. When a man’s money is incoming, I wouldn’t say no because who doesn’t need more? The lady thought for a while after I said, “Money you work for will be the sweetest ever satisfaction as a woman, the others just make you feel useless and small. Still she thought I was a joke because after all, how did I meet my mzungu husband? If not somewhere in Kilifi, Mtwapa? She may be thinking.

In broad daybreak, you see very beautiful lasses. Well clad, faces well lit with cakes of makeup well manicured on their lawns. Others have “skin tanned” to be more visible. Don’t forget the men here have well chiseled chests and muscles which scream, “Baby, nishike please, nakutamani”.

Forever looking 21, forever looking manicured. It was a big surprise for them to see me, more than plain Jane, two matutas ( cornrows, lines) and walking as if I live at the beach each day in my flip flops. Darling, no one gives a damn when you look weird, unkempt and a tailor.

They even offer suggestions for my hair, nails, shoes and makeup.

Want to hear more of my tales? Life in Mtwapa isn’t coming to an end soon for me, until … .

YOU STOP READING, MTWAPA is fascinating.

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Upholstery Pillows in Kenya: A good fabric choice?

Upholstery fabric beauty pillows? Really? I thought this was Kitenge?

Upholstery fabric tends to be plain coloured or plain boring. I picked this because it gives a home a feel of excitement and total versatility.

I love the art of mix and match especially with pillows and home decor. Don’t you? One colour tends to be boringly( I coined this one) annoying.

This pillow is 18 by 18 the outer fabric is 16 by 16. I love how tight it appears in that, don’t you?

This sells at 600 shillings only. With the white fabric only at 450 shillings if buying more than two and 500 for one.

Next time you choose upholstery fabric for your home decor choose thicker piping or coding of a different or matching colour. It helps break the boredom and coarse texture in most upholstery fabrics.

NOTE:PIPING: Rope used around the pillow. Or you can mix a kikoi or ankara and upholstery fabric. I am yet to try the yummy mixture.

Give this a try and reach to me.

Two days shipping( business) and it’s worldwide. Shipping charges apply. 

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Crazy Pillow Rage in Kenya : Versatile Kikoi Pillows.

    Kikoi can make pillows? Wooow!I’m in love! How much? Did you know one Kikoi fabric could, can make these cuties?


Oh well, a fibre pillow through and through( polyester) covered with quality white cotton fabric for durability. Then coated with kikoi for the beautiful lush elegance. Who would say no?.

They are 18 by 18 selling at a competitive price of 450 when white only, if buying more than two at 400.

Upon using Kikoi magic, it’s 700 per pillow. Being white, means you have a universal colour. That means whether these decorative pillows are for bed, a wall bench or couch, you can mix and match them for their elegance.

The blue edging and the tassels make the room pop in shine and invite.

I doubt you are going to resist the versatility of The Kikoi, more so when used as a throw decorative pillow.

I cannot wait to hear your opinions. Don’t forget I ship worldwide. Don’t be left out.

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2 dollar Jobs: How to Successfully Slave Away on Upwork in Kenya.

The internet is all the rage, online writing work all the accomplishment for a Kenyan.

Upwork a dream come true.

I started on Freelancer with no information about how online works.

I love it when I have to research on anything. So, I continued but got useless jobs which were wasting my time.

I ”quit”. Went to Elance where all the ”good” clients were to be found. It was an exciting time. On bidding, I couldn’t keep up with the waiting.

So, I turned my cheeks away,  to something else.

The question about how to make money online other than a writer became a lingering pain plus nightmare.

I began asking myself why and how to find exciting jobs where I can offer expertise of customer service. I am passionate for good service, I want to be treated KING.


On brainstorming ( I think at night), haha – when the world is quiet.

I came up with the idea of working for people at home as a customer service.

I had a lot of niches in my mind. I usually have extreme interests. I had to find the best ( FREELANCE TOURS AND TRAVEL).

You can plan your safari with me!

I contacted a few tours and travels who either ignored me or simply said, ” We have enough workers already”.

I never gave up.

No, I needed experience and that’s how I found a book called, Bootstrap VA (go read it whether you want to be a VA or not) and got excited.

I keep a copy of the ebook for guidance or vision. It has the best reviews on Amazon by the time of checking.

Now you know a bit of the story.

I brought this story up to help show you how far I have come from.

Did I mention my significant other had a tough time convincing me to quit?

And how I became a pain in his … hahaha. He can attest to that.

Starting online needs a little of guiding ( a LOT of guidance). I love encouraging.

No one guided me except my tragic way of looking at life:


It does, when something is too hard for me, I know: This is where my success is, because I will fall, dust, fall, dust until I get it. Like reaching for the apple at 5 foot 2. You know.

I want this guide to help you visualise your online direction.

Show you to show passion and dedication and how you will create wealth by informing others, inspiring them to stick to their journey.

You will get:

  1.  How to survive the slaving away on Upwork
  2. Doing 2 dollar jobs and how they affect your esteem as a Kenyan. (You dreamt of life as a Bourgeois now you are a salivator).  

3.  Why you must do the 2 dollar job when you haven’t created a name for yourself online or Upwork. 

4.  Why I went back to Upwork for the 2 dollar jobs I abhorred in my earlier years of freelancing. 

5.   Why you mustn’t waste time on the 2 dollar jobs. (Hypocrite!!!). Find out why I am.

Looking forward to the guide?

React to this post with a smiley face by subscribing to my blog.

If you miss a post, the blog newsletters I create are so valuable and offer valuable info.

You want to quit the rat race?


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How to get started as a freelance writer in Kenya: Tips, Techniques and Tricks.

Freelance writing in Kenya is the ”hottest” trending news about work online. As a freelancer writer, Freelancer, Upwork and Guru come to mind. Right?

I would love to help you get work as a freelance writer. In this blog post you will get:

  1.  Who is a freelance writer?

2.  Who pays a freelance writer?

3.  Tips for being a freelance writer in Kenya.

4.  What I have learnt and keep learning as a Freelance writer in Kenya.

5.  Am I a Native English speaker or a Non-Native as a Kenyan?

6.  I have too many grammatical errors in my samples, can I still be a writer?

7.  Bidding is the hardest job I have ever done, how do I get hired? I am so passionate about writing.

8.  How do I start being a freelancer in Kenya?

9.  Teach me how to start being a freelancer in Kenya.

10.  I want to earn a side income. Is writing, can writing do that for me as a Kenyan?

11.  Speaking of writing, I wanted to start a blog. Can this create for me an income? Or is a blog in another category?

12.  I am getting two-dollar jobs on UpWork, should I take them?

13.  Can I really make it to a full time income online?

14. Tips, tricks and techniques for being a freelance writer.

15.  Freelance writing as a business: taxes, loans and managing your funds.

I will explore for you how I got started freelancing. Why I stuck with it despite earning zero. What have I done to earn money. What I needed to improve to earn money.

I will also help you with a free editing service for your writing to use as a sample. Only the first five ”signees” to my blog.

I am hoping to hear from you with questions which can be thrown my way at my email or by commenting or becoming a blog subscriber.


Tomorrow, we will explore your rights as a Kenyan: to vote and to non public disturbance and what to do in case someone is a public nuisance.

Tell me what you would love to know apart from making money.

On Saturday, we will explore making money with a blog in Kenya. The potential earnings and even creating a blog for dummies in Kenya.

NOTE:    1. I use a lot of research in my blogs.

2. Personal experience and years of trying this and that.

3. After all the saying and writing, I do ask you to go back and research.

4. Because, things change, information last year is not guaranteed information this year.

5. Update and better yourself always.


Why I decided to take 2-dollar freelance writing jobs after years of turning them down.

Why this is a lesson you must learn from.

Why you must listen.

Want more?

Hit subscribe.

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Recycling for Money: Turning Waste into Gold in Kenya.

I have promised since 2015 to write an in depth blog post on recycling and making money. Guess what? The post is packed with ideas of what to explore and how to begin. Around you there is gigantic waste that needs to be collected.

Think along the lines of:

  1. plastic bags
  2. plastic bottles
  3. soda cans
  4. glass bottles
  5. beer bottles
  6. car tyres
  7. bottle tops
  8. toilet paper rolls
  9. sacks
  10. clothes.

And the list goes on and on and on.

The question you must be asking is: How do I upcycle these things to make gold? Make it appealing to the eyes?

How can I make people appreciate the beauty of used things?

How do I make money from these recycled things?

Well, I have packed for you a tutorial blog post. I am sorry for not curating it sooner so you don’t have to wait.

Otherwise, please add a list here for things you would love to see recycled.

I love ideas. How much are you willing to recycle?

Do you believe the recent plastic bags ban will help deal with a Clean Environment?

Should more be done?

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Questions 101 You Must Ask Before Plunging into the Online Working World in Kenya

An ebook on working online in Kenya and what you need to know and ask. In this ebook, you will learn, be engaged and all your questions answered.

Here are the things you will find in the book:

  1. 101 questions about work online in Kenya
  2. Answers to the questions. 
  3. Why you must be learning online for your next work adventure
  4. The lucrative side-hustles you must join in. 

You will also find:

  1. Courses about blogging. 
  2. How to create a wordpress site without coding 101. 
  3. Skills you must be on the lookout for.

And you will find tips that include:

  1. How to stay sane in the insane online working world. 
  2. That includes: switching off your mobile phone for any calls, texts or shocking political news. 
  3. It also includes why social media is just a noise, instead,  how to implement effective social media strategies that will enhance your online and offline business. 
  4. How to never give up when your business takes years to monetise. Keeping a level head. 
  5. What you must do to survive the ”storm” that sometimes affects online work. 
  6. How to get your feet wet to sharpen your skills.

Plus many many many more tips.

Some of the tips will be used as an exercise.

Oh, I will also have a survey to help you decide whether you are cut out for the online working life.

I will include the work online jobs you can start at no extra cost or with minimal investment.

You will also get one-on-one consultations with me.

Why must you trust me? 

I am a great advocate for flexible work.

I have respect for industry gurus.

During my work at home adventure, I never found resources that would suit me as a Kenyan.

Until to date people ask me how I make a living online.

How I have managed to stay put.

How does a blog make money? And wham! the idea for this ebook was born.

It will be a resource like Tim Ferris’s 4- hour work week.

You will come here to reconnect, rewind and rebuild.

You will also find my struggles throughout the book: how online work didn’t work for me for so long and what I did and I am doing about it.

Also, you will get a peak into the best Kenyan blog I read and follow to this day, years later.

You will hear my successes and failures.

Oh, wouldn’t this be an extremely expensive ebook? 

No, of course, it’s a ”broken – down”  kind of ebook.

The first one you will get at an almost nought price while the rest, we will negotiate the price.

I love negotiations.

So, how do I get the book? 

Get to be a subscriber and you’re in. First ten people, nought price.

Also, this book is a creation of mine from a long time ago. Fortunately, I have had to edit a lot of information from it so … watch out for it.

Another thing, 

We are learning together in this journey, don’t hesitate to question, challenge or offer a new perspective. I love untried ventures.

Subscribe for more info.

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2-Dollar Cloth Diapers are Selling in Kenya

2-dollar cloth diapers?

I just love being ”crazy creative’‘. I know, cheap is expensive.

I am making affordable cloth diapers for you mamas out there claiming that my diapers are too expensive.

Haha, I hate you soo much you know, because I have decided not to lower my costs but to make an alternative to drive you to my shop.

I will sew flannel and kitenge or any cute print diapers I find, just for you!

If you want it to be waterproof, no way round to it than buying the diaper shell or pocket cloth diaper.

But, you will fall in love with this one because:

  1. It looks and acts like a cloth training pant,

2. Enables you see what your baby will look like in the diaper.

3. Looks like the cute cloth diapers I sew.

4. Will offer an affordable way of donating to a charity.

5. You can gift a mamma in distress looking for nappies.

And because it has a stay dry layer, I promise your baby won’t feel irky when wet.

You don’t have to wait too long for the photos, you can simply place your orders asap.

I am waiting, photos coming.

You can also buy for a mama who is unable to provide for herself and her kids.

I know I will be donating a lot of these to mamas in hospitals or have special needs children, working on a tight budget.



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