Mental Awareness and Health in Kenya: Knowing Depression’s Causes, Signs, Symptoms and When to Get Treated.

Depression and other mental illnesses are severely misunderstood in our Kenyan societies. In fact, they are taken as a joke. Even introversion isn’t something that people take to kindly yet it’s a personality case, story for another day.

I identify with mental illness because:

a). I am a sufferer of depression and postpartum depression

b). I have been misunderstood and even ridiculed.

c). I am a Forensic Psychology, Psychology and Education student and all these disciplines touch specially about the mental health and well being of an individual.

I am beginning to believe that they should be a segment called:

Mental Health and Awareness: Psychological Illnesses in Kenyan Schools. 

Have you ever asked yourself if Kenyans are a depressed lot or if they are aware of some of the troubles affecting us as a society?

I have asked severally especially since being a sufferer of ”madness” like this?

Do you know there is a point in my life I wanted to commit suicide because I had had enough?


You did? What exactly was wrong with your head? Suicide? But why?

I had a severe bout of depression that left me motionless, numb, painless, hopeless, sick and tired, I had reached at the end of my tether.

Really? Then what had happened?

My mum came to visit and found me a shell of myself. I mean I had very long hair but it had bunched up like Ugali, from sleeping.

A skunk would be embarrassed at my smell, my sister didn’t understand. My mother thought I was just lazy and my younger sister wondered what the hell was wrong with me.

And my mother told me to get my lazy ass up and stop being stupid and get a job!

At the time, it was lack of a job that made  my self pity escalate.

It was the ambitions that I had carried with me that I saw crumble right before my eyes that made me vanish into the oblivion.

It was the sadness of not being able to provide for myself and family, as an elder sister that made me feel like a failure.

I had no one to talk to because who would understand?. Every corner I had turned was so brutal with its answers and people moved on with their lives.

I starved myself to see if I could die slowly and painfully, yet, I never felt the pain. I thought about jumping off of a building and ending my stupid life.

I had thought about nothing but my miserable life and how I was creating trouble for everyone else.

How did you then live to this day?

My two relatives had called me stupid in two different situations. My mum thought that I had become lazy and stupid.

I shouldn’t have opened my legs to lay down with a man yet I knew the consequences which include getting a job and fending for my kid.

I’m having it too easy to allow my younger sister to provide for me yet at the time, she was a newbie at her engineering job.

I was a loser in her eyes.

My sister on the other hand remarked jokingly how nobody will play with her hard earned money that she would deal with them accordingly.

She would actually sue them. I was so vulnerable and felt overlooked.

These two most trusted people were standing above me, not understanding me and where I had come from.

But these two people made me stand above again with their mean words which wasn’t their fault.

Because I am not lazy, I am never stupid and those words hurt more than anything in this world. That’s when I felt God calling me for a purpose, a purpose I have been chasing for eight (8) years not really knowing why.

Is that how you came off of your depression? That must be a depressing tale.

Yes it is and that’s why until today I speak about depression, to my friends and family. I speak to people who feel helpless, hopeless and worthless and the heavy load of the world is upon them.

I vowed to make others aware about it, but felt ashamed about it because seriously who would listen or where do I begin?. 

In fact, some of the materials I had written years ago, I carry them with me to this day, in my first ever laptop, purchased by my partner to me.

So what are you trying to say? 

People never understand or have misconstrued ideas of what depression is without knowing the real facts.

And you know?

Having been a sufferer , YES and firmly. I read and kept myself informed. At the time, I checked if they were Doctors to help me with treatment but I found none.

I felt discouraged and demotivated so I kept reading and understanding what this was all about.


                                   HOW COULD I SUDDENLY LOSE IT?


And what is it that you want us to understand today as Kenyans? 

I would for you to understand depression by answering the following questions:

  1.   What is depression?

2.  Is depression taken seriously in our Kenyan societies? If no, why do you think so? If yes, explain.

3.   What are the signs and symptoms of depression?

4.  What are the causes of depression?

5.  Can depression lead to drug use?

6.  Is depression a Psychological Illness or a Mental Illness?

7.  Can depression be cured?

8.  When I’m depressed does it mean I have lost all my mental faculties and now I’m mad?

9.  Are mad people depressed?

10.  Are there any help centres in Kenya dealing with depression?

11.  I want to be a study depression, what do I need to study or know?

12.  People judge depressed people without understanding why, I want to provide counsel, how?

13.  Are people with depression mentally ill and a danger?

14.  I am ashamed of speaking about my depression, should I?

15. How is depression treatment administered? Or does depression have a cure?

Depression isn’t a joke yet we joke about it. If you don’t know what someone else is feeling or going through, kindly care to find out before you perceive to know it all.

Want to talk? I have a very friendly service called Listening Service which I introduced last year in my vlogs on YouTube and I’m providing it free for those who are my email subscribers for a limited period.

Otherwise, reach me on GERTRUDE. AKINYI AT GMAIL DOT COM to find out more and the pricing for the service.

Doesn’t matter where in the world you’re at.

TALK TO ME:   Would love to hear you tell it all.

POINT TO NOTE: My blog is becoming more powerful with my brand spreading its wings, do you love it?





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Pillow Business in Kenya: How Pillow DIY Created for me 1000 Dollars Profit in 3 Months and What to Learn About It.

Pillows are my absolute favourite sewing item of all time but they can get quite boring if repeatedly using the same fabric and style.

I go for versatility all the time which means including different colour, texture, material here meaning fabric, and a bit of mix and match.

I started making my own pillows when I was sewing for our new home which needed some pillows and curtains.

I  had made some pillows but just basic ones made from flannel fabric and I adored at the time.

I even have one pillowcase that I ripped and made a pillow with!

I learnt that sewing pillows wasn’t hard at all but yet pillows were quite expensive even when bought in plain white fabric without covers.

Now, I have a policy in my life which states:

”If I know how to do something, why pay for it when I can do it better and more creatively to express who I am?”

I gathered my sewing supplies which were flannel, coding and some pillow forms. At the time, I was also a bit frustrated because I didn’t know where to buy the polyester filling.

So, I imported some from the USA at JOANN’s and when I run out, I’d buy some big pillows at Nakumatt, 26 by 26 inches cut them up and reproduce pillows.

That’s how I started.

After sitting down and analysing my sewing needs, I decided to open a sewing shop, which I have since closed because it wasn’t offering me the flexibility I needed in my time.

I even neglected my online business which is quite ironical because this is where businesses are rushing to and I’d love a slice of my own pie!

Want to hear about the sewing shop story, how to start one and become successful? And what I learnt? 


SUBSCRIBE TO MY EMAIL LISTS  for more updates and stories of beginning an online business.


Funny, when I started my shop, the need wasn’t to fulfill any pillow orders but to sell bags, I’m a big fan of bags and don’t feel like there is enough bags in my style in the Kenyan market.

Or if there’s it doesn’t match with my taste or style or I’m in fact too picky and would love to make things my own way, ALL THE TIME.

I one day made two pillows from the left over pillow forms from the Nakumatt haul( I miss those Nakumatt hauls – Revive Giant Retailer)!

And that’s barely two months into the business and I made about 300 dollars in profit and over a 100 pillow orders, in a Month! .

 It was a good month, I knelt down and prayed to God daily over the blessing. 

Unfortunately, I hadn’t prepared for orders to take a toll or burn out or monotony as people wanted me to make the same thing over, over and over again.

I find it hard to repeat myself and found it hard to keep up.

The job became boring but I went on.  Until the day I realised that wasn’t my true calling, mine lies with work flexibility and freedom. And if I don’t have that, then I have lost everything”. 




1 . How to get started in pillow business, these ideas will actually be extended to other businesses you have in mind but with a tweak here and there to accommodate the niche at hand.

 2.  The supplies you’ll need and how to get them. 

3.  How to price your products. 

4.  Do you really  need a team?

5.  How to sell and remain relevant as the month drags on. 

6.  How to keep in trend( knowing what sells and what doesn’t). Pillow styles to emulate.

7.  How to find customers online. 

8.  Exactly how much is the profit? And how to calculate your profits. 

9.  Finding distributors. 

10.  Travelling into the retail business world and what you need. 

11.  Networking with other home decor businesses. 

12.  Custom making orders. 

13.  How to price your products so that they are fast moving without facing a loss. 

14.   Why adding other home decor sewing related ideas is the best. 

15.  Why short cut isn’t the best and how to get repeat customers. 

16.  Dealing with unhappy and rude customers. 

17.  Do you need to be a designer to have a pillow business?

18.  Why you must go online and how to find success. 

19.  Keeping up with monotony. 

20.  Having fun, learning, patience and perseverance are the key to building success. 

21.  Know what your customers want, research and provide it back to them. 

22.  Managing profits and tips for business expansion. 


QUESTION OF THE HOUR: Is your interest sparked on starting a pillow business and would want to find more info?

What more info would you love to see added in this article? 

NOTE:         Yours is to keep in touch by subscribing to my email list or asking a question                            down below which I’ll get to you asap.




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Pouf Sewing Tutorial: A Floor Pillow Fashioning the Home, for Absolute Beginner’s.

The pouf is a floor pillow for kids to relax on as a bean bag chair or sleep in when watching some interesting roof cartoon.



I made this tutorial so that those who are pillow hoarders have an idea of making it.

In this tutorial,  you’ll need:

  1. Two circles, one top and one down.
  2. The upper one must have cording, yes, must, for a decorative trim effect.
  3. Cording
  4. Zip
  5. Side panel, measuring, the circumference of the circle by 2. Have enough, that’s what I’m trying to mean really.
  6. Sewing essentials: sewing machine, seam ripper, pins.

TIPS:  Before you attach the zip as I showed in the tutorial, sew all the parts as shown.

Or you can follow the tutorial and gather excess fabric.

I had already shown you how to gather fabric, right?

If you don’t know or what a recap, kindly check the tutorial on a dress. I’ll surely update it here.

Can’t resist the Pouf, mum.

And my baby needed the rest too. Cinderella is her name y’all.

And my sister loves to carry me on her back!


Couldn’t have a better pose.


We had to decorate the pouf with an orange pillow.


Cinderella can’t sleep too far.


TO KNOW: I teach what I do and know or how I ”discovered” how to do it. Because, I love to be the OWNER of my creations. Give credit where due. I always give if I have used someone else’s work, be good and do the same.

DON’T COPY AND PASTE or USE  my photos without permission from me, PLEASE.



Email me at: gertrude. akinyi at gmail dot com to be opted in for our awesome newsletters which have a dose for sewing enthusiasts or arts and crafts, business, money smarts, inspiration and motivation, travels and personal journals. Fun items like gift giving guides as well have been introduced.

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How to Sew a Cushion Cover with Tassels and Envelope Closure: Decorating your Home on a Budget.

Cushions are my absolute favourite item on home decor projects.

I’m so glad I introduced this new blog category for DIY/sewing crafts and projects.

We’ll make a lot of cushions, I assure you with all fabrics, in different colours and textures and for all seasons.

Items you will need: 

  1. A front piece, if making a 16′ by 16′ cover cut 17 by 17 inch, 1 inch is used for seam allowance, especially with this kind of tassel.

2. Two back pieces


3. Ready made tassels with fringe trim.


4. A pillow, uncovered and if you don’t know how to sew it, why? And I taught you how to?


5. Sewing machines


6. Seam ripper


7. Pins.

Don’t know what sewing essentials you need as a beginner?

I’m making a tutorial about that and it’s coming soon, even sewing parts in a sewing machine or sewing terminologies we often use.

If you don’t know how to sew, maybe it’s the foot pedal that’s the problem because sewing on a straight line isn’t a big deal.

If it is, why don’t you sign up to receive my tutorials at :


A sign up form is in the making and an online shop as well.

Meanwhile, enjoy these free tuts.

Keep me in the loop with the sewing obstacles you’re facing.



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35 Side Hustles to Start as a Kenyan Freelancer: Side Hustle into Main Income?.

Side hustles are turning into the main gig if tackled right.

I believe as a freelancer you need more than one income for survival, because, well, living in Kenya is becoming more unbearable and only for the rich and famous. I had to add famous there.

Expenses like schools, mortgage/rent, entertainment, clothing, cars and living life on the fast lane can’t just work with one income!

Even two, so you need your main income (used for paying mortgage and fees), side hustle(food, transport and entertainment and the main business( savings, emergencies and expanding of your business).

Seriously, when you have your income spread like this, you won’t even cry of being broke or looking forward to an end month.

The key here is balance and following passion, then money will follow you.

If you don’t work your passion though, you’ll meander to no end and back, like I have done and to my passion I have landed, writing.

                                        So, why a side hustle?

There are basic reasons for me why I need a side hustle and even how you can turn the side hustle into a business. 

  1.    As a freelancer, relying on one income is a thing they did in the 1900s when Kenya didn’t exist or it did but under another name. 

2.     I have to have money for entertainment, kids need ballet, I need to do Yoga, they need Yoga too and we need to travel all the time.

3.      I need the side hustle for food.

4.       I need the side hustle just for the sake of having a side hustle.

5.       I love having side hustles because that money helps me save a lot of money later.

6.       I love working.

7.        I love side hustles because they give me the power to grow something and I love growing things into empires.

8.        I love side hustles because side hustles create destinies and gives one some sense of financial freedom.

True dis, agree?   People have a lot of reasons to start side hustles which differs from one person to another. 

Add your reason for a side hustle below.

YOUR SAY:            ”As a freelancer you need a side hustle because …”

I).  My God, a client can lose his or her money anytime

II).   You need to be safe i.e, sure that you won’t go hungry or into debt one month or two because a client hasn’t paid you.

III).   You were duped by a seemingly very large and interesting contract.

IV).    It’s very important to have many sources of income so that when one fails you easily run back to another as you work the failed one.

And many many more valid reasons why you must have a side hustle.

What are the side hustles to start with and tips to be successful?

  1. Find a passion

2. Find a niche.

3. Dedicate time and energy to actually see the side hustle create an income.

4. Grow your side hustle.

5. There’s a reason this is a side hustle, so have fun.

6. Don’t forget to always learn your niche or passion.

Kindly Note: If these points aren’t clear, add more colour by adding some words to them.


35 Side hustles for a Kenyan Freelancer to Begin Asap. 

1. Up-selling your creativity.

2. Childcare

3. Grocery delivery.

4. App development.

5. Airbnb

6. Website Building.

7. Consulting

8. Coaching

9. Blog Building.

10. Advertisement.

11. Affiliate Marketing

12. Network Marketing

13. Driving

14. Tutor

15. Baking

16. E commerce Store

17. Selling household goods

18. Personal Chef.

19. Offer airbnb experiences.

20. Make videos for companies.

21. Sell photos or take photos on monumental sites.

22. Become a handyman e.g cart pusher, puller. electrician, plumber.

23. Make furniture.

24. Become a digital painter.

25. Assist in video editing, production.

26. Learn a trade.

27. Start a car-wash.

28. A fruits vending business.

29. Start a retail business like a roadside shop.

30. Keep chickens and sell eggs and the chickens themselves.

31. Be a farmer offer services on hydroponics, aqua-ponics, help build greenhouses.

32. Make shaggy mats.

33. Sew pillows and or start a sewing business.

34. Sell candles.

35. Start a crafts business.


I’ll update this post with numerous other side hustles you can start as a Kenyan.

Some I’ll tackle as individual topics while others, I’ll explain in-depth here.

Which one is your side hustle and why?

Note:                      Mine is definitely making pillows.

Don’t forget to opt in our emails at: gertrude at akinyi dot com

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Money Smart Freelancer: 14 Ideas How to Wisely Spend your Hard Earned Sweat as a Kenyan Freelancer

Financial Freedom isn’t a joke, it means you have got almost zero debt and are living way below your earning means.

Life as a Kenyan freelancer can be tempting – if you’re earning more than 1500 dollars you’re most likely living a good life, according to some stats.

What if you’re earning upwards of 4000 dollars a month or even 10,000? What do you do with the surplus income?


It’s not very easy for Kenyans to divulge their earning info, I promise, once I start receiving my paycheque income from this blog, I’ll file income reports.

Income reports are meant to encourage others to either take a leap or divert and ruunnn. Not to brag or anything.

But, some people don’t take them that way.

Could it be the reason why bloggers in Kenya never share their income reports?



But, we’re talking about making money work for you and not you working for the money. 


This means learning to be frugal, not to waste time on tasks you can delegate and actually working on promoting and marketing your work.

We’re talking about not being busy doing nothing but passive income which requires initial high planning and sacrifice and letting you eat with your legs propped up somewhere later, literally.

How do you reach these heightened levels of royalty as a freelancer? 

”Let the money work for you”, Gertie Says.  

And there are other ways of making money work for you apart from passive income( which we must discuss and I learnt a while back) but never saw it’s realistic viewpoint until later.

This also begs the question, how do you save money as a freelancer while you can earn it daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly or even receive millions in upfront payment for work you’ll do or engage in for the next four years?





That’s why on Money Smart Sundays (on this blog and my YouTube Vlogs at GertieCreativesWorld), we will discuss about this vital issue.




1).  How to get loans and or if you can get loans.

2).  How to prepare for emergencies which can mean months of unemployment

3).  ”Losing a job’‘ this means a freelance client getting cold feet or losing his money and making you suffer the loss, similar to above but slightly different.

4).  How to buy food as a freelancer, what supplies do you need and why?

5).  How and why budgeting is the most powerful tool you must carry in your pocket.

6).  What budgeting tools you must use and why? Check out for a budgeting app

7).  Dealing with mortgage and or rent, because we all need shelter and comfortable at that.

8).  Live within your means( a cliche by now which makes you sick), how to actually live within your means as a freelancer. 

9).  How to invest as a Kenyan freelancer: Which investment opportunity is the best for freelancers and why.

10).  Why a passive generating income investment is the best for a freelancer.

11).  Do you need childcare as a freelancer or can you sit your children and work from home.

I’m realising this is almost impossible, makes for long working nights and sneaky early mornings.

Nowadays, I just ”mesh” my time in and make the impossible possible.

12).  This reminds me, Time Management and why it’s a prerequisite.

13).  In time management, you will realise why social media is a waste of time. And, ‘‘Wait just a moment I reply to this commentMUST  stop and make you get back to work.

14).  Side hustles that you MUST begin as a freelancer so that you save money for other things.

TAKE NOTE: This article will revolve around tips to ensure you reach that financial goal of financial smartness. So, read it so carefully to ensure nothing passes you by. 


                                                      FUN SIDE: If you wear specs, make sure they are                                                             well adjusted as this will be a long read, maybe                                                          with  some photos. 


DISCLAIMER: I’m not a Financial Planner, I draw from personal experience and a lot of reading, but if you feel I can help you plan your finances, let’s do this.

You can hire me for some kick in the rear in the right direction coaching. This is confidential. 


I may include some affiliate links in this post, depends on my mood( Affiliates help keep me in the mood to create long creative posts like this one oh and I earn money, that’s why you keep me on my toes). 

But, you can hire me to be your Financial Planner or Adviser where we can draw a plan for your financial success and freedom. 

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Or do you want to know how I got out of debt in six months?


HEED: You can get my planning aid only as my email subbie.



Tell me your financial woes and I may offer a step to your freedom.

Leave your comments and I’ll make sure to get back to you, asap.


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How to Make Money Online in Kenya with T Shirt Business

T shirts are a boom and Kenyan businessmen and women haven’t been left out.

T shirts are soft, comfortable, easy to design and wear or style. T shirts are also a worldwide staple.

When deciding to start or setting up a t shirt business there are some things to pay attention to:


start  up costs,


materials to be used,

will you be sourcing for fabric, already made t shirts and your work is to print them or embroider on them? 

Your market, will you sell as school uniform, in general, THE MARKET. 


In this article, you’ll be enlightened about:

a). What’s your target market, how to identify it and niching out?

b). How do you plan to sell your t shirts? 

c). Online or Offline store?

d). How to stand out in this competition of ever popping t shirt businesses in Kenya. 

e). How to know which design is in style. 

f) Having fun designing and why that’s more important. 

g).  Why learning to sew your own t shirts is even more crucial. 

h). The obstacles one is likely to meet and that includes: over-saturation. 

i). Learning your Market.





I know I have but I met with certain obstacles like: fabric and a good printing service. I never wanted to do it big scale, I love to do things on trial first.

I have tried finding heat transfer paper for simple home transfers with no success.

I have also found that some people prefer embroidered for its long lasting effect and hate the peeling of heat transfers and such.


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3 Main Freelancing Sites for Kenyans Explained: Advantages, Disadvantages and The Best.

Starting online work in Kenya isn’t easy peasy for would be job seekers , it’s one of the hardest jobs we can do.

Finding info is another thing as it’s not abundantly available like for example, in USA.

If you can’t figure it out you will have to pay millions of shillings (one doesn’t have as a newbie) for info which you can easily browse online.

What??? Google Trends in Kenya shows that majority of us visit Google for News, watching YouTube videos that relate to news or celebrities, football and recently betting.


Google trends also say we use social media for passive war without fists. 

Sifting through materials to find what works for Kenyans isn’t easy and that includes freelancing websites.

So, the most sought after freelancing websites are actually International, which means we’re competing with someone in India who’s willing to work for less.


                                  Life in Kenya and living in Kenya isn’t easy, the cost of living                                    allows for people with at least 2500 dollars monthly to live                                        modestly and even then, amidst debts from loans and owing                                      banks or hefty student loan fees.

The others living below 2500 dollars are just SURVIVORS  and pray for a side hustle and online jobs come to mind.

The nightmare begins when one can’t earn a dime from online jobs and the horror-turned-prayers are recited as, ”HAKUNA KAZI, MUNGU SAIDIA”.

I’d love you to approach freelancing sites with a MINDSET: I shall not be conned, I shall not work for 0 dollars and I am worth it because I know I am a professional.

If you want to be valued in your profession, showcase it on a blog, like I do here. Want to know how to start a blog?




In this article, we are going to explore:

The most loved freelancing sites in Kenya

How to sign in

How to get started in them without feeling awkward( I’ll write a whole new article about this soon). 

The advantages and disadvantages of each freelancing site.

What to avoid and how to avoid getting scammed.

What to do if you can’t find a job with either of them.

How to effectively bid with the connects you have. 


TAKE NOTE: This article doesn’t promise to get you a job but will help you figure out the pros and cons of each freelancing site before you sign up.

This is a guide to jump-start your online career. If at all you are fed up to bid like I was, join me as I explain other avenues to explore.


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Would you Love to Create Success as a Kenyan Freelancing on FIVERR for 4 Dollars?: Here’s How to Do It.

Freelancing on Fiverr as a Kenyan is just like slaving away at a job with nothing productive to do than gossip and steal from the boss.

Been there done that, until I the day I heard, ”We don’t have money to pay you and we’re letting you go”.

I hadn’t signed in any contracts or job description forms.

Come to think of it that’s why I washed dishes today and tomorrow I was a receptionist, talk of job shift!.

On Fiverr, I guarantee it’s the same as a slave job but online, anyway, it’s the same as all freelancing sites unless they are PeoplePerHour or Behance or you have become a top earning mogul (very possible).

Did you know creating an empire on Fiverr is also possible? Let’s dream budget:

Let’s say, you have landed a gig and it’s consistent for a month, that’s 120 dollars = 12,000( change for some people, gold to you). We have all been here. 

What if during that period, you’re elevated or even offered more jobs for your prowess in whatever you’re doing?

And you start earning 4 dollars by 4 gigs for 30 days and you have a cool = 48,000 shillings. Not much yet but better than that 12, 000 they’d pay you at the office while insulting you and working long shitty hours. 

Don’t jump right in because this is going to be another loooong tedious read with great perks and piqued interest in understanding how FIVERR works.

Want to give a go together? Fearlessly and shamelessly without fear or intimidation.

I signed up on Fiverr and realised a few things, so, before we get started, let’s learn together.

As I craft this blog post, are you intrigued?

Share your fiverr expertise with us here, what you learnt or realised or just anything fun for us to laugh about.

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10 Tips for Becoming an Overnight Success Working Online in Kenya That Successful Freelancers Never Share.

Working online is becoming the new norm in Kenya not only for supplemental income but as Main Income.

The question that I get asked a lot is how to get started working online. I find it amusing so I answer jokingly like: yourself, a laptop and internet. And people are like no we don’t get it still.

Because I want to chase them fast I say,” Go and sign on”. And when they don’t get accepted, they give up and move on. They tell me online world isn’t just for them no matter what.

In this article, you’ll learn:


I). The tools you need

II). If you really need freelancing sites.

III). How to never get scammed and what to do if you have been scammed.

IV). What and who you need to know? No, there is no tribalism or nepotism stories here.



I). You will meet topics like:

1.  Why resilience is the best online teacher,

2.  How to monetise the skills you have in different ways and

3. Having fun at what you are doing. 



They include:


A Laptop,

Internet Connection for Google search

Patience and Hard-work. Nothing else, nothing much.



Not in this day and age, not.

When I started working online, I was overwhelmed by the info that was provided in various sites – I’m an info junkie.

I ended up on which quite frankly I abhorred and made me lose hope.

Bidding sites as is the norm with freelancing sites can overwhelm you. The highest bidder, in this case, the one with the lowest asking price (yes, no it’s never a fair auction), gets CHOSEN.

And those with a star of painfully intimidating rating like five stars, GET THE JOB.

Mostly, you’ll hear, ”Take heart, don’t give up”. Who doesn’t want to when bills have to paid monthly or weekly or yearly? Take heart? Common on now!.


Surely, who doesn’t want money they sweated for after a long day’s worth of work? Online world is like the dating relationships online, my oh my, employers are pretentiously hiding behind their computer keyboards typing away and looking for newbies.

Newbies to steal their money from that money being sweat or your articles to go resell at a higher price to the highest bidder, oh, before paying you.

1.Never take a job that sounds, ”too good to be true”. If you’re not born a natural psychologist, ask online or reach me on email. Let me research for you, I’m an info junkie. SIGN UP FOR MY EMAIL NEWSLETTER TO GET UPDATES ON SCAMS

2. If you have signed up on a freelancing site and your employer says, ”Can we finish out of the site, RRRUUUUUNNNN and never look back.

3. Trust your guts if the employer is too fishy or is offering a deal too good to be true.

4. Stop checking in sites which tell you that making money online in Kenya or the world is easy, because sweethearts, that is not the easiest thing to do. Not to discourage you, but it takes work.

TIP:   That’s why my topic is fishy today and we hop onto the tips.




Working online is the bestest thing you can ever do to your family and as a mother, you get to stay home with your children (like I do) and work. Actually, it’s the most challenging thing to do.

As it involves a lot of commitment, sacrifice and hard-work. But which work doesn’t, show me so I can run to it.

So who said you can become Overnight?

This is what you must realise:

Once you have chosen to work online, there’s no going back.

Online work is addictive and you have to figure a way to make it work.

There’s no joking involved and kids sometimes, have to have a sitter or you work the wee hours of the morning or stay very late into the night, just to make it happen.

Online work is just like work, you know a job, just that there is some flexibility to it, you’re working from home.

Sorry if you thought you’re going to be in your pyjamas the whole day, sorry. You have to shower, make up yourself, look presentable, have a clutter free desk while balancing the jobs at home.

I mean, it’s not exactly overnight, overnight will come when you keep reading on and implementing these strategies. 


Yes, I said it. I’m not fond of Upwork, no wonder my profile was dismissed. I went there to check how to revamp it, after an year and found it, GONE.

And I thought, good riddance. So, you ask, how else if not freelancing sites? Those are the only ways I have heard about?.

They are:

  • Friends and family. 
  • Social Media: Twitter 
  • Facebook Groups, 
  • LinkedIn. Are you getting intrigued?
  • Commenting on blog posts like this one
  • Guest blogging
  • Blogging
  • Job Boards

Yes, Social Media is used very evilly in Kenya, to insult and attack but you can use it positively to enhance your business, online career and life.

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I can’t claim to be success but I’m proud of what I have learnt online for these past almost ten years. Yes, it’s been long but I hid myself. Now, it’s time to share my successes and things which have become a learning angle.

I have cried those nights when I have been told that my writing sucked and sounds like middle school poetry(exaggeration), simplistic.

My English Professor said,

‘Prolific writers aren’t with lingo dedicated to prolific readers, instead they use simple English language that you and I understand”.   Thank you Dr. Sharp.

Imagine checking a medical website to find a cure for headache and you find something like:


Would you continue reading or rush to buy a medical dictionary or browse away and check something simple like simple home cures for headaches?

I got so discouraged after that iWriter remark. Surely, I wasn’t hardened.

I got a job as a Mandazi seller as I kept checking elsewhere. Bidding site employers have a right to insult you, by the way, indirectly.

                                             NEVER NEVER GIVE UP. 

This journey isn’t easy and it isn’t hard either once you have figured out what you want to do and where to go and how to connect.



I defined working online as, ‘‘Finding a job online”.

That’s how we define it and that’s why we’re not making it online.

If it’s a job we just do to get by, can’t you see the probability and possibility of loving it is just not there?

I have had to twerk my meaning of ONLINE WORK TO:

”Flexible fun inclusive work, job that enables me explore my God-given talent and abilities while helping me create employment for others”. 

As time goes by, I keep changing my definition but this is my latest.


Work inside of work. You have a day job but sell mandazis and tea at the same day job.

Earning double or triple from the same job takes a lot of talent and enthusiasm for the job.

So, if you don’t want to live from paycheck to paycheck or on one salary, it’s not possible in this economy to survive on one income, no matter how good, is it now?

You’re a writer but a six figure worker on Upwork, clients are looking for you. How do you use this influence to create more income?

  1. Create courses on writing and online world.
  2. Create YouTube Tutorials about writing or becoming a six figure writer (Yes, YouTube does make money).
  3. Write a book.
  4. Develop webinars and seminars to not only promote your work but to sell or encourage more writers.
  5. Start and monetise a blog (the hardest thing by far, I have ever had to learn).
  6. Create an agency for writers employ newbies.

See, one writing career is making you have six channels to make more money and increase your income from six figure to 10 figure, now who doesn’t want that?



If you have a blog, I recommend checking my next series on starting a blog that will pay you (monetising). Don’t just start a blog, write impact words and sentiments on it, give value. 

Don’t copy someone else’s work because copycats never last long in this industry either.

How do you get copy to write powerful blog posts? 

a).     Read a lost,

b).     Check what people are sharing online about online work.

c).       Listen when they speak and you’ll hear their frustrations.

d).      Be yourself and learn as you go.


Yes, I’m also a motivational speaker and love to read those books though not very much. Make sure you don’t appear and reappear like I do in my work. Make sure you follow through your dreams, like I am going to here.

Successful people fight the fight to the end of the world. They engage their five senses and embrace failure and change to become what they are.

Successful people never give up and always believe in themselves when others have lost hope.

And you’ll always know it was meant to be when you keep going to it.

Choose your passion accordingly and not just to make you get money. Or you can follow the money and get the passion as you go.


Na wa oooo , if you come here to work, work and work you will suffer burn out.

Burn out means you hate the job, you’re simply sick and tired and want to quit. If you end up feeling like this, kindly take a break and forget work for a while.

Take a vacation, man. It’s not about work without fun, you’re going to be a dull boy.

Want to know fun filled activities you can engage in as a freelancer?




How can you make it in this freelancing world without your social media fans? I didn’t know this.

In fact, I went underworld when I first began. I didn’t want people to know I have involved myself in this ”idle” world of sitting before my laptop and writing the whole day.

I should have done this, simply go to @indomitable_ger on Twitter or Okore Gertrude on Facebook online, formed a group to encourage me as I go so that we can uplift each other.

I love being introverted it comes with being very guarded and maintaining a very high class level of privacy. Which can become detrimental to achievement.

Be as loud as you can by letting people know what you’re doing. 

That’s a way of self promotion. Yes as long as it’s not being too self absorbed, people are intrigued by other’s lives, now, CASH ON IT.



Kindly share with us how you got started online working or are you planning to get started?

I have a YouTube channel that is all about beginner’s where sewing is the main focus. Sewing opened my eyes.

And in sharing you show others that we have to begin from somewhere and agree to put in the hard-work and that nothing comes easy.

We only rest in death and even so, the living will never forget how awesome we were. So, share and don’t hesitate to share.


Tell a Kenyan to read something to better their lives and it’s suicide.

If you enjoy the learning curve of the online world, well, welcome.

You’ll have to learn:

a). Coding

b). Bookkeeping

c) Virtual Assisting.

No, I’m kidding, you have to be open minded to learn and grasp as fast as you can as you move on.


Woooow…. time to allow you to speak to me please.

Ask, as many questions as possible.

If you want this as a PDF, never hesitate to tell me to speed up the process to allow you to download as a link.

If you find any difficulty in starting the online working process don’t forget to ask too at GertieCreativeWorld on YouTube or sign in to receive my newsletters as soon as something juicy is cooking.











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