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Has the Kenyan 8 4 4 Curriculum reached it’s death?

Education in Kenya means, 8 4 4 system of studying, this means, 8 solid years in Primary, 4 in High School and 4 in varsity. Who said that all students get an opportunity to go through all this? One, there’s … Continue reading

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Home Education In Kenya : How much is there to know?

Crammed classrooms, sweaty tired faces, teachers carrying porridge and knitting sweaters in classrooms, dusty tops with rusted roofs. This is but an example of the situation in most public schools in Kenya. It’s deplorable, pathetic. The glory has been left … Continue reading

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What the Bible says about Rejection

Well, I am not big on reading the Bible,  occasionally maybe, because of it’s enormous guidance. Some refute the Bible as it was written by humans. In school, there are a number of theories that we are taught. Different proponents … Continue reading

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Rejection Story 3: VISA DENIED

It was so painful I recall: twisting, turning, cursing, my heart felt like it could fall. With swollen eyes and brutal unpreparedness I bore the tragedy, yet,  I had planned the journey from A to Z,  no detail left. I … Continue reading

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Undressed Kenyan woman : Should there be a dress code in Kenya?

It’s very surprising that hardly before Pastor, ”Doctor” Kanyari’s public undressing there has been an undressing ceremony on a Kenyan woman. Who was going on and about her private business when some touts decided it was in their right to … Continue reading

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Undressed Kenyan woman: How to dress.

First things first, can humans ever stop pretending and especially some Kenyan men and women? I mean, what I dress should be none of your business. And who said that when I am scantily dressed that portrays my character? Just … Continue reading

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Question and Answer Sessions: LOVE AND THANK YOU.

In as much as I can I am trying to bring as many people as I can to this site. I have been brainstorming, reading other notable blogs on building traffic, I come up with my own ways as well. … Continue reading

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A Freudian Slip that wrecked havoc on a Kenyan Leader.

A Freudian Slip has it’s origins from the Austrian Psychoanalyst who believed the unconscious has hidden motives, ideas, wishes and desires. We keep battling between the conscious and the unconscious to reveal what is desirable or non-desirable. So, this means … Continue reading

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Doesn’t Kenyan Leaders Reflect such ‘Self-Absorptionism’

When you think or see an African Leader: money, greed, accumulation of wealth, murder, you can name it as the list goes on. I mean on. From presumably ‘industrialised’ nation that is South Africa to one considered poor, like Kenya. … Continue reading

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Kanyari Business Deal : A cultist?

Even if Karl Marx’s reckoned,  ”religion is the opium of the masses”, not like this fellow Kenyans. Aren’t we best, aren’t we smart? If you really intend for your sins, sickness or a true miracle look for it in the … Continue reading

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