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Why teachers mustn’t be threatened by the sack in Mandera, Kenya. Our leaders are really amazing. Sack, sack is their answers to everything. Now, the governor of Mandera is loudly asserting his governorship by announcing the ”sack” that we are aware of. The big question, should teachers in Mandera feel … Continue reading

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10 Critical Reasons Corruption in Kenya is Here to Stay

Ask anyone in Kenya, even kids, what makes Kenya lag behind? Corruption. How does it begin? I am corrupt too. I play no angel in the game here. Why? I want things done, excellently, I pay an extra coin to … Continue reading

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Alfred Keter: Fighting Corruption Kenyan Style.

“We will reverse the law and we have to start with you!” “We are the ones making laws when we want we break them.” “I fight big wars. I don’t fight small wars. Tell your boss he is stupid,” These … Continue reading

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Thank you for supporting Kenya

Dear Subscribers, readers and passers-by: Thank you for always being my subscribers and readers. You’re welcome to share and share encouraging each other to come over,  more. Subscribers, I am looking for a dedicated writer who we can grow with. … Continue reading

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Soweto Uprising in Kenya: Langa’ta Primary School Massacre.

June 16 and January 19th have familiar spots. They both begin with ”J”. They both begin with sorrow and danger. They remind us of when our children were terrorised in a premise they trust the most. Their abode. Their school!. … Continue reading

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10 Ways Kenyans can use Social Media for Empowerment

Recently we have had ”attacks” from youths of Kenya using social media platforms. Of course, such get so much media hype from our local stations. What they don’t tell you is,  you can use social media to tell a story. … Continue reading

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Home Schoolers Conference in Nairobi, Kenya 2015

”Teaching at home is meant for the very well off parents. It’s what stay-at-home mothers do best. They got no other thing to do”.  Remarks are always harsh and general plus terrible. What then is this thing I am writing … Continue reading

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Writers sites for the Kenyan writers to explore.

I love writing. What does make a good writer? It’s how much you read. And who are your best authors? Yourself, I bet? Make a point of reading other writers’ work too. That way, you will have a feel of … Continue reading

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Reviewing Jumia Kenya: Why I am sceptical.

Jumia Kenya is a place for buyers to find their desires, that we all know. Having a wide selection of things, of course. One is interested to browse more, see what’s there for buying. It’s what made me look here … Continue reading

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Reviewing Online Marketplaces in Kenya: How they miss the point.

This is a general overview of the marketplaces in Kenya. The world is going digital why not Kenya? We should too embrace online shopping; buying and selling. We don’t,  as we have heard too many scamming messages from West Africa, … Continue reading

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