Online Job Leads for Kenyans: How to get online jobs 2017

These anywhere jobs are about as juicy as they sound. No scams, nothing.

But as always, do your due diligence before settling for a job. As a genuine lead may be filled with about any scam in the virtual world.

I got these jobs from Anna’s blog, it has helped me get some really nice gigs sometimes. Though these jobs are usually in high competition, which job isn’t?

Check them out and tell me which ones you have applied to and which ones you would like to apply to in future.

Also, this is a new segment in my blog to help you understand that not only writing pays in the online world. So … hop in.

  1. Are you aware or interested in celebrities, why they look perfect, gorgeous, why we love to hate them? This job is for you an entertainment writer is needed at

2. A social media writer is needed at 50

Social Media Writer

If you would like to sift through Anna’s blog to get the leads, check  her website,

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I love Anna’s blog I found courses on Udemy, if you do not know Udemy, stay tuned to learn more about it from this blog.

These courses will help those of you interested in hopping in to online jobs. Look at the highly reduced costs here. Unfortunately, the deadline is tomorrow, so act now, today …

Learn how to be a copywriter in Kenya at Udemy:


2. Transcriptionist

3. Fiverr Seller

4. Reselling Gift Cards.

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