About.com is Hiring and you Must Apply: Kenya

Getting hired at about.com is an upheaval task. The last time I applied on about, I was hardly an authority in my field.

The following opportunities are up for grabs for you lovely writers:


Food Recipe Creator






Apartment. Add many more.

Pros of a Kenyan Writer Writing for About.Com

Here, you become an authority in your field of expertise.

You get to be viewed by millions of readers monthly.

Hence, it’s easy for you to create a brand of cult following.

You can easily be hired anywhere by any publications because at about.com, the hiring process is rigorous and laborious.

You carefully select the topics you want to share. You build a name. You get good pay.

Channel Speak

You can add as many benefits as you want. Tell me if this job excites you, drives you crazy or … You want more?



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1 Response to About.com is Hiring and you Must Apply: Kenya

  1. Gertrude Okore says:

    About. com is no longer available…

    It’s dotdash and doesn’t have any positions for people all over the world as of 27th May, 017. They rebranded on 2nd May, 2017.

    Take note when applying.

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