Exciting Freelancing Sites You Must Try For Kenyans

The reasons for me to start this blog were myriad: share my knowledge in thousands of subjects ( relationship and dating, women and their health, men and dating, health, recycling, politics, Kenya and sooo much more).

I got sidelined when I couldn’t house all the information in one tiny space.

I had to ”niche out”.

I also wanted to be a voice where you get to know that online works and there are jobs online.

Lately, I don’t write detailed blog posts because all those are coming together in an ebook!

Just like the pdf downloadable I made for those interested in daycare or being in business as a daycare lady, man.

I want you to find jobs as freelancers …if you are tired of Upwork or your Upwork profile has been declined … bring I revamp it for you, for a little sum, of course.

I don’t want you to give up on working and finding work online. I want you to enjoy the freedom this lifestyle brings, the ability to flexibility, travel, see your kids, relax sometimes and save money on commute hours.

I will provide the new sites where you must be looking and it’s exciting and some of these, you can never imagine they are available to Kenyans.

Can’t wait to get the sites?

Subscribe to know when the ebook is done and also my email subscribers already have these information, you have to dive in and subscribe.

Send requests on many more subjects you are interested in, even the seemingly crazy ones like farming.

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