Teaching in Kenya: How a Teacher can Create a Side Hustle Online

As a trained teacher teaching does come naturally, hehe, to me. Making money as a tutor in Kenya a new ”thing” I have come to love.

Well, most of you know I don’t really care for teaching, I actually never had a passion for it.

Sitting in the University Lecture Hall was an excruciating pain in my back.

I always remembered all the mischief I did to my teachers and would be haunted like crazy,


Well, I am very wrong because, most of my life surrounds teaching and imparting knowledge.

How can I become a teacher when I don’t love the vocation?

I love it when something makes me money… I am not obsessed with money but love my freedom.

Lack of money can make, turn you into a married slave or the clinging girlfriend or boyfriend.

Who wants that? I once lived a life like this and ended up sleeping hungry with my kids.

Money Slavery I tell you. 

Anyway, I know you are wondering why I am bantering a lot.

A teacher has to talk, A LOT.

You can supplement your teacher income by becoming a teacher online.

Yes teacher, where you visibly said to your students, ”All online workers are either money launderers or scams”. Yes, that one.

You can teach anything you like:

But, I have gathered these courses are usually the juice of online tutors:

  • Maths
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics.

High school seniors need, want a lot of help in these major sciences.

The arts are a hot cake too but, stiff competition is there.

Teacher, you can also teach languages!

Good languages to teach include:

  1. Simplified Chinese( Is there anything like this one?)
  2. Mandarin.
  3. Arabic
  4. Swedish
  5. German
  6. French.
  7.  NKT( I am forgetting the basic one here, ENGLISH.
  8. I could use an English teacher to thoroughly walk me through the use of commas, apostrophe, colon and semicolon.

I remember covering my eyes with a note taking book when she asked, Gertrude, please tell the error in the sentence above.

The whole class burst in teary laughter because – I didn’t know when, how and what to use dashes, commas, semicolon and colon despite leading in the subject.

Pure guess work.

See why we always need after-classes?

Anyway, where do you expect me to teach madam?

To the point please!.

You are going to apply for teaching, whenever a job opening is available. On sites like:






You tube

Personal Blog

Offering one-on-one courses.

Skype teacher.


You are becoming what I always call, A TEACHER WITHOUT A CLASSROOM! ( Don’t steal this one, I created it)!

I will update *this* links to be more precise, for now … you can be a pioneer language teacher in any field.

Did you also know you are not limited to a Degree?

You can teach skills too?.

That’s what you must be looking out for as my next blog post.

Want to get more juice on the sites I discovered for those interested in teaching?

And they are worldwide, so you don’t have to search?.

Isn’t that the aim of my blog? To make your work search easier and headache free?

What you are to do.

Do correct me *whether* possible – we will become friends. haha. So, talk to me.

Also, you will get a guide for this, only for subscribers.

So, you are wasting time reading here, you must be signing up, ALREADY.


Let’s run, it’s juicy.



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