How to get started as a freelance writer in Kenya: Tips, Techniques and Tricks.

Freelance writing in Kenya is the ”hottest” trending news about work online. As a freelancer writer, Freelancer, Upwork and Guru come to mind. Right?

I would love to help you get work as a freelance writer. In this blog post you will get:

  1.  Who is a freelance writer?

2.  Who pays a freelance writer?

3.  Tips for being a freelance writer in Kenya.

4.  What I have learnt and keep learning as a Freelance writer in Kenya.

5.  Am I a Native English speaker or a Non-Native as a Kenyan?

6.  I have too many grammatical errors in my samples, can I still be a writer?

7.  Bidding is the hardest job I have ever done, how do I get hired? I am so passionate about writing.

8.  How do I start being a freelancer in Kenya?

9.  Teach me how to start being a freelancer in Kenya.

10.  I want to earn a side income. Is writing, can writing do that for me as a Kenyan?

11.  Speaking of writing, I wanted to start a blog. Can this create for me an income? Or is a blog in another category?

12.  I am getting two-dollar jobs on UpWork, should I take them?

13.  Can I really make it to a full time income online?

14. Tips, tricks and techniques for being a freelance writer.

15.  Freelance writing as a business: taxes, loans and managing your funds.

I will explore for you how I got started freelancing. Why I stuck with it despite earning zero. What have I done to earn money. What I needed to improve to earn money.

I will also help you with a free editing service for your writing to use as a sample. Only the first five ”signees” to my blog.

I am hoping to hear from you with questions which can be thrown my way at my email or by commenting or becoming a blog subscriber.


Tomorrow, we will explore your rights as a Kenyan: to vote and to non public disturbance and what to do in case someone is a public nuisance.

Tell me what you would love to know apart from making money.

On Saturday, we will explore making money with a blog in Kenya. The potential earnings and even creating a blog for dummies in Kenya.

NOTE:    1. I use a lot of research in my blogs.

2. Personal experience and years of trying this and that.

3. After all the saying and writing, I do ask you to go back and research.

4. Because, things change, information last year is not guaranteed information this year.

5. Update and better yourself always.


Why I decided to take 2-dollar freelance writing jobs after years of turning them down.

Why this is a lesson you must learn from.

Why you must listen.

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