2 dollar Jobs: How to Successfully Slave Away on Upwork in Kenya.

The internet is all the rage, online writing work all the accomplishment for a Kenyan.

Upwork a dream come true.

I started on Freelancer with no information about how online works.

I love it when I have to research on anything. So, I continued but got useless jobs which were wasting my time.

I ”quit”. Went to Elance where all the ”good” clients were to be found. It was an exciting time. On bidding, I couldn’t keep up with the waiting.

So, I turned my cheeks away,  to something else.

The question about how to make money online other than a writer became a lingering pain plus nightmare.

I began asking myself why and how to find exciting jobs where I can offer expertise of customer service. I am passionate for good service, I want to be treated KING.


On brainstorming ( I think at night), haha – when the world is quiet.

I came up with the idea of working for people at home as a customer service.

I had a lot of niches in my mind. I usually have extreme interests. I had to find the best ( FREELANCE TOURS AND TRAVEL).

You can plan your safari with me!

I contacted a few tours and travels who either ignored me or simply said, ” We have enough workers already”.

I never gave up.

No, I needed experience and that’s how I found a book called, Bootstrap VA (go read it whether you want to be a VA or not) and got excited.

I keep a copy of the ebook for guidance or vision. It has the best reviews on Amazon by the time of checking.

Now you know a bit of the story.

I brought this story up to help show you how far I have come from.

Did I mention my significant other had a tough time convincing me to quit?

And how I became a pain in his … hahaha. He can attest to that.

Starting online needs a little of guiding ( a LOT of guidance). I love encouraging.

No one guided me except my tragic way of looking at life:


It does, when something is too hard for me, I know: This is where my success is, because I will fall, dust, fall, dust until I get it. Like reaching for the apple at 5 foot 2. You know.

I want this guide to help you visualise your online direction.

Show you to show passion and dedication and how you will create wealth by informing others, inspiring them to stick to their journey.

You will get:

  1.  How to survive the slaving away on Upwork
  2. Doing 2 dollar jobs and how they affect your esteem as a Kenyan. (You dreamt of life as a Bourgeois now you are a salivator).  

3.  Why you must do the 2 dollar job when you haven’t created a name for yourself online or Upwork. 

4.  Why I went back to Upwork for the 2 dollar jobs I abhorred in my earlier years of freelancing. 

5.   Why you mustn’t waste time on the 2 dollar jobs. (Hypocrite!!!). Find out why I am.

Looking forward to the guide?

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