Upholstery Pillows in Kenya: A good fabric choice?

Upholstery fabric beauty pillows? Really? I thought this was Kitenge?

Upholstery fabric tends to be plain coloured or plain boring. I picked this because it gives a home a feel of excitement and total versatility.

I love the art of mix and match especially with pillows and home decor. Don’t you? One colour tends to be boringly( I coined this one) annoying.

This pillow is 18 by 18 the outer fabric is 16 by 16. I love how tight it appears in that, don’t you?

This sells at 600 shillings only. With the white fabric only at 450 shillings if buying more than two and 500 for one.

Next time you choose upholstery fabric for your home decor choose thicker piping or coding of a different or matching colour. It helps break the boredom and coarse texture in most upholstery fabrics.

NOTE:PIPING: Rope used around the pillow. Or you can mix a kikoi or ankara and upholstery fabric. I am yet to try the yummy mixture.

Give this a try and reach to me.

Two days shipping( business) and it’s worldwide. Shipping charges apply. 

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