Hair Scrunchies(bands) Made in Kenya for Kenya.

    You gotta have one of this, IN DIFFERENT COLOURS.


Those hairs out of the face and you think of hair scrunchies. And they are available near you in Kenya made by a Kenyan mama. Right!. Make an order for this at an awesome wholesale price of half a dollar, save money. Buy one at a time to build your stash.

I have variety of colours available and ready to ship within and without the Kenyan borders.

Hair scruchies(bands) commonly known in Kenya are a hair staple for not only high schoolers but also adults( gym) days.

Black ones easily disappear that’s why building a number over time is crucial as they add a hair statement too.

These are velvet scrunchies. But the varieties is head spinning.

Find us on Facebook at Gertie’S Creations, Baby and Laundry. We love hearing from you. On email too and soonest doing a You tube tutorial so you can make yours.

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