Absolute Beginner Free Sewing Lessons in Kenya and The World.

Sewing as an absolute beginner isn’t very interesting because you always need a mentor. I learnt that the hard way!.

Learning how to do anything by self is by far the most taxing thing anyone can do. What if you had to do it on a platform where we all understand your humble beginnings?

My Youtube Channel encourages you to learn, Sewing is just that which I learnt and I have learnt a lot of things, I still am.

In my Sewing Lessons you will learn:

1. How to use a sewing machine

a) Sewing Foot Pedal, this gave me nightmares.

b). Timing and how not to mess with it.

c). Tools for use as a beginner seamstress.

d). Sewing Machines for beginners: How do I buy one.

e). Health struggles. Can I even mention it? Upper Back Pain due to poor posture!.

f). 20 plus beginner friendly projects we will tackle together.

g). Sewing the pillow from scratch.

h). Zip sewing tutorial and coding, piping sewing on the pillow cover.

i). Attaching the pillow cover.

j). Threading your machine and what you need to know.

k). Know your machine: Learning it.

l). Sewing more fun pillows for your home or to sell.

m). Starting a pillow busy, what you need to know, how to get started.

n). Sewing as an art: Exploring and celebrating Mother’s Day Arts.

o) Reusing fabric.

p). Recreating clothes and what you need to know.

q). Taking basic body measurements for starting to explore clothes or garment making.

r). Repairs and how to tackle them.

s). Upcycling projects. Old t-shirts to kid’s clothing, headbands, flowers or bows. Or rugs or t-shirt yarn.

A lot is coming and there is a lot to learn. There’s the majority who’ll feel left out, the creative ones.

You’ll simply create useful and dynamic items with fabrics you already have.

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Currently, I’m learning:

1. Make-up.

2. Embroidery, which I’m a little scared of.

3. About myself.

4. Staying organised and relaxed avoiding spontaneity.

And later in the year I’m going to learn:

1. Piloting as I complete my Forensic classes.

2. Photography

3. Filmmaking, which is quite interesting because I don’t necessarily remain behind the cameras and it was supposed to be so with sewing as well.

What are you learning and are you excited about this new journey of sewing?

Are you ready to stop procrastinating( I’m a victim now a victor) of this weakening disability or disorder that brings money troubles.

Are you ready to shout to the world, I’m here?

Well, stay tuned because I’m coming for you in whatever beginner project you’re trying to learn. Even alcoholism.

Let’s join hands and create a movement of learners. Be in it, stay in it and love it.

Much much love.

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