Would you Love to Create Success as a Kenyan Freelancing on FIVERR for 4 Dollars?: Here’s How to Do It.

Freelancing on Fiverr as a Kenyan is just like slaving away at a job with nothing productive to do than gossip and steal from the boss.

Been there done that, until I the day I heard, ”We don’t have money to pay you and we’re letting you go”.

I hadn’t signed in any contracts or job description forms.

Come to think of it that’s why I washed dishes today and tomorrow I was a receptionist, talk of job shift!.

On Fiverr, I guarantee it’s the same as a slave job but online, anyway, it’s the same as all freelancing sites unless they are PeoplePerHour or Behance or you have become a top earning mogul (very possible).

Did you know creating an empire on Fiverr is also possible? Let’s dream budget:

Let’s say, you have landed a gig and it’s consistent for a month, that’s 120 dollars = 12,000( change for some people, gold to you). We have all been here. 

What if during that period, you’re elevated or even offered more jobs for your prowess in whatever you’re doing?

And you start earning 4 dollars by 4 gigs for 30 days and you have a cool = 48,000 shillings. Not much yet but better than that 12, 000 they’d pay you at the office while insulting you and working long shitty hours. 

Don’t jump right in because this is going to be another loooong tedious read with great perks and piqued interest in understanding how FIVERR works.

Want to give a go together? Fearlessly and shamelessly without fear or intimidation.

I signed up on Fiverr and realised a few things, so, before we get started, let’s learn together.

As I craft this blog post, are you intrigued?

Share your fiverr expertise with us here, what you learnt or realised or just anything fun for us to laugh about.

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