How to Make Money Online in Kenya with T Shirt Business

T shirts are a boom and Kenyan businessmen and women haven’t been left out.

T shirts are soft, comfortable, easy to design and wear or style. T shirts are also a worldwide staple.

When deciding to start or setting up a t shirt business there are some things to pay attention to:


start  up costs,


materials to be used,

will you be sourcing for fabric, already made t shirts and your work is to print them or embroider on them? 

Your market, will you sell as school uniform, in general, THE MARKET. 


In this article, you’ll be enlightened about:

a). What’s your target market, how to identify it and niching out?

b). How do you plan to sell your t shirts? 

c). Online or Offline store?

d). How to stand out in this competition of ever popping t shirt businesses in Kenya. 

e). How to know which design is in style. 

f) Having fun designing and why that’s more important. 

g).  Why learning to sew your own t shirts is even more crucial. 

h). The obstacles one is likely to meet and that includes: over-saturation. 

i). Learning your Market.





I know I have but I met with certain obstacles like: fabric and a good printing service. I never wanted to do it big scale, I love to do things on trial first.

I have tried finding heat transfer paper for simple home transfers with no success.

I have also found that some people prefer embroidered for its long lasting effect and hate the peeling of heat transfers and such.


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