In the Diary of a Kenyan Virtual Assistant

What does a Virtual Assistant do in Kenya?

Have you ever envisioned life where you take holidays without a worry? You want to find a new school for your kids? Want to find who Sigmund Freud is? Well, that’s what I am paid to do ; work for you as you take your holidays or spend time with your family. Working long or short hours is what I love, it’s how I plan my schedule. During this time, even a little noise from my jumpy daughter doesn’t mean a thing, it means, work, work, work. Play later. I am your personal assistant, why do you need to hire another personal assistant, and worst who works from home? Who I will never see? Because, your office Personal Assistant or secretary cannot stay in the office up until midnight. There are too many thieves, muggers and robbers or even terrorists roaming the streets at that time.

As for me, the pleasure of seeing you smile, as I can see in my heart, is too good to be true. It makes me know I am working towards something unique. I am working towards developing your company be it an established multi-million dollar company or a start-up. I have been working at it for many years but an experience working as one for a notable Sir is just too immense. Training me to be who I am, and also allowing me to expand my horizons in this field I love of customer service. He has taught me to discover websites during research and even to design a very simple website. As he wanted an all rounded secretary, who conducts his business whether he is there or not. He wanted someone ready to learn and who at all times is a keen learner. Flexible and ready to please him.

Flexible, our work revolves around pleasing you as our clients. So, at the turn of that telephone, I am up on my feet or can work from wherever I am, even in bed. My focus is ensuring I have delivered according to your expectations. Simply spell for me what you want, and there you have it. Your mistake as my client is never confirming my work after handing it in. Mistake number one, which is very costly. Stop being too busy for me, we need to grow with each other. Months later you write an awful review about me on blogs and webpages and even on sites where I look for clients, ”not to be hired, too awful”. Please, confirm with me first, I am human and errors are bound to happen. So please, correct me before I make another mistake. Correct me as I love to learn. I love to be told where my mistakes are.

I can book flights for you, take your rest as I arrange budget travel for you and family. My research will take me to websites you have never imagined of ; budget bargains and also luxurious. I would ensure your comfort, you will also not need to be afraid, local arrangements can be made for you where you save quite a bit. You can see the world like the locals as I am here to offer my kinder services to you.

Your second mistake is you just never trust me. I don’t know why, but you never. Especially if I am a newcomer to your premises. Your problem is you never quickly share your company’s ambitions with me. I am here, because a customer service job is no job for me, it’s the love of my life. I would want all phone operators to handle their phones with love, rapping over the phone and hardly letting the customer understand what I am talking about, is what I want to revolutionise. I would want your clients to say, ”wow, now that’s the explanation I have wanted to hear. All my worries were satisfied, that one was quite knowledgeable and polite too.” You just never want to challenge me, beyond knowing I am a Virtual Assistant. Why is that? I am in love with your business that’s why I sort you out, I want to bring in more clients and help you retain your old ones. I don’t want to see you fail, if you do, what would I eat, dress, or shelter?

I love you very much, will treat your business as my own virtual assistant business. I will make clients think twice about wanting to quit business with you. With my powerful customer service experience, I will make sure you maintain those clients who were thinking twice. I will make you more business in this era of digital marketing by bringing in more business. I am eager to understand the dynamics of search engine optimizations. I would want to know and learn a little bit about soft wares. Teach me and you will never regret. I am self taught but you are my teacher too.

Hire me, you will never regret having done so!

Confidentiality Report: A Virtual Assistant’s Most Powerful Tool

I have noticed your apprehension towards a virtual assistant is due to: him or her working virtually, not being under you and importantly, the ability to share your information to the world. Scaredly, your privacy information about what puts food on your table; your company. Now, you wonder, how I am supposed to have a virtual assistant who isn’t an employee. If he, she wants to work for me, let them behave like one. No, I tell you. She, he is also in business, and you don’t expect them to relinquish their position because ”you are afraid”.

I understand the problems of not having one’s business information guarded. How we make money, employ, choose your employees and who are your shareholders. I love to make my customer’s at ease, I love to please you. I don’t want you to spend sleepless nights contemplating how to take me out of business. This is how we do it. This is how I learnt and know. I draw up a confidentiality report, with important clauses like what will happen to me in case of breach of contract and vice versa. I draw, you tell me which one you will go with and which one you will want for both of us. I don’t take your information for granted.

You too, will have your own terms and conditions for business. You will share with me, then, we agree on what works and what doesn’t. Until we reach a place where we agree with one another; trust, I mean. Trust, is what we should work with from the get go. Without it, we are doomed. We cannot survive without trust, it’s what we need for our businesses to prosper. Help me, I help you, is my slogan.

Keep in mind my business motto: Reduce your office costs, maximise on profits, it’s what I do and intend to for you and not increase your headache!!!


What drives me? My attributes

I am among those who are said to be egoists. Not too big an ego to be labelled as narcissistic, no. I believe I can do attitude is mine. Give it to me, I can because, I love it. I don’t fear to say, ”I don’t know but will get back to you with the precise answer”. I am a believer that we humans cannot have everything we want. We can acquire traits. We can,  if we want to.

Reliable. Have you ever wanted something so badly,  but, doesn’t get it in time? How do you end up feeling? I love to be there to offer help, I can be reached at all times. This is where I make my living, online, so, why wouldn’t you get me? If you cannot find me, I maybe writing something or updating some information here. At least, I never fall short of saying something.

As you have noticed, smiling is my hobby. Smiling makes people easy with you. Being a receptionist, an administrator doesn’t require very grumpy persons. People will be scared, mine isn’t to scare you. It’s to encourage you to say what it’s that you want. How you want it to be dealt with. And when, where.

I am organised, a great time manager. I love to work on schedule by being sincere about the time I will be through with my project. I love to say in black and white, ”this will take a day or two”. I love to not waste your time once you have assigned me with a task meant to be completed. Organisation is top notch for me. I don’t want to hand over work that wasn’t yours or I handed over last week. I save my documents and file my documents, I provide dates, numbers, if need be, I sign where required to indicate – I am through.

I am skilled in communication skills. Having been trained two times. Strong listening skills is what I have. I have a keen eye to details and am observant. Before I say no or yes, I know why I am saying it. I don’t want to argue with you, I make you understand that some things are, better left out. Kindly and positively, I hope you listen and understand, too. It’s why I write great minutes, with pointers to what was being said. To ideas being projected. During our meetings, I offer my suggestions. Not uninsightful suggestions but those which have gone to school, those which are knowledgeable to offer a powerful comment. Engage me and you will want my services more and more. I have a lot to offer.

I hope to hear from a few of you. We can create a business! Trial rates are as low as 15 dollars an hour, don’t miss out!



The year starts with strange hopes and resolutions for everybody. As long as you’re alive, there’s hope they say. I say, do when you can, don’t wait. Isn’t this something we have all heard about? Oh, I am a criminal in this. Wait, is there the police to arrest me?

I have planned my year like I know what will happen in the next few months. I don’t, actually. Let me say, I had already had plans for 2016. I have changed anyway. I’m changing because, the world is changing, the trends are changing and me being me, I don’t want to be left out.

I am expanding my horizon here with a more bold approach to getting hired online by people who I believe mirror my 2016 progressive goals. What are these goals? I realised one thing, I cannot or dread phone calls, phone talking, any face to face, ”kind-of-thing” scares me. I will sum this with a story, one day in high school, we were racing with our dishes to the dining hall which was a 120 metres away from the classrooms. A new school policy had been established where running was a mandatory task. Like eating the watery sukuma-wiki  that was the delicacy. Being a bookworm that I am, I had lost time reading some exciting Literacy pages. I didn’t hear the bell. That meant, a little ”homework” by my prefects for sweeping some place or maybe cleaning the dining room hall tables. I dreaded that, especially during meat days.

On approaching the hall, actually, it had rained so much prompting me to curl up with the book. I ran but I remembered I had to clean some things in the dormitory, it was already locked by lioness J. Outside the dorm, there was lots of grass, our night guard and other ”law – breakers” hadn’t broken the law to enable a sanitary environment. So, as I stood there wondering what to do,  knowing well, dining was a must in my school. I saw something jump from the little swamp that the afternoon showers had created. I took to my heels, not looking back. On reaching the dining hall where the evening lawbreakers’ homework was being meted out, all eyes were on me. I screamed, still jumping, ”it’s there, it’s under my feet, please help me, it’s there!!!

To say that it was the most embarrassing day of my life would be to lightly mention it. Actually, that’s how I dread frogs, toads, as much as I do calling, phone calls, talking on phones.

So, in 2016, I have upped my virtual assistant search, being a blogger for someone, or a business that wants to sell 24 hours online, hire me. It’ll not be automated answers, but an answer from small to large business owners who want to remain relevant in 2016 and beyond. I am a night owl, with that, I want to help you grow your business, answer customer queries when you’re asleep, give them direction to undiscovered deals in your shop, all this, while you’re busy strategizing on other avenues for money making.

Why not give me a ”call”?. By the way, as I say, my rates are always negotiable, not too cheap and not too high end either, because I understand your business needs. What we need is trust, build it, capitalise on it, in the end, we achieve something, create something unique.

I don’t know what you are still waiting for because, I’m an email away.

Actually, I will create an ad for this business venture I got in mind. Further talk, head there.

Happy Doing Business with You in 2016.



My C.V keeps changing not because I tailor it but because I keep improving myself on areas of my life, right now, I am busy working a course on Programming. I have recently done another, Search Engine Optimisation with the University of California -Davis. I have yet to include these ”certificate” courses because I didn’t earn a certificate, I liked to update myself on the current trends in Search Engine Optimisation. For now, ponder on my c.v as I add more onto my skills and expertise.


P.O BOX 4377-20100

M: 254 721 616 E: gertrude.akinyiatgmaildotcom

Professional Qualification

More than five years experience as a Customer Service Representative / Manager and Virtual Assistant with skills varying but not limited to:

1. Resolving customer complaints via phone, email, mail or social media.

II. Compile reports on overall customer satisfaction.

More than ten years experience as a Writer, six as a professional freelance writer with roles including but not limited to:

I. Marketing, including maintaining an online presence through a website, blog or social media content.

Core Qualifications.

Excellent research skills in literary and business world with an extensive period as a writer.

  • I possess wild imagination with a knack for originality therefore solving problems and finding solutions comes easy.

  • Tight deadlines make me a productive worker which is a great gift for multitasking.

  • I possess marketing skills and an understanding of new media as a tool for self promotion.

  • I’m determined, resilient and an enthusiast who loves to self-learn.

  • I understand and accept constructive criticism which is a virtue in the Customer Service, Virtual Assistant and Writing World as this criticism makes me grow career-wise. I understand and accept constructive criticism which is a virtue in the Customer Service, Virtual Assistant and Writing World as this criticism makes me grow career-wise.


Virtual Assistant – PRESENT (Since November 2010).

Responsibilities: Transcription, Social Media Marketing, Admin Support, Blog/ Website Management, Customer Service.

Writer. (Since 2002)

Responsibilities: Submitting material for publication in the required and expected format, . Researching the market and reading relevant publications or blogs and staying up to date with writing being produced in a chosen field, . Editing, revising and reviewing work especially in response to feedback.

Receptionist . (Graceland Hotel November 2009 – November 2010)

Tasks Included: Welcomes visitors by greeting them, in person or on the telephone; answering or referring inquiries, Directs visitors by maintaining employee and department directories; giving instructions, Maintains security by following procedures; monitoring logbook; issuing visitor badges.



Higher Diploma in Forensic Psychology

Core Courses: . Communication Skills . Forensic Accounting

. Psychology . Financial Accounting

. Sociology . Criminal Law


Bachelor of Education in English and Literature in English,

Core Courses: . English Language Origins . Communication Skills.

. Syntax and Structure in English



Business Woman with a virtual craft shop which sells handmade goods, which give me the confidence to write strong proposals and market my products.

I engage in Volunteer work to shift away from work where service to community offers me satisfaction. I have since helped with disable children, distributing nets and giving education on Malaria, volunteering at local Non-Governmental Organisations teach English and offering counselling.

I enjoy reading books as a way to gain more knowledge and equip myself in the job I’m engaging and sometimes to learn something new.

Travelling is not leisure to me but a way of relaxing, meeting new people and get and pass new ideas to people. I am more interested in hiking which helps keep me fit and long walks to enjoy nature.

Blogging. As part of exercising my creative ability, I started a blog to express the social issues in Kenya and a woman blog to speak on the plight of women and girls in Kenya.

Professional Affiliations

Local Non Governmental group where I engage in writing publications and doing part time office work.


I have excellent research skills in business and literacy due to my extensive periods as a writer.

My imagination is wild a skill which over the years helped me come up with various ways to solve tasks and helped me to be a quick thinker.

I also possess marketing skills and an understanding of new media as a tool for self-promotion.

I do not give up before I accomplish my client’s goals, I drive myself to achieve.

I accept constructive criticism which provides me growth and experience in the ever changing world of customer service.

I will ”disturb” you until I make sure I deliver your work according to exceptions, I make sure to understand your guidelines before I take a proposal.

Additional Information

A firm believer in learning, the reason for having a Free Community Library.

I also engage in a lot of MOOC ( Massive Open Online Courses) for self- development and betterment. Currently, I am pursuing a Programming Course which will enable me learn HTML and CSS coding. I am always interested in people person careers like Social Work, Customer Service, Teaching and Development. I am fluent in Swahili language.

I have avoided to include my referees due to spammers and also my contacts due to that plus my phone number. Kindly bear with me.

Should you like, want, love to contact me, please write a message, ”REACH ME” for further business discussion. Otherwise I have listed my email as customerservicevaATgmailDOTcom

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