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Want to buy? Khanga Jumpsuit for Babies and Kids in Kenya? 

There are an array of Products Gertie’S likes to create. Some she may know, like knitting  others like crochet, she self-taught herself early in January, 2016 when she could hardly sit. Don’t worry she can now. If you want to know why she couldn’t sit, check in Indomitable Woman for more updates. My imagination is very wild and varied and sometimes, it’s scattered. Wild, because I can create creations from just looking and some by reading while others by simply guessing. Check out some things to watch out for, created by Gertie’S.

When I first started sewing, it was in late March, I bought my first sewing machine. Not that I have never seen a sewing machine but I have never touched one. In fact, sewing buttons on my blouses was a problem I would wear them without buttons or throw them away or give them to someone close by to sew them for me. A button. The long rest came, I always want to keep myself busy and occupied all the time. Having a million tasks to do, having a challenging day is what makes me tick. I can never concentrate on one career or way of life, it becomes a serious bore. So, I have tried my way in sewing, crocheting, cooking, baking, selling, photography and what not.

In the next few days, months, years, I will continue to feature my creations, what I got from others and created again. Mostly, I create things that are for sale not those with restrictions. So, if you find yourself getting hooked, there’s always a shop which is coming soon for selling my things. This page is for showing you how, I do them, the corrections I make in them and what I am learning. I am an infant in sewing but my baby steps have helped me create a few items like these:


That’s a Khanga!

Forgive, I don’t know how to make them stand upright if this irritates you. My model is wearing Upendo. It’s high waist jumpsuit because I hadn’t finished sewing it and I was curious to see if it fits or not. Do you like it?




I think this one provides more of a visual for what I am talking about. Anyway, keep enjoying my model as I am. More learning coming soon. . . the photos will be upright. I will soon update with new photos of the finished products, if you decide to follow the pattern I did and you are a new sewist, I will offer some tips and tricks.

Good Luck and until then, Smiles.


Some Baby Wipes. 

When I learnt sewing, I never tackled any difficult projects, I was afraid of pedalling, breaking the sewing machine needle and messing with tension. I found this project the easiest, a town away from the project of dismantling my pillow . . . never sewn it to date. I would sell them like these: half a dozen at 3dollars or Ksh. 300, a dozen at 7.50dollars or 750.00. They measure 8 inches by 8 inches. But, I make some bigger ones measuring 10 inches by 10 inches where a dozen cost 500 shillings, or 5 dollars and dozen at 1000, 10 dollars.

These are good for reusing instead of using wet toilet paper which is expensive, can be used for the fluffy baby bottoms, your face for removing make-up, they have varied uses. I use flannel and sometimes terry cloth or towel, if you may like.

Take a look:

IMG_0077IMG_0079IMG_0081IMG_0082 IMG_0142This one came in a bathing towel, it felt too little in my hands so I had to ”sharpen” my sewing skills, this is what I came up with. IMG_0189IMG_0190And there was a cute, ”LITTLE BUNNY” title to it and the little ”untouchable suddenly felt soft and big in my small hands.


Baby Bibs

I started making baby bibs after realising they come in handy and what I got at the store felt awfully rough, never covered the baby’s neck and were too expensive for the price. So I set out to buy a towel and transform it into bibs. I have some batting which I added to it too but those I can tell you were laughable. I cut the pattern the other way round. As always, ”newbie error”. I found the pattern on Stephanie Struckmann’s blog.  What I stitched as my first bib became a laughable product but workable. I have since worked on it to create an awesome one, you will see it later. IMG_0138This one became a bib. Each bib would cost 200 shillings and they are waterproof because I use a layer of flannel or sometimes batting. And they cover the chest properly which enables contain baby messes. I will show you in a later photo what I mean. See this. IMG_0146 and this IMG_0173The bigger model loved to use it for you to see that it actually fits properly. IMG_0177 Then there came a bandana bib. I folded a small hand towel into a triangle then made this. I used no pattern. This can be worn over clothes like a tie, hehe. Looks good. And this one I used an old poly/cotton tshirt and white flannel. It looks and feels awesome. IMG_0166IMG_0157



Oh really? But, are these just the nappies our parents used on us when we were younger, some of us have used them nappies. I have and I know how painful they can be. Baby wetting her clothes all the time, hardly five minutes after diapering her. Those annoying safety pins that would unravel and in some cases poke the baby’s tummy. We have heard of all of them. I have experienced this one where we used a diaper cover ama suruali ya mkojo ya nappy ya mtoto, getting all ripped out by my hands while trying to gentle wash it. I will talk more about cloth diapers step by step and educate you as I have educated myself since January.

For now, I have some pocket diapers. If you are a creative and crafty mama like me who fancies her children to wear, ”Mum’s Designs” you are welcome to purchase materials I purchased. Check these popular cloth diapers on amazon  fuzzibunz and bum genius.

You can ask me for more information to purchase these diaper making supplies. You always know where to get me. If you don’t leave a comment below and I will get back to you asap. Meanwhile, feast your balls on these:

Cloth diaper

Cloth diaper

dscn1753I have started cloth diapering not long ago, if you want to follow my journey of cloth diapering, please do follow me on my in a woman’s blog. There, I will provide more information for those cloth diapering mamas ”fearess” out there, I would like to encourage you. Think about savings, the environment, time, stress and anguish above all you know what your baby is wearing. Just like you know what your baby is eating. Don’t mind those fuzzy photos, I am going to upload more cute ones. Just wanted to flaunt my sewing abilities too.

Let me learn how to upload photos on google for easier access to my photos, I have over thousand of them but I waste hours sifting through what I must post. I will update this part with nicer images, keep waiting.




Fabric Clutch Bags and Handbags in Kenya. 

You want to look stylish and cute without resembling someone else? You just adore your own style by letting your character shine. Invest in my bags, more pictures and photos are coming.

Some are just my imagination and recreation of my favourite handbags. Some are simply copycats of other people and what they are carrying. Others are just tutorials I have followed from great Youtubers who make bags.

Would you love to know their names? Comment I share a link or make a bag like that for you, for a fee, of course. The bags are copyright free so I don’t have to worry selling them.

These bags are also a nice way to add up to your bag collections. Which woman doesn’t love a cool bag?

Now which is your poison?

The tote? Or foldover clutch?

This is in my sewing room in the attic, not much light and no pretty background up here. A lot of work needs to be done, for sure.

Enjoy lovelies. Want more?



This little bag will help you carry your little house along: lipsticks, mascara, foundation, wallets and some pads. And still have space for some perfume.


Do you love it? These were late night shots, forgive the angle. You gotta tilt that comp buddy.


This buddy has soo many pockets too.

Do you love this crossbody bag? You notice I have a thing for short handles? Like it long?



I can see you’re already trying to resist the temptation. Why not? They are cute and fascinating and exciting.

Welcome to the world of adding vibrancy to your bored room with decorative pillows. They can also be used in bed!