Backpacking Across Africa: Mummy and Her Two Daughters.

What will the page be about? 

I will document everything we do in terms of our safari. The safari for now will be a country by country rather than a non-stop because I have office work.

How do I intend to balance office work and backpacking?

I intend to balance because my job offers some flexibility as from soonest possible. But, we have already done some backpacking though not as extensively as we wanted. We will begin from Uganda, Mombasa Kenya and Tanzania, then Rwanda.

How did I come up with the name?

We are four of us but always three of us. . . enjoying each other’s company all the time. We are open to change but for now, we love being backpackers.

Backpacking? With two young kids? Are you serious?

Yes, we will travel cheaply but not so much as to jeopardise the health of my kids. We will of course use my favourite travel solution of all time – Airbnb.

Who will we leave for the house?

We want you to have our house for months at a time. We have houses in Mombasa and Nakuru and soon a Nairobi one is coming.

How will we fund our safari?

I am always a working mummy. And also, if you love our travels and would love to see more, we would love a donation. I will add a donation button here.

Plus selling our travel photos, videos and this blog which I want to turn into a franchise…haha.

Also, I am a Teacher Without a Classroom believing that education is to imparted anywhere, everywhere and at all times.

So you travellers there in Africa, do invite me to your home where I can sit it for you, for free. We get accommodation, of course.  I am a home sitter as well.


Of course, there has to be a mission in life. Our mission is to learn, interact and forge.

My mission is for my kids to see so many things in their lives, experience and appreciate.

Being home schooled children, it offers the style and capability we want. Also, it’s a challenge being an introverted homeschooling mum and we wanted some excitement.

Join our journeys.

Meanwhile, some shoots from my phone for the past few days, weeks. This orange tee is about me being taller than a giraffe? haha. I enjoy feeding giraffes and how they lick the hands. I could do this for a living, .

This page will be offered for you travel fanatic who loves to pack your bags.

This man is over a 100 years. 130 to be precise, what would you want to do at that age on earth?

Watch out for the next extensive episode of our travel life and Life as Backpackers.