Writing Jobs from Bustle for Kenyans and US Nationals.

I love Realwaystomakemoneyonline Blog, this is where I collect these jobs from. Just tell me if you want these kinds of jobs regularly and I will share them with you, regularly.

You can apply for them by following the links below.

Also she shares courses on Udemy which can help a job seeker revamp their cv.

A willing transcriptionist, the kicker … they are just 10 dollars for a limited time. If you love to learn, I can help you find the 10 dollar courses, share in the comment or reach me in email.

I look forward to hearing from you.





10 dollar Udemy courses all Kenyans willing to work online should take and can afford



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Making Money Selling Craft Supplies in Kenya: Select your Niche to Make a Profit.

Some craft supplies are simply never discoverable in Kenya. It’s because we stopped crafting, assumed it’s too expensive, just left it to the Chinese to craft for us as we sleep. The problem, sometimes, we don’t get what we want or quality we trust.

We must throw away our, ”It’s too expensive talk” because

  1. It’s killing the craft spirit in Kenya
  2.  It’s killed our creativity.
  3. There’s no quality provided for us.

When we craft our own things at home, we are able to:

  1. Save tons of money.
  2. Be happy and satisfied with what we have made
  3. Make money from our crafts.

That’s why we want you to be a niche craftseller. I know, I am a niche craft seller, I sell cloth diaper sewing supplies.

I would want to jog your mind into some lucrative niches to explore:

  1. candle making,
  2. soap making,
  3. sewing,
  4. cake supplies,
  5. carpet making,

among others.

How do you make money money selling craft supplies? Can this be turned into a full time income or is it just a side hustle?.

I can’t wait to explore this topic with you. There are as always, tips and tricks, techniques and where to buy the craft for resale and where to find a market. How to market your goods, using language to entice your customers to buy from you and not from another.

I will give a tip that works for this week, can’t wait to introduce it.

Keep talking here please… provide more insight into this topic.

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10 Plus E Commerce Marketplaces for Kenyans to Sell their Handmades

The internet has taken everything by storm: even the way we parent.

The Facebook boom and ”social media” six figure and seven figure earners are increasing by the day.

You are being left out because you think you need a fancy store to begin.

Kenyans can exploit the following ecommerce stores to sell their wares.

  1. Etsy
  2. Amazon
  3. Ebay
  4. Jumia
  5. Kilimall
  6. Artfire
  7. Spoonflower
  8. Hyena Cart
  9. Craftsy
  10. Bonanza

Some of these marketplaces will require you to pay initially for listing and others. You cannot be afraid of listing fees because you are exposing yourself to millions of buyers.

In this list, I will offer the tips and tricks, the do’s and don’ts – just like we always do for all our latest writings, right?

Below, I will also offer some tips for being successful some are very basic like:

Comment below with ideas you believe I must feature.

Did you love this listing and want more? Please ensure to reach out with any questions you may be having about online work.





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Making a Living Online in Kenya: Tips, Pros and Cons.

Many of you have been questioning how I manage to make a living online.

I also started like you.

Always an optimist until I slept hungry and lost all hope.

I earned no shilling and had to rely on others, who, either ran away or simply vanished. Including family.

I thank them for vanishing because, they made me learn and grow up as fast.

I learnt, NOTHING EVER COMES EASY. NO MONEY WITHOUT WORKING FOR IT, even a thief works for his sweat.

I cannot say I am there yet, but, I am happy where I am. . . not very though.

Because, I want you to join me in this money making victories and histories.


Grow thick sheep’s or crocodile’s skin. Which one do you prefer?

Be consistent.



Never Give Up.



You get to make money while sleeping – passive income.

You work from any location in the world, even in your kitchen.

You get to fly at all times.

You can work while watching the sea waves or while the sand is melting under your feet.

Yes, you can smartphone your employees.



You have to put in initial work to gain traction and or even a single recognition.

It’s a painful learning curve which can be extremely annoying and excruciating.

You have to accept failure as part of the process.

You got to pat yourself on the back when you have messed up. haha, as if it happens that way.

You simply cannot afford to give up after all this while.


Want to hear more? Of course, I hear you. I am writing an in depth blog on this. Point to me anything you would want to see featured.

Any problems you are facing, get back to me and I ensure to help you resolve them asap.

Don’t be stuck all alone.

Get a pen and paper and write: gertrude at akinyi at gmail dot com


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20 Ideas on How to Keep Busy when Kenya Power is out of Business.

Living in Kenya poses its challenges. We are poor, struggling, dependent citizens of our republic. Yet, we wake up every morning rushing to work to provide for our families. Only a select few get to have what we are supposed to have, aren’t we hardworking?

I am recently a ”victim” of power outages in my beloved Motherland, so I thought how can I make money or keep busy during these horrendous times?

Some ideas are just ideas, but then some can make money, you get to choose which ones you soundly want to make money with. And it’s always from home, incredible, isn’t it?

1.Sell Solar panels

2. Craft shaggy mats

3 Crochet a sweater or cardigan

4. Design (crochet, knit, shaggy mats, clothes)

5. Do gardening.

6. Teach kids

7. Baby sit

8.Keep fit ( walking, running, aerobics)

9. Sleep

10. Find out about your locality ( local eateries, pubs, lounges, languages, taste food you have never tasted)

11. Meditate

12. Teach or do Yoga

13. Write actionable goals and how you plan to achieve them.

14. Find a hobby.

15. Who are you?

16. Write a journal turn it into a personal blog or vlog assuming you charged your phone or camera’s batteries.

17. Spt clean.

18. Try a recipe

19. Yard work

20.Mix chilly spices, eat them to hotten your body. Jogs mind

As usual, wait for some details, I hate to leave. Also a WARNING: BUY BACK-UP.

Please let’s add to this list and can bring in some civil politics about KPLC Kenya and how they ruin businesses.

Be civil, can’t wait for an in-depth discussion.


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Cloth Diapers for Money: Can Cloth Diapers Make An Extra Income?

When the world stood to declare how they want a clean environment, we rallied behind them.

We sang to their tune as their accordions were stylishly blown to mark the remarkable moment.

You are an earth champion, that little thing you do to save the world adds up, didn’t you know?

Cloth diapers equals reasonable disposing of trash.

But that’s not why we are here today, to be earth revolutionaries.

We are here to make money, to create a side hustle, to create an income for the struggling mummy, single woman, student and sewing enthusiast looking to add to their collections of designs.

And you novice sewist, you aren’t left out. Cloth diapers will sharpen your sewing skills, you will learn a lot … you can’t wait!

You need a few things to get you started, will you please wait for the … aargh, there is a video today!

Watch this video, it will give you an idea of what’s coming in the long long details I love creating for you.

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Shaggy Rug Mat Business in Kenya: How to Tap into this Exploding Market

Where have you been? Shaggy rug mats business is passing you by. You cannot afford to escape this. But did you know what this business entailed.

You will listen to this coming soon video, as I find the words to expand the topic.

Please keep the convo alive because other ladies, jobless youth and stay at home women are listening.

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How to Sew Cloth Diapers and Make Money Selling in Kenya

You have heard about cloth diapers from me for a long time. The cloth diaper craze is not yet here in Kenya, but, soon it will catch up. I know you are wondering how you will compete against the disposable ones as many ”modern mammas” would rather pass.

That’s why we are sewing to sell these cloth diapers. I will talk about finding reputable fabrics that you are sure your clients, customers will buy.

Having been a cloth diapering mummy and a sewing enthusiast for these new inventions, I am sure I have some wealth to share. It’s always free, so pull a chair, make the tea, coffee and wait for mamma earth.

A lot of juice is coming up, can’t wait either!

Would you love to know how to use cloth diapers? Would it be a fantastic option if your love makes money for you?

Well, hop in and talk please.


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About.com is Hiring and you Must Apply: Kenya

Getting hired at about.com is an upheaval task. The last time I applied on about, I was hardly an authority in my field.

The following opportunities are up for grabs for you lovely writers:


Food Recipe Creator






Apartment. Add many more.

Pros of a Kenyan Writer Writing for About.Com

Here, you become an authority in your field of expertise.

You get to be viewed by millions of readers monthly.

Hence, it’s easy for you to create a brand of cult following.

You can easily be hired anywhere by any publications because at about.com, the hiring process is rigorous and laborious.

You carefully select the topics you want to share. You build a name. You get good pay.

Channel Speak

You can add as many benefits as you want. Tell me if this job excites you, drives you crazy or … You want more?



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Cloth Diapers in Kenya: Diapering that is Innovative, Stylish and Affordable

What is a Cloth Diaper?

It’s made of fabric, looks like a disposable diaper. It’s washable, durable and lasts after one baby, that’s if you bought quality cloth diapers from a trusted supplier.

How many types of Cloth Diapers are there? 

There are numerous. Remember the flats? Nappies? Yes those cotton fabric ones which were not very absorbent?

Can I sew my own cloth diapers? 

Yes I sew my own cloth diapers and now I sell them to make extra income. If you want training on how to sew them, contact me for further training. I offer affordable and competitive prices plus a pattern.

How do I get a pattern for sewing?

It’s as easy as … tracing around a disposable, stretch all the elastics, and you have the pattern.

Where can I buy cloth diapers in Kenya? I sell them at affordable rates of 10 dollars without the shipping. You can also buy cloth diapers here at Impala Baby Cloth Diapers on Facebook, I found http://babynatural.co.ke/BN/

Are cloth diapers waterproof?

Yes, yes of course.

What category of cloth diaper do I use? 

I really like the pocket style cloth diapers because they are very customisable.

What made me turn to cloth diapers? 

I just felt an urge to experiment with diapers. I am always economical, so I thought, why not use an economical means on my baby? Turning to cloth diapers wasn’t a hard thing to do. I decided they are the only solution for a budgeting mum like me.

Are cloth diapers economical? 

Oh yes. How economical? They save money, time for rushing to the supermarket when you run out of the diapers, in the middle of the night.

Which fabric is good for sewing Cloth Diapers?

Where do you outsource your materials from?

I purchase my materials from diaper sewing supplies, Very Baby and Joanns.

I like Diaper Sewing Supplies because they ship worldwide and offer a wide selection of pul plus other fabrics including but not limited to: microfleece, suedecloth, minky, stretchy knits for making cloth training pants, fold over elastic.

I love Joanns for getting discounts all the time and their very wide selection of fleece and flannel. But I found flannel in Nakuru, want to buy from me? I can send it to you, or are you visiting Nakuru? Visit Rivatex, they have some solid colours and cute duck prints and cute bear prints.


How many cloth diapers do I need for a newborn?

This one is very hard to answer but not very hard. This is what you have to consider … how many times will you do laundry per week? I usually launder every three days that makes it twice a week. I know some very clean mammas who launder every other day. I cannot afford it.

I have 15 diapers, only. I figured, if I use pocket style cloth diapers then I don’t have to insert the inserts into the pocket. And once that worked, I became so happy because there are no leaks. I use only 15 diapers. But if you insert the inserts into the pocket … the least amount of diapers you can use are 30 … too much? It’s worth the investment. You will never buy again. And what’s better? You can share your diapers with your other babies and other needy mummies.

How many cloth diapers do I need to make my stash?

Approximately 20 diapers but to lessen your burden if you decide from newborn it’s 30.

How many inserts do I require?

As many as you can acquire. With inserts get as many because you just need many.

How did I learn to sew cloth diapers?

I am always self taught in so many internet things. I am naturally curious and adaptable. So after buying my pattern, it came with instructions which really helped me navigate from one form to the other. Unfortunately, this pattern had instructions which were not very easy to understand sometimes. So, I took to Google and Youtube came to mind.

I even found a free pattern with so very nice instructions … Cloth Diaper Revolution.

How do I deal with cloth diaper poop?

This one has defeated me a seasoned cloth diapering mum. I fear my own poop, find me closing my nose while doing my business. Not to scare you but I got used to it. Or you can

How do I store my dirty diapers?

There are diaper pails, wetbags. You can buy them from me.

How do I know my cloth diaper is ”full”?

You mustn’t wait for a diaper to be full. You should always change your baby’s diaper two to three hours after diapering. No wonder I love hemp, this fabric is an animal at soaking water and can stay until 6 hours.

Buy hemp inserts from me at affordable price of 2 for 600 shillings. You can also buy bamboo hemp which is equally a soaker and good for night times at  2 for 500 shillings.

I sell microfleece inserts which are sewn four together for 2 at 400 shillings. These are usually stay dry. This means when the baby urinates, it goes to the absorbent layers hence the name, STAY DRY.

Why are my cloth diapers stinking?

You are either storing them too long between changing or you are not rinsing them properly.

I usually rinse my diapers after changing and even the diapers when they have poop. Many don’t do that because they have sprays in their toilets … I don’t know how to add a spray into my toilet and I don’t know if I can show someone to do it for me.

So I use the bucket method.


This among other series of questions will be in the part two of cloth diapers. Add to this Frequently Asked Questions

Why are my cloth diapers leaking?

Should I use snaps or velcro closure?

Why are your cloth diapers so expensive?

Are cloth diapers stylish as you project them?

How do I keep my baby clean and dry while using cloth diapers?

Is cleaning cloth diapers easy? 

How many cloth diapers do I need in a day? 

Can I cloth diaper my baby while on safari?




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