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What is a Printable?

How useful are printables? 

Why printables?

I got into the printable business late last year 2018.

I had so many quotes, wanted to get back into writing after fighting my reality, been running away from writing as far as I know, so needed to ensure that it was my career of choice.

I did some mental questioning, wrote all the steps and asked the elusive question, ”WHY”.

  I love to change topics ( Follow my 365 Days of Planning to get the full story)!

With so many quotes, I believed it’d be a good way to actually package my writing to see if people like what I’m saying.

I write a lot of quotes to myself by the way.

Sometimes, reading doesn’t come easily that gap is filled by quotes.

I have books upon books of quotes, I just hope that one day I can actually make them into printables(some of them)…

The blog’s shop will be the biggest ever printable quotes shop on planet earth written by an individual if I do so!!! Guinness World Book of Records here I come.

SO …

What is a printable? 

It’s a digital document created on Photoshop, illustrator, power-point or any other medium then provided as a digital download in either a PDF. svg, psd, jpg among other formats.

                  Types of Printables:

The printable can be either: a printable planner,

printable checklist,

printable gift tags,

printable quotes(my favourite),

printable school work

printable invitations,

printable calendars,

for business

bumper stickers,

and name it!


How useful are printables?

Printables offer the convenience that’s not offered by a physical product.

Have you ever bought something online?

Then have to wait for shipping for days or weeks if shopping in the Chinese marketplace.?

Now that’s for a physical product not that it’s bad but it’s agonising sometimes shopping online, there’s no instant gratification. 

Printables allows you to download a product over and over and it never wears out. They’re inexpensive, affordable and renewable.

Renewable meaning, you can re-use over and over by downloading. They also save a lot of space.


Why printables?

They’re cute, colourful, renewable, easy to access.

You can choose a variety.

Oh and also most are uniquely made so you aren’t getting a copy.

Some come with very pleasant messages like the ones I made for Valentines.

Now where in a physical store do you find a card store dedicated to the Valentines gay corner?

You see, the beauty of printables is that they offer diversity, and can be used to accentuate a room, a bullet journal a planner a school book while offering motivation with their nicely colourful stickers.

Honestly, who doesn’t love a colourful object?

We all do!

Learn more about printables in my e-commerce printable section which will be jump-packed with a lot of categories I’m unveiling.

Now, hoover these valentines love creations, make your eyes water and make a purchase before your loved one gets sad.



2. Love-never-changes-anybody-message


3. valentine- messages-on-a-printable-e-card

4. same-sex-valentines

5. a printable valentines card with love message






9. A-lover-a-caretaker



Who should buy a printable?

Anyone, everyone interested in owning a piece uniquely theirs.

Why buy a valentines printable?

Valentines cards and flowers plus chocolate sell well in the store and to your loved one. Because we all love thoughtful, beautiful and sweet gifts.

Plus a valentines message shouldn’t be too generic that your loved one feels you picked an old card from the store without thinking or something they had once read in the store.

With a printable message, the message is unique and the quality is amazingly top-notch with cool creative art-work displayed that speaks the message you’d want to portray to your loved one.

Shop online for a valentine gift escape the last minute shopping hassle.

Shop printable = shop handmade.

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