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There are reasons why we all look for work online opportunities as Kenyans.

One of the reasons is the money and the potential for earning money online.

First of all, when you begin working online, you realise your worth. You cannot do 2-dollar jobs.

You cannot commit to mediocrity.

You cannot waste time. You want to get valued for your time and effort in working online.

So, what are some of the reasons you enjoy working online? What are some of the benefits you enjoy as a Kenyan working online?

What Are The Benefits of Earning Money Online as a Kenyan? 

When I started earning money online as a Kenyan part in 2011 and seriously in 2012, I saw the crazy benefits of working from home. And the benefits include the following: 

  1. Enjoying a flexible schedule to allow taking care of kids 

I have never fancied a 9-5, but I am a workaholic. Did I ask myself several times over the years? Why does earning money online appeal to me all the time? I love to wake up and get to work. I don’t like following routines about work because working is my happy place. Flexible schedules don’t allow me to be my best, I’ll wing it. I also get bored so quickly, a greater way to keep me awake at all times in my job is to have random days. Everyone works at their own schedule though and I realise the working online life may not be for everyone. In my random schedules, it also means I can take care of my kids, the better part of the morning. When they settle for their activities, I can work till I drop. 

2. Travelling 

The only social life I have is travelling. Travelling keeps me alive, I get ideas when on the bus, plane or on a motorcycle. I love to see different features of the environment and smell the fresh free air-breathing outside. A career as a freelancer accords me this lifestyle while a fixed 9-5 won’t allow for the impromptu travel ideas I come up with. 

3. Homeschooling 

Even though my kids joined the school this January 2020, I feel so happy to have homeschooled them. I wouldn’t have homeschooled them if I was working a traditional job. They got to sleep at random hours and wake up when they felt like it. I also got to become a workaholic. I took advantage because my kid, the eldest one only studied for 5 minutes daily. The person of homeschooling isn’t about books but exploring life and learning from one’s environment. Developing natural talents and doing everyone can do without pushing the boundaries. I saw my kids growing in expressions of who they are. 

4. Creating an income you desire regardless of education level

When I started for work online opportunities, I hadn’t graduated. In fact, working from home enabled me to exercise my abilities and skills without the need to graduate or pushing pressure to graduate to find a job. With my breakthrough happening in 2012, the pressure to graduate and find a job became unbearable. I felt like a loser when I couldn’t find a job after university. I said so many times, education is useless, coming from me a great education believer. I looked at the Kenyan education system with a lot of scorn in my eyes and felt sad for the many years I wasted in school being my best and getting the best grade. Most online jobs don’t require you to be a graduate, you simply need the skill/expertise. You need to self-educate before taking the plunge working online. No one I have worked for over the years ever asked for my graduation certificate. To enhance your knowledge in the field you choose, get online certificates or more knowledge on online schools like Coursera, edx, Lynda, CodeAcademy, Khan Academy, YouTube. Employers online look for your soft and hard skill combination. They also look for your expertise in various fields, for example, if you say you’re a VA, what kind of VA? Gear to get specific. 

5. Save money on childcare 

I paid for childcare in my struggling years between 2009 and sometime in 2012. But after stability hit with my 40k shillings a month, with one client, I stopped taking my child to daycare. I should have continued though. Being an introvert, you find closing yourself in makes it even harder to get outside to have an adult conversation, worst, being a single mum. If your kids are older, it gets easier as they self-direct their timetables. When they are smaller, they demand more attention from you. You don’t want your kids sitting in front of cartoons or television but they can sit if they watch educational cartoons while you attend conference calls. You need to employ lots of workers and become so productive. If productivity or prioritising is a hurdle, check these key areas to pay attention to improve your productivity. You don’t want to be a babysitter or get caught doing house chores. House chores drain your energy. You also don’t want to sit down for days or hours on end, you will ruin your sciatica nerve causing back and leg pain. 

6. Meet with workers from all over the world

I love earning money online because I get to meet with workers from all over the world. I have met with Indians, Filipinos, Chinese, Eritreans, Ugandans, Americans, the largest number, Brits, Australians, most employers of mine, Swedes, and the list goes on. Some employers have come to visit me and Kenya. When you interact with freelancers from around the world, you learn a lot, for example, I have learnt about work diligence from Indians and Chinese. Don’t complain about the work you do. Instead, do great, keep improving and showing up, love your boss, think big. Some Indian and Chinese workers, we started freelancing with are now empire owners of freelancing companies and niche eCommerce sites. I have learnt about branding and the importance of a brand from the Americans. The Americans have curated brands like McDonald’s, Apple, Starbucks, Hp, Dell, Google among others. Identifying your brand, narrating your brand story is crucial to making it big online. I also learn about consistency and importance of marketing from the Americans. A consistent writer gets better. I learn perseverance, diligence, dedication from all the freelancers who have empires. Don’t stop doing, keep pushing and looking for new opportunities. I also learn to become an employer when I have established myself from Australians. Did you know belongs to an Australian? Create a platform to enrich others and make it worldwide. Be a trendsetter, an Australian freelancer told me. 

7. Independence because of working on passion projects 

There’s nothing like working on passion projects. Mark Twain said, work on something you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life. Read this blog post to know the passion-based home businesses to start as Kenyan. I have learnt not to grab jobs because I seem like I can do but to be the best so as to produce my own work. If the work you want to do isn’t there, create it. It may take longer but it’s better to do something you love. When your best work shows, you establish yourself as a guru. What’s your passion? Also, passion doesn’t need direction, you keep getting better and better. 

8. No office gossip/pleasing the boss 

I don’t have to do work to please my boss earning money online teaches me. I am doing my best work according to my passion. I am not a people pleaser and I know I won’t last very long. I try being a people pleaser then my true lioness colours shine through. I don’t have time to waste gossiping with workers about the dress sense or insensibility of the boss. I gossip through with my mum and sister. Gossiping is water to the mouth, don’t you know? We gossip about progressive topics and not about people. 

9. Exploring your natural talents

I love that working online enables me to explore my natural talents and abilities. I have been able to show that I am self-taught tailor, coder, bookkeeper. Roles which I don’t enjoy very much but do. I have learnt the importance of priority and testing myself beyond limits like writing 20k words in a day. I have learnt to stop and focus on my strengths. When working online, you will realise pretty quickly that it gets lonely to try and catch up. In fact, working online builds character and focus and ambition. 

10. Expanding your skill-set both soft and hard skills

When I started working online, the only skills I had were writing skills. Which I didn’t know how to use very well until 2018. In fact, I coasted a lot talking myself out that writing is over-saturated and there was no way for me to earn any money. I didn’t earn money with writing but with VA. The VA positions propelled me to tell my boss that I am a writer, can I write for your blog? I had listened to advice that writers die poor. I wasn’t ready to die poor, I needed money and fast. I believed I  had to get perfect when rejection after rejection followed. I laughed the other day when I saw the numerous rejection emails I faced. I learnt about persistence, diligence, attention to details, dedication, organisation, scheduling, planning as my soft skills among other skills. I have learnt SEO, Digital Marketing, email marketing, bookkeeping, coding as my hard skills. You cannot stop learning while working online, you become a lifelong learner and it’s all self-taught skills you write on your cover letter to help you stand out. 

11. No commuting 

I don’t like travelling to work on daily. It makes me tired, grumpy plus if you don’t have a car, it gets frustrating with constant traffic jams and rude conductors. Plus you cannot Uber to work when working in Kenya unless you are a CEO or working for a multinational, can you? I love travelling but never commuting. Working online removes the hustle of matatus, germs and dust. 

12. Getting paid in foreign currency 

I had never seen a dollar bill until I started working online. You don’t get paid in dollars if you have a Payoneer account though. You withdraw the money into your account in Kenyan shillings. To get paid in dollars, American Canadian, or Australian, you will get a cheque. Not a recommended earning method because some people can forge your check. Not easy though because the security measures these days in the banks got tight. I have earned in various currencies funny though, never in British Pounds. I must look for employers with the pound!

13. Volunteering/Humanitarian services 

I don’t feel complete without giving volunteering is my biggest fulfilment apart from travel and writing. Do you volunteer, where, what’s the name of the Ngo I come to donate? As a freelancer, I have travelled to various NGOs which touch my heart, some disappoint me. Working online makes it easier for increasing my knowledge and skill in a particular area. For example, do you want to get hired as a teacher? Volunteer to teach kids, I did this some years back, it’s enjoyable. If you volunteer for a well organised NGO, they give you food and recommendation as a referral when the need for employment arises. Experience woes any employer offline or online. 

There are many benefits to earning money online as a Kenyan. There are struggles and happiness as well.

These are my top 10 reasons why I enjoy working from home as a Kenyan?

Why do you want to work online as a Kenyan?

Why do you enjoy working online as a Kenyan? I’d love to hear your stories about work online. 




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