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I’m using video to bring you content quickly and easily at the tap of you keyboard or phone’s keypad. Then, I will be updating the content with lots of information here on the blog.

Do you love the idea of THE BEAUTY INDUSTRY. The beauty industry in Kenya is growing and you can never miss a market for it. I came up with business Ideas you can do as a beauty expert, at the comfort of your house.

They include:

  1. Pedicure
  2. Manicure.
  3. Facials.
  4. Beauty consultations like an aesthetician.
  5. Hair Salon.
  6. Tweezing and Threading eyebrows.
  7. Waxing, Professional.
  8. Hair Blog.
  9. Hair Vlog.
  10. Cosmetics Shop where you sell Virgin Human Hair.

This is no way an exhaustive list but …

Keep talking and thinking as I curate the post to accompany this youtube video.




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