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Women stay at home in Kenya for a number of reasons which may include: 1. Maternity leave

2. Childbirth, 

3. Choice among other reasons like being laid off, quitting and medical leave. 

”No matter the reason, one has to wake up to the realisation that a man’s money isn’t hers and in this economy women empowerment comes with knowing how to make money”.


While some opportunities are passive( initial hours invested are soo many then comes the money making part while you sleep, literally) what I’ll list will not be the passive income.

These will require showing up every single day until you find a team, but I know many women in Kenya don’t mind ”showing up”.

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Some are businesses unexplored  or under-explored, some are businesses you may know about and if there’s anything I have missed, kindly share in the comments below.


  1. Catering service, if you enjoy cooking this is the business for you. Many busy mums sometimes never find time to cook and many more people are eating very unhealthy KFCs( Kentucky Fried Chickens) and Chicken and Pizza Inns junk. But there are some people who would love the services of a personal chef, I know I would.

Target: Older people, busy single mums, single parents, middle to high-end customers, busy parents.

Charge depends on per hour from 25 or weekly if you like, your pricing your choice.

Starting capital: Word of mouth, social media marketing with samples of the food you prepare for your family.

Let’s make some fruit salad

Always get inspiration from places like Pinterest, for craftier and never tried meals but healthier options.

Scaling: You can take a course in nutrition to enable you offer pieces of advice to your customers on diet observation or losing weight. I always say, listen to what the customers are talking about then offer the solutions.


2. Daycare business.

I cannot speak enough about daycare in Kenya and its unexplored potential and how to make a very creative one if the budget allows.

It can be as low as nothing to as much as 10+ million shillings.

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3. Farming.

Yes farming, if you have the green thumb like me, you can go for it whether you live in an apartment of a bungalow.

Target: Your neighbours and farmers market.

What can you grow: anything.

How? Use modern methods of growing food that will provide for you an year in year out supply.

Embrace, aquaponics, hydroponics and even permaculture. You’re going to have to learn a lot, buy books, I’ll provide links for them you can buy.

And after educating yourself if you cannot diy anything, you can call a professional in the Agriculture industry to show you how to do it.

Or you can connect with other farmers to know how they did it. Visit a farm of your interest to become more educated.

And don’t forget to be open because farming isn’t always about sukumawikis.

There’s: fish, chickens, goats for milk, sheep for milk, camels whatever your desire.

In farming, also include fruits like watermelons, strawberries which fetch high prices or have high market returns.


4. Laundry Business, Cleaning Business.

Target Market: All the bachelors, bachelorettes, families, neighbours and beyond neighbours.

How much capital: Depends with whether you are going to import laundry machines like laundromats or even establish one, office space or from home, maybe you can turn your home into a laundry area.

Remember to do dry cleaning because it’s the underutilised area in laundry business.

Cleaning comes in handy because your laundry clients may need their office spaces cleaned and cared for by a professional, think bank buildings, hospitals.

Don’t limit yourself though, you could work with the police too in cleaning evidence places (crime scenes) before their release to owners.

In fact, this is a little known niche in Kenya.

How do you market? Social media, word of mouth, door-to-door but be prepared to get a door slammed. No giving up.

How much? Depends on you and what your business needs are going to be. It can be as much as 100,000 shillings or 1,000,000 or even more.


5. Gift Giving Business. 

Target Market: Seasons changing, all day worldwide.

Why? People are always looking forward to giving gifts and receiving, this shouldn’t be a business you do for the locals only, take it international.

How? Come up with unique ideas for packaging gifts of presenting them, come up with unique ideas and even blog about them if you have so many ideas. Categorise them so that your customers can see what they want.

Marketing? Pinterest and Instagram are places for taking those awesome photogenic shots that gifts offer.

Budget? As much as you want like 30 dollars or even less. Get inspired on Pinterest but don’t copy another person’s idea or if you do, and it’s online, kindly give credit.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: ”Being original actually is a gift in itself”

The gift giving Season




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