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Ask anyone in Kenya, even kids, what makes Kenya lag behind? Corruption. How does it begin? I am corrupt too. I play no angel in the game here. Why? I want things done, excellently, I pay an extra coin to ensure. I want to by-pass a place, I slip a hundred. Is this familiar? I mean, you just never feel as if things will be done your way when you haven’t slipped mullah.

So, we won’t be blaming our leaders here, we begin with us. Like a bad disease, this deadly finisher is spreading among us. Let’s say, it’s in our blood. We’re simply, very corrupt people. How do we expect the cancer to end then? No matter the number of times we treat it, it just doesn’t like going away!

Recycling of leaders. 

Most of our leaders are seasoned leaders. Having spent years, decades in the stool of rule since they came back from college in America and England. Oh, they are well schooled too. So, they losing position one today, guarantees them position two next week. It becomes a public story, then, we exhale in pleasure. We’re schooled too, but, we just don’t know how to run the show!

Tolerating corruption. When I slip the hundred in your hands, why don’t you turn your hand away. Why not return? Or when your child manipulates you, why turn a blind eye? Keeping the eye on the money is a Kenyan thing, people.

Fear. Remember John Githongo. The then anti-corruption chief. He knew he could put some names to test. He knew that there were many in the list of shame. How many of you, including me, can stand and say, ”I stood up against a public officer asking for a bribe”. You? Okay, show us the evidence >   >   >

Intimidation. Still on the same of John Githongo, see what they did to him after unveiling some scandals. Anglo Leasing Scandal that cost David Mwiraria and Chris Murungaru, a lot. He isn’t alone, many have tried to be in his position and failed so miserably. President after President, promise after promise, nothing doing. We go back to the same old problem.

Too much talk, zero action. All our leaders do is talk, talk tough. What do they do? Sit back, watch as the fighters fight. After you’ve caught some corrupt men and women, oh, the same leaders take a flip as you find a safe haven for you and your loved ones, in another country. Motherland betrayed you, what’s there to believe now?

Greed from certain leaders.  Yes, they want more and more. They want to own Kenya and Kenyans. They won’t leave a dime for the normal Kenyan who is very comfortable in their two bedroom house, with their family and family dog and cat. They want to own Kenya from Mombasa to Turkana to all the Kenyan borders. Immersing and storing wealth in warehouses is what they really really adore. Loving their money is more normal to them. They tend to feel pity on these small time owners of three and two bedroom house on a 50 by 100 plot.

Non-belief in ourselves. ”I am content”. I can’t talk about nani because he is a big man. If I talk about nani badly, because he is a big man, I may end up in prison. So, we tolerate these nanis over and over with their way of doing things until we get accustomed.

Change.  We never want change, we like being there and there, like rocks. We don’t like being moved anywhere. We like to stagnate in our little shells because we don’t believe we deserve anything good. We just like seeing their faces over and over.

Our voting style. When classes are offered to chanua us on voting wisely, we think, ”these guys are crazy, they got too much money to waste”. What we forget is, all the time, we need a little reminding of this and that. We’re quick to forget, that’s why we have to be told.

Illiteracy, Ignorance and feelings of smallness. We just don’t care what we do. Giving up too easily, letting go, feeling content with the less we have. We just know these leaders aren’t doing nothing. In silent whispers, ”huyu mtu ni mwizi”. Yet, we go on, give the man and woman power so much it becomes hard to snatch it. It’s time we clean up by going to school or by becoming literate and concerned about our rights.

We get fixed in a car, we go on in silent. Only when the traffic police are in vicinity or when driving along the highway is when things go well. At the sight of authority things go right.

Yet, we expect things to go right? Never, never and never will they. The fight against corruption in Kenya is a dead fight. Using only new methods, you and me, will help end corruption.

What do you believe?






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Alojamiento web · 27 July 2016 at 8:30 AM

Transparency and Accountability are critical to restoring trust and turning back the tide of corruption

    stephanie · 16 May 2017 at 10:01 AM

    Absolutely, but those are never easily available.

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