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Christmas cards are gifts I have always wanted to create for a very long time. But sometimes, I never find time to  create them handmade.

I have started offering Christmas cards early because of the Black Friday super-sale that I’ll offer on my shop.

And also, it’s not too far away from Christmas.

I have a tendency of starting a little too late but I decided not to go for this year’s celebrations later.

I want you to join in on celebrating Christmas with me.

When printing a digital card, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t handmade.

Someone spent their time to make it and did it with love. You only save your time by printing it.

So, I made some e-cards to inspire you to get your creative juices going. If you love this cards so much, you can have them for downloads through my email at GERTRUDE DOT AKINYI AT GMAIL DOT COM

If you want more card ideas, I have them on the etsy shop and they look amazingly awesome… just for you.

  1. Find a reputable printing service if you aren’t sure about doing it at home.
  2. Get some good printing paper.
  3. I have saved these images in the highest resolution possible in JPEG format, I believe no issue should arise, especially when it comes to colour.
  4. But if it does, please reach me through the email above.
  5. I’m whipping up an email optin form which will make your opting in more convenient…not to worry with my archaic format, for now.

Please, leave your feedback. I have included my website and etsy shop there so I maintain the rights to my work.

I hope you bear with me. But if you want to buy it, you can always go to my etsy at :


I have made these cards so easy so you master them in case you want to create them like a physical card, or recreate it if you like.

  1. Print this beautiful card with birds blowing sprinkles at you. ”Birds know it’s Christmas”.

got to love a tree with gifts.






Before I unveil my three last Christmas ecards, I’d love your esteemed feedback on these ones.

I had fun making them but as always, I’d love to hear some input.



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