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There’s an article on Indeed called, 12 of the Most Fun Jobs in the World, I couldn’t pass to share this article.

These days people work in jobs which they don’t enjoy for the sake of making money.

Not that it’s a bad thing but once the need for money wears off, or when you get all the money you need, you feel unfulfilled and dissatisfied.

That’s why some people leave their well-paying corporate jobs to become farmers or teachers.

In the end, you have to enjoy what you’re doing for you to live a fulfilling life.

Because you work in a fun job, you get to express your passion, are motivated and look forward to a new day and new challenges and your personality shines through.

Some will argue that it’s not easy to get a fun job, I agree. But when you constantly complain about your job and boss, you curse yourself and hinder your growth.

It’s time to look for something fun to do, something you have wished for.

I heard from Pastor Joel’s sermon that wealth, most wealth on earth isn’t in the oils or the diamonds in South Africa but the graveyards where dreams die, expensive innovations and inventions.

ASK YOURSELF: Would you rather live and enjoy life or come to the end with regrets because you didn’t work in your fun job? It sounds rather dramatic but …. 

Fun jobs are limited to certain industries but most fun jobs are always in the hospitality or the beauty industry.

Fashion jobs can also be in the automotive industry where roles like being a driver, or auto mechanic are enjoyable. For example, some mechanics earn six or seven-figure incomes, see the rust valley restorers and many shows on Netflix where the motor industry is involved.

Other industries like technology and writing aren’t left out. Remember, you can turn your day job into a fun job no matter the industry as long as you have fun in doing it, that’s what matters.

Plus you grow when the job is fun not when you are grumpy and perform half-haphazard. 

10 of the Most Fun Jobs in Kenya

The following are the most fun jobs to have in Kenya and they are: 


I love to taste wine or learn the art of wine tasting, the problem is I have a weak stomach that cannot hold alcohol, so I vomit/diarrhoea easily.

You are going to need some wine school, the best school is starting from your home, where you ‘treat’ yourself to wine then learn about the wine’s vintage, the vineyard, how it pairs with what food, and the type of grapes.

This is a fun job because you get to award yourself for a job well done when customers leave your winery /wine store with a smile.

I have also learnt from a sommelier that having a good palette helps you learn about wine fast. I mean, you smell and taste, it makes sense. 

Fashion consultant 

Fashion stylists are on a high rise, especially on Instagram. Also, people are winning jobs, going out with their online dates, so they need to look sharp.

Or someone needs to address their wardrobe. A stylist helps you not look monotone.

A good stylist has an eye for colour, design and body shape/size and contours. You must love clothes, clothing accessory and shoes to match the overall look.

Start your business by showing how you’d dress various figures on Instagram or show your personal style and let’s drool over your photos. 

Voice over artist 

Do you love to hear your voice? My kids love the voice of me reading to them.

A great yet rewarding job with lots of earning potential on Fiverr, Upwork because the role of a voice artist is on the increase.

There are films, documentaries, YouTube videos, whiteboard animations, children animation stories, Amazon audiobooks which need narrations, this is where you render your voice.

Morgan freeman renders his voice as the ‘Voice of God’, have you seen his net worth?  

Food critic 

If you are a foodie, you have landed because food is essential to us all. I mean, we cannot live without food.

I remember a time I lived without food in 2011 and it was the most excruciating three days of my adult life. Now, you must have a good palette to enable you to taste and critic food.

I mean you must also be a renowned chef, know all the spices and tricks chefs use to make their food appealing.

First, you must be able to eat with your eyes first, or food presentation to become a food critic.

It takes years to become a food critic, but why not, you get satisfied without cooking!

You also get to discuss a hotel’s outward and inward design, the colours and what colour and light does to the appetite.

You must know the current trends in the food industry, be an excellent baker as well.

I mean, it’s not easy to be a food critic, but your years of food tasting and trying different cuisines, pay off. 


I saw a documentary where a man makes over a $1M a year brewing his own beer.

The fascinating part was he runs the brewery in the basement of his home.

He said, ‘It takes passion, trial and error and when it’s no longer a hobby but a business, strategy’.

I think you also have to learn about your wheat and barley well. It’s what made Tabitha Keroche rich. 

Event planner 

Do you love parties or organising them? I don’t like being around so many people at the same time … it exhausts and sucks the air out of me.

You must love being around people, good conversations and loud chatters and murmurs.

You must be organised, fun to be with or around.

You also have to have a keen eye making you introduce ideas your clients would love to try at their parties. Also, network to find good locations your clients would love. 

Video game developer 

Another fun job developed for the gamer at heart. Gamers earn a lot that’s why on YouTube, the richest YouTuber is a gamer. He does what he loves doing and gets paid for it. 


If you love music and enjoy the club scene, this is one heck of a job you will love doing. You come up with music beats and ideas.

You must also be organised to know what music plays at what times.

You have to know all genres of music, I mean a DJ is a master of all music genres.

People of all colours, background get together because of music, imagine, all the smiles you will be bringing. 

Pet groomer 

Do you love animals or being around animals? You can become a pet groomer and help pet owners clean their animals.

Have you ever seen chimps or baboons grooming? You must have love and empathy to work with animals.

Because animals are clever and know the dangerous or gentle carers. 

Racecar driver/mechanic 

I love watching race drivers on TV. As kids, we would watch them during the rally in Nanyuki and get to see these drivers at Sportsmans Hotel.

I fear seeing how these cars are mishandled or let’s say, I fear how they are driven.

Now, I know you love cars, working on them, repairing them or even modifying them.

You could become an instant millionaire if you know what race car drivers look for especially in the engines. 


I enjoy looking up for stories to write.

My imagination runs wild. I was scared of publishing books but since publishing my non-fiction about Airbnb, the courage to write is back.

I cannot wait to earn lots of money by self-publishing.

You don’t have to limit yourself to non-fiction books, there are fiction genres which pays you well.

A tip I learnt, don’t write one book and disappear, write many and market them, that way your name gets out there. 

If you are considering a fun job, remember, this is in line with Confucius words, find a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.

A statement I live by. Since finding my passion in writing, ideas keep flowing and there isn’t enough time between the client’s work, the blog and my personal writing to complete.

But because I love what I’m doing, I enjoy every step of the way and challenge. What do you love doing and can turn into a fun job?




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