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In Kenya, starting a business equals buying a plot of land building a house, living in it for 25  years! I’ve lost you, right? Don’t be, that’s why I am here.

It will take a lifetime to start a business in Kenya especially to a foreigner. If you manage to do so, my, my, the taxes you’ll be subjected to . . . no need to expound on that. Many have tried, others have succeeded, others,  have given up.

Licensing, taxation, too many policies and so forth. ”I’d rather begin a business elsewhere but not Kenya. Rwanda is a business hub, let’s check there”. Foreign investors are kicking Kenya, OUT.

If Kenya has been your dream home, why give up on her? Why go away. You may want to stay because you’d want to marry a Kenyan woman, or just love the beauty Kenya provides. I have solutions for you >   >    >

1.  Phone business.  Kenyans, including me love smart phones. With the growth of the market exponentially in Kenya, please import tablets. Sell them to us in a reasonable even unreasonable price, we’ll buy. Look at the samsung and the Iphone. Do this business online, create a shop like Jumia, give it competition! We’ll be your customers.

2.  Service Delivery.  We really need you to bring to us things. Things like food, grocery. Imagine, there aren’t many of these services around, and if there are, they don’t like advertising them so much.

3.  Publishing.  We still have Macmillan and Longhorn. A few like East African Publishers have managed to keep abreast with these huge markets. Why not start a company for romance, thrillers and mysteries. We surely need a Kenyan story, it’s due to lack of having great Agatha Christie inspiration publishers. Otherwise, we’d have been in the Kenyan Times Best Seller ages ago.

4. Warehousing. Yes. Let me be your warehouse darling. I have a huge house with barely nothing at the basement. I need to be the stop where you make when your shipment has arrived. I charge not a huge amount for this. Where are you to give me business? I keep your merchandise for you, legal merchandise, ONLY.

5.  Online store. Another one that looks like Kaymu. Kaymu is the new baby in town but not so new. Make your market have first class jewellery, shoes and clothes for women, men and babies. By the way, baby clothes sell too well, also. Don’t overcharge, a little overcharging and we’re lost.

6.  Pet store. Kenyans are growing fond not only of furred cuddles but also of others. Have a lot of variety, from horses, ducks, chicken to name a few. Are these pets? You tell me! We’ll visit you as we love animal farming.

7.  Writing. Academic writing is really a huge market for, in Kenya. If you think, believe this doesn’t go against your beliefs against stealing work, no problem. I know you know how the rest goes. Why wait?

8.  Employment. Have a job, create employment or a job site where youths, jobless can find jobs. Many are looking for even part time jobs to satisfy them. Why not have a handful of them. You make money through advertising and the rest.

9. Photography. We love to take nice photos just for remembrance of the funny faces we made. You know a photography booth where lovers can relive their happy moments. They pay first, though. Be sure to secure your cameras away from preying hands, very important.

10.  Shamba for hire. Through your spouse, buy acres of land. Cultivate on some, rent the others out for a very good yield. Employ some to work for you too if you don’t want to rent out. You make extra cash from this. If you don’t have a spouse, you sure have friends. Engage the services of a wonderful lawyer to secure your investment.

Have you been thinking of doing business in Kenya yet, you live in another country? Now, you have an idea of what to do, what not to. At least, you aren’t in the dark anymore.

The only thing is to focus, come survey Kenya. Use truthful and trustful friends and lawyers. To ensure that you don’t lose a whole lifetime of investment.

Businesses are going online, use the powerful tool to go with people. That’s the phone. Many Kenyans have phones which are smart, use that. Let us reach your business on our phones. Make the payment easy, like using Mpesa, please, not our credit cards and such. We don’t trust that very much.

What would you tell a foreigner looking into making Kenya his or her business hub? Go for it or wait, it’s just too risky? Talk to me.




stretcher · 4 June 2015 at 2:11 PM

I couldn’t resist commenting. Exceptionally well written!

    stephanie · 24 September 2016 at 12:57 PM

    Thank you.

Eldridge Haspel · 6 February 2016 at 6:34 PM

nice article I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks

    stephanie · 22 February 2016 at 3:04 PM

    Thank you very much for the positive encouragement, Eldridge.

Johnna Nuhn · 7 February 2016 at 7:04 AM

nice article I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks

    stephanie · 22 February 2016 at 3:05 PM

    Thank you for thumbs up.

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