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I created a list of side hustles Kenyan freelancers must focus on. What does a side-hustle mean to you?

Is it one that creates for you $300 or $30,000? The choice depends upon you.

I believe the main reason for starting a side-hustle is to become a millionaire like one of my favourite books; Side Hustle Millionaire.

Many people don’t believe a side hustle could make them rich, we want to break barriers because people like the author/blogger, Nick Loper and Chris Guillebeau are millionaires from creating rewarding side hustles. 

What Top Side Hustle Could Make a Kenyan Rich in 2020? 

The following side hustles if done right, in the right mindset, could make you a millionaire and they include:

  1. SEO Content Copywriter 

Since venturing into the world of SEO Content Copywriter, I’ll be honest, I haven’t had to search for employers so much.

There’s a demand for businesses to get on Google’s page one. To get there, you need to know how to research keywords for a business.

You also need to write long-form blog posts and place the keywords strategically. I learnt this from Adam Enfroy.

You need to learn about backlinks, something I battle with a lot, but brings in seven-figure income for Brian Dean, he doesn’t need to pump out content all the time.

Choose powerful backlinks relevant to the content, don’t just link for the sake of. So an SEO Content Copywriter’s jobs aren’t to write content but to be strategic with content.

The more visibility a client gets, the more income you earn.

To become rich, you need to know how to keyword research, and keyword research has been made easier by companies like SEMrush or Ahrefs or Google Trends or Pinterest Search Bar.

Know how to charge your worth. Many SEO Content Copywriters charge up to $100 an hour for a 1000 word blog post.

Connect with employers on LinkedIn or write for your blog to show proof of what you do.

To make it big, take a course on becoming an SEO Copywriter, read a lot about SEO and take courses, even free ones on Coursera.

SEO is an evolving field, in fact, an excellent writer means you could SEO content, don’t fret.

I didn’t know I could write SEO Content until I got hired. Keep educating yourself

2. Ghostwriter 

Who is a ghostwriter? You don’t have to write books only, you could blog or write articles anonymously for clients.

I love ghostwriting blog posts and articles, can’t wait to ghostwrite books. As a ghostwriter, you have to claim so much money because you are not getting credit for the work done.

Your work won’t have your name displayed.

You also sign Non-Disclosure Policy Documents preventing you from publishing the work you have done for clients online or offline.

Are you prepared to ‘sell’ you work as a ghostwriter?

You get rich because you don’t ask for pennies, you take the time to research, write and produce excellent materials which won’t bear your name.

What’s the requirement for ghostwriting?

Know how to write and edit your work. Know how to charge, remember to charge for the hours you will spend editing your work as well.

So, roughly a ghostwriter earns from $ 5000 to $30000 or more for ebooks or blog writing.

How to find clients?. Of course through LinkedIn, completing client’s jobs, Upwork or Fiverr.  

3. Real Estate Agent 

The stories circulating worldwide of millionaires and billionaires in their real estate investment portfolio.

As a Kenyan, instead of building houses, flip houses. There are too many houses without tenants in them.

This is where you fill the gap, buy houses in areas people don’t want to buy then renovate them and sell them or rent them.

Or buy houses in areas where Kenyans love to holiday like Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi, then turn them into Airbnb.

Nowadays, you don’t have to find long term tenants, you could target long life nomads, freelancers.

People who travel throughout. Your houses don’t have to sit empty, turn them into holiday homes by reading my Airbnb ebook.

How much money will I make as a real estate agent? Making money as a real estate agent is a passive income source, this means you do the initial work upfront and the property pays you for years.

You will feature in the property by fixing, repairing, renovating. The earning potential if done right could be billions.

You need a strategy, you could start a blog or YouTube video. Have a niche, know where you want your customers to come from. 

4. Coaching/Consulting 

I jumped into coaching last year when I found Instagram an interesting source of coaching.

Coaching means all areas of one’s life an individual would want to improve.

So think, career, love, family relationships, mind. How does one become a coach in Kenya?

You need to have empathy. Certificates are important but not so much.

Why? Because coaching is a service business, you need to educate yourself as you go.

You need to have experienced the situation as you go. Though I am a trained Psychologist, I don’t mention it when coaching because it’s not needed. It’s the impact your customers need.

A coach earns millions of shillings per month and thousands of dollars for every consulting session.

To become a consultant/coach, know something so much.

I am intrigued by how the mind works, I dive deeper into the mind and it’s existent.

So what do you know? You could coach others to become a coach or consult for others by creating consultant 

5. Virtual Assistant 

I created an incredible video about becoming a Virtual Assistant, a step by step guide.

A virtual assistant is like an office secretary. But online a virtual assistant works in either small roles in booking flights, managing books (bookkeeper), pay bills.

The other big roles which pay up to $100 per hour are writing blogs, SEO Copywriting, content strategy and marketing.

So a VA has to find a niche. A niche is an area of focus. Something many VAs miss to help maximise on the earnings.

How does one start a VA business? Check on Facebook remote groups or join groups like Women Networking or Working Mums.

Have a website to establish your expertise where you start your rates.

A VA’s reputations spread with word of mouth, have great service and experience by delivering your work on time. 

6. Niche E-commerce Website 

How does one start an eCommerce store that will turn them rich in Kenya? Simple answer, begin a niche store.

A niche store is where you focus on a particular area and become an expert in the area.

For example, if selling electronic accessories, a booming industry, sell, car phone accessories.

When you find your focus, you find your riches. Don’t strive to be another Alibaba, Amazon, Jumia, DHGate, Aliexpress.

Strive to offer what these stores aren’t offering, great service, a specific product. You need to research what people love a lot too. 

7. Online Fitness Instructor 

We’re a fitness fanatic country these days. We strive to have great beach bodies to show off on Instagram or body goals.

Who doesn’t love abs? So, have you been on a weight loss journey recently? After birth or binge eating disorder.

How did you lose your weight?

How has weight loss made you positive?

How does weight loss make you happy or your life easier? People love to hear these stories of motivation.

To become rich earning money as a fitness instructor, sell HIIT Equipment, mass building supplements, write books about weight loss or gain, diet to keep fit or diet after childbirth.

Also, create work out DVD products that your customers can use when working from home. 

8. Bookkeeper/Accountant 

An accountant makes six-figure income online by helping balancing income and expenditure, preparing tax reports. Because many Kenyans don’t file their taxes, this is where you come in.

create a website to help people understand what tax is and why paying tax is important.

You could also create templates that your customers follow to help file their tax reports easily.

Do you remember those days when you had to have a CPA or admired those who did?

You need this certification when you want to work as a professional. But you can use tools like FreshBooks or Quickbooks online.

Remember accounting and book-keeping differ but all pay a tidy sum. To become an accountant, study accounting online on Coursera.

To become rich as a book-keeper, you need to learn bookkeeping software like FreshBooks. 

9. Photographer/Videographer 

Photography may be an over-saturated field but doesn’t mean the market for your photos diminishes.

You need to focus on a niche. To become rich as a photographer, teach how to take great photos with smartphones or cameras.

Check photography classes on Skillshare or Udemy to gain an inner understanding.

Also, you can help photographers edit their photos to help capture the unique details in the photos.

Same as videography, YouTube made it easy for creators to focus on video marketing.

Lots of Kenyan businesses haven’t yet embraced YouTube as a marketing tool or a business, this is where you come in.

Create content for companies, edit, post and share the videos. Companies realise the exposure YouTube videos create for their products, check my YouTube channel or Tuko News, Ebru TV Kenya.

Lots of Kenyans are on YouTube, so, the market is already available. You can also help YouTubers manage their channels.

To manage YouTubers channel, you need to create a rapport/friendship and know the channel’s content inside and outside. 

10. Crafting 

It goes without saying that crafting creates a six-figure income for not only Kenyans but crafters worldwide.

If you thought that crafters a dead career, check Etsy. check the most followed or engaged YouTube channels, they are either crocheters, painters, artists of all genres, even writers.

Also, check why my blog post about tailoring and pillow sewing are popular because we need a hobby that makes money. What craft do you know and how can you make money from it?

Crafting is anything you know perfectly then turn it into a business. Imagine, fashion designers like Toyin Lawani, Painters like Picasso or Writers like Dr.Seuss, they are crafters.

When you hone your craft and turn it into money, there’s not a rewarding job like that. 

Which of these splendid side houses will you venture in as a Kenyan to turn it into riches in 2020, why or why not?

A side hustle should make you a millionaire and not milk you of your hard-earned cash.

So, what hobby milks you of so much money and you can turn it into a side hustle to make you rich?




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