FAQs on How do I start working online in Kenya Answered
FAQs on How do I start working online in Kenya Answered

The thrill of a work from home job can make you feel like you’re in the heavens.

But there are questions as a beginner or even seasoned freelancer you must ask yourself before you begin freelancing/working online.

Some of the questions you ask include: what do successful freelancers do to set them apart from the sea of freelancers online?

How do I stand out as a freelancer in my industry? Where do I begin my search for a freelancing opportunity? 

In this article, I have sampled for you a list of 100 plus questions successful freelancers ask before they begin freelancing in Kenya.

I have provided answers for you, short concise answers to make you understand what freelancing is all about.

I’m also making complete guides about some of the questions asked to offer you more insight into what freelancing is all about.

An example of the complete guides include: 

How to Build a Recognised and Successful Freelance Brand in Kenya 

How to Make More Money Freelancing in Kenya 

How I Make $5000/Month Freelancing as a Kenyan 

Pros of Freelancing 

Cons of Freelancing in Kenya 

And the list of freelancing topics keeps growing and getting bigger. 

If you want to become a freelancer, this is the blog to subscribe to get all information and inside information from a seasoned freelancer. 

Why Did I Start Working Online as a Kenyan?

Why did I start working from home in Kenya?
Why did I start working from home in Kenya?

I was unemployed, sunk into depression – a dark moment in my life. In three months, I showered twice depression sucks the life out of you.

After listening to a sermon by Pastor Osteen in 2010 about depression, the urge to begin freelancing started – a search I began in 2009. I asked myself, how can I make money on Facebook with Facebook?.

After all, early on I loved the thrill of talking to men online and women. How come I waste so much time on Facebook if there’s money to be made?. I decided to make money and talk later.

A thorough search and in 2012 I came across the word ‘Freelancer‘. I didn’t know what that meant and that’s the time a lightbulb went off in me.

I will call myself a freelancer, whatever that means, I recall telling myself. But a freelancer who does what?

I love writing, that’s what I’ll call myself, a freelance writer. And yes, that settled it and the search for work started.

It wasn’t an easy ride because I didn’t know what my offering was. An offering is what advantage/experience are you bringing as a freelancer?

That’s when I read the blog Copy Blogger by Jon Morrow before I found about smart copy blogger. And I knew I’d succeed like Jon Morrow.

I read every article and went on to pitch clients. It was so hard to get clients because the industry was over-saturated and I stuck on the belief that there was no limit to what I could write about.

It was the same year in 2012 that this blog was born!. It was a hobby blog to show various samples of my work/writing. 

I kept growing until to where I am today making 500K/$5000 a month as a freelance writer. I’m now in the process of building a freelance brand. 

Read my full story from depression to $60K+/6M a year as a freelance writer in Kenya, how I did it and get the gist plus inspo.  

100 Most Asked Questions About Working Online in Kenya Answered

Work from Home in Kenya questions answered: all you need to know
Work from Home in Kenya questions answered: all you need to know

Before answering your most asked questions about freelancing in Kenya, I’m going to say a few things.

Freelancing and the thrill of earning money online for Kenyans, in dollars, is exciting.

If you want to reach the level of success beyond your eyes, you have to start from a niche then broad to a brand.

Working online/freelancing online is so not clear in Kenya and that’s why I relied and grew up on American blogs/media.

They have so much information, in fact, freelancing is still a new thing in the country.

I want these questions to clear the air on what freelancing is, the most in-demand freelancing skills, what is called the basics about freelancing.

Remember, working from home can be called freelancing/working from home/working online. Beware, though, there are differences.

You can work from home as an employee of a company, you can work from home in your business and you can freelance on about anything under the planet both online/offline.

A freelancer is an independent worker, self-employed who chooses his/her working hours, files taxes, you work on contracts or helps clients complete tasks. That’s what you do on freelancing websites like Upwork, help clients complete tasks.

The following frequently asked questions on how to start work online as a Kenyan have been answered for you. The questions include:

  1. What is freelancing? 

I define freelancing by defining a freelancer – an independent, self-employed person specialised in a particular niche who takes work/contracts from different clients. It doesn’t matter where the client lives, freelancers work worldwide. 

2. Who can become a freelancer?

Anyone can become a freelancer, it doesn’t matter your background or education. You can work as a beginner freelancer, with no degree.

And that’s the best perk about freelancing, being able to work without a degree!

3. Who hires freelancers? 

Freelancers get hired by clients who want tasks completed. Freelancers also get hired by companies like Apple, Amazon, Google among other Fortune 500 companies to write content, do social media marketing, create videos. The amount of work available to work from home is endless and a lot. 

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4. What services do freelancers offer?

Freelancers offer lots of services from being VAs (virtual assistants) to working on specialised tasks like SEO/M, where it’s marketing for Google, simply. 

5. What are the advantages of freelancing in Kenya? 

The advantages are vast: I mean, you get to work for a Fortune 500 if they hire worldwide. You work flexible schedules and get to earn in dollars.

This is one reason (earning dollars) I knew I had to make freelancing work for me, to make me earn dollars, euros, pounds or the yen. You also get to earn a lot of money than CEOs and even the President.

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6. Can you provide the list of disadvantages of freelancing in Kenya?

Oh yes, there isn’t a lot of information about getting started as a freelancer/worker online in Kenya.

The information available isn’t well-documented and what you will ever get is how to write online.

So, you will get confused and find yourself working 2-dollar slave jobs for so many years. You can earn up to 20, 000 shillings a month only. 

I want you to know there are so many jobs you can do online – your imagination is your limitation. This isn’t 2012 Kenya when online writing was the only gig online for Kenyans!

7. How do I get started freelancing in Kenya?

Get started by buying yourself a laptop and an internet connection. Simple. After which you must ask yourself, what’s my expertise?

What services am I going to render as a freelancer and get paid for it? 

8. How do freelancers get more clients or even land their very first clients?

If you want to land your freelance client fast without searching/pitching, head onto Upwork.

Upwork is the biggest and most competitive website for Kenyans to begin working from home. But, you have to learn how Upwork works before getting hired. 

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What’s Upwork and How Can I Start Working on Upwork in Kenya

9. What skills do I need for freelancing?

You need marketing skills, or so I realised. You must know how to make a sale to a client through bid proposals. Be visible on social media.

Be a good resume writer because clients still require your resumes and importantly how to write a pitch. 

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10. What are the questions to ask a new freelance client?

After landing a freelance client, there are a few questions you must ask your client.

Including, how many hours do I work in this job every day? What are the expectations you want from hiring me?

What dreams do you have in this project?

When you ask clients certain questions, they are certain they hired a professional and you’re the professional. Plus, you avoid branding yourself as a con-artist freelancer from Kenya, a name many freelancers in Kenya bear.

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11. How do I prepare for a freelancing interview?

How to ace work from the home interview in Kenya 2020
How to ace work from the home interview in Kenya 2020

A freelance interview causes butterflies in the stomach as a normal office work interview.

To prepare, muster up your courage by interviewing yourself.

Talk to yourself in the mirror as though you’re talking to the interviewer. Record yourself so that you can point out areas you need to change/improve. 

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12. How do I ace a video freelance interview in Kenya?

My first video interview was in 2012 when I got a VA position and I was so nervous I almost peed my pants.

It was a cold evening in October, I believe but I sweated like no one’s business.

First, my room was so dimly lit, the client struggled to see my face. I was on the floor because I had no desks or tables or couches and it was at 7 pm.

The house was so quiet and the internet a nuisance. I said to the client, sometimes my internet dongle keeps interrupting. He said, ‘’It’s okay, I understand it’s overseas”.

He hired me because I had an understanding of what he wanted me to do and for the first time in three years, I earned 40,000k/$400 shillings in a day! 

Ensure your room is well-lit, technology has improved a lot since 2012, so your microphones have great sound.

Project your voice and come prepared for the solutions you bring to the client.

I knew I was confident so I’d get the job and I did, he was a referral client (network with great people)

13. Can you meet the deadline set by your freelance client?

Yes, I defaulted one time for the set deadline and the client said to me, ‘Don’t ever over promise and underdeliver, that’s annoying.

Set deadlines and extensions for revisions or research and power outages or rest hours.

If you miss on a deadline, make sure you tell me when your new deadline is so we can rewrite our timeline.

Don’t ever repeat the mistake again no matter how much you want to impress your client. 

14. Are you sure you want to give up time for lazing around and doing busywork?

I asked myself a lot and always do now, am I ready to sacrifice laughing time for work? To make it to the level I want?

And the answer is always YES, I’m ready to make freelancing work, are you? There are no set working hours for freelancers, freelancing is about meeting deadlines.  

15. Will you find enough work?

Yes, you will find enough work if you brand yourself. If you know about your niche and market about your services on Linkedin, Twitter and even Facebook.

There are plenty of freelancing jobs in varying industries, you need to know what your area of specialisation is. 

16. Are you ready to never ever give up?

In any business, freelancing included, get prepared to give up. Be prepared to fold the bags and go to a 9-5.

But don’t have a give up spirit start freelancing with a made-up mindset, I will succeed and I will make it happen no matter what must be your mantra. 

17. Do you see yourself as a business person building a brand as a freelancer?

At first, or at least 2018 to 2012, my aim with freelancing was collecting as much money as I could.

I don’t collect money anymore, I got enough from clients. I’m now building a world-class freelancing Apple-style brand.

I want to get recognised as the most prolific writer ever on the Kenyan writing space and on earth.

So, are you working with your passion? Do you see yourself building a lifestyle/lifestyle brand? 

18. Can you wait for the money?

I didn’t care for the money the first years of freelancing until a client paid me 40,000 shillings.

I was so mortified, that I vowed I will work for money.

He said, ”When you want to get paid, you must start asking yourself what are you good at? What are your services?” It pays, a great deal to have clients who believe in you. 

19. Is freelancing free? 

Yes, absolutely free. You don’t need to pay anyone anything to teach you about anything.

You need to pay yourself or invest in yourself first, a laptop, a good one, an internet connection and your specialisation. You want to get recognised for that one thing.

20. How do you find freelance work with no experience?

How to find a work online job with no experience in Kenya
How to find a work online job with no experience in Kenya

Let’s be honest, there’s no freelancer who started with the experience.

They started from nowhere with knowledge from your day job. No one starts by knowing, those ones don’t succeed.

You start by being green, learning.

So, stop worrying about the experience. Worry about knowing yourself, what you want to achieve for yourself then for clients.

Who your clients are and what problem you will be solving for them. 

21. What does a freelancer do? 

A freelancer completes tasks for companies. The tasks vary from freelancer to freelancer, from writing blog content, planning social media content. 

22. What are the most popular freelance jobs? 

There are some freelance jobs which are so popular, they have become the norm for every jobs board and they include freelance writing, blogging, SEO Copywriting, social media marketing, VAs (online secretaries), 

23. What are the high-paying freelance jobs Kenyans can do?

All freelance jobs, the most popular ones are high-paying jobs. So, graphic designers, logo designers, freelance writers, bloggers, SEO copywriter, social media managers, software developers. 

24. Can I do random things while working as a freelancer?

Of course, that’s why you’re a freelancer, you can work at your pace. Have the number of clients you want and can take.

Yes, you can run your errands while working as a freelancer. 

25. Can I take vacations all the time as a freelancer?

Freelancers take vacations all the time. Isn’t that why you freelance so that you have a flexible time schedule?

You are a location independent worker – work from anywhere in the world. There’s no excuse about it, that’s my belief.

So, I carry my work, or unless I get scolded, everywhere we vacation at. 

26. How do I respond to a job offer as a freelancer? 

Start by thanking the client for considering you for the role. Then state your qualifications and how many years of relevant experience you bring from your job.

Some people assume that because they’re newbie freelancers, clients won’t hire them. There are some clients who prefer to work with newbie clients. 

27. Who pays me as a freelancer?

Your client pays you, no one else. If you break from freelancing on websites like Upwork, your client pays you.

And it becomes risky unless you ask for upfront payments. 

28. What do I do when a freelance client refuses to pay me? Who do I complain to?

If working on Upwork, settle a dispute with a client. You need evidence like in a court that you worked as agreed.

So, never ever step out of Upwork to negotiate with your client. Ensure you do everything they ask. If you work for yourself as I do, ask clients for 50 per cent payment or 75 and the rest upon work completion.

I got confident in asking for payment, I’d leave my clients to pay me at their will. 

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29. Are there more freelancing platforms other than Freelancer/Fiverr/Upwork for Kenyans to use? If so, what are they?

Yes, there are many freelancing platforms, the best ones for me are Problogger and Flexjobs.

And there are so many niches specialised freelancing websites, for example, freelancewritingjobs.com, blogging pro. Don’t limit yourself to Upwork and Fiverr only. 

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What’s Flexjobs and How to Quickly Get a Job on Flexjobs in Kenya

30. How do I land a freelance job when there’s stiff freelancing competition?

do you know your freelancing niche?
do you know your freelancing niche?

Find and specialise in a niche. I knew I was a writer but what kind of a writer, I couldn’t tell.

You want to get known in a particular field, right? If social media for instance, what social media is your favourite?

Do you know the ins and outs of marketing in this social media, the kind of knowledge useful to your clients?

31. How do I manage my money as a freelancer?

As a freelancer, you earn money from different clients. I prefer to earn money from a few clients rather than juggling clients. The reason I select long-term jobs or search for long-term clients.

Freelancers money comes from different directions making it hard for some freelancers to manage their money.

The attitude is, ‘I’ll earn money tomorrow so I don’t care how I spend it”. Or when I earn $50k/5M a month, then I’ll know how to better budget.

No, a better money manager starts from looking at the earnings and expenditures. Where does the money you earn go to and why? What expenditures do I need to reduce and why?

What’s my earning goal for the month of October and what do I need to do to reach this goal?

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32. How do I set prices as a freelancer? This is my biggest dilemma.

Setting prices was my biggest dilemma and fear not only in freelancing but a pillow and Airbnb business.

I charged so low for excellent services provided, according to my customers.

If you want to earn good sustainable money online, you have to know how to price. How do the rich get richer? They know what they’re worth, do you? Charge more work more, NO.

Charge more, gain more experiences and skills in your chosen niche. 

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33. What and why does a freelancer need a morning routine?

I knew about morning routine since 2019, but if you asked me if I followed the morning routine, no.

I strengthened my morning routine in 2020 during the lockdown and morning routine helped me become productive.

The first thing is talking to my mind, to reassure myself that my services and what I do for clients pay off.

Another thing setting my mind right helped me connect with God more and my work.

I felt a certain sense of purpose even in creating posts for this blog more than I have ever felt.

A morning routine helps you increase your energy and visualise the kind of results you want.

I don’t find joy in watching Netflix anymore I want to be watched like Netflix that’s what you want in your job and a morning routine helps with that. 

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34. How do I create a space in my small house for my work from home in Kenya?

In 2012, I lived in a one-bedroom house with no water inside the house we had to fetch. There was plenty of electricity. I saved money on a desk but I had too many debts.

I had scarcity mentality too which prevented me from purchasing products/services to enhance the quality of my work life.

I sat on the floor, in one corner. I didn’t have an office space but a corner. Who said you must begin working online from a desk?

If you begin from the humbling beginnings, you will look forward to bettering yourself and work a day at a time. It’s fulfilling to record achievements daily.

35. What is the best invoice software for freelancers?

There are many, I love Bonsai and we will review the other invoice software too. 

36. Why do freelancers need a freelance contract and how does it help?

I learnt to prepare my freelance contract since branching out on my own from freelancing websites.

Never got a lot of joy from the sites anyway. I learnt about freelance contracts in 2017/18.

It’s important to have a contract that stipulates what your work is and how you will get paid at what time of day and by whom.  

LEARN: How to Write a Freelance Contract as a Kenyan

37. What does it take to earn your first $1000 as a freelancer in Kenya?

It may take a lot or less depends on the effort you put in the work. For me, it was simply to know what I was good at.

I believed I knew everything which was true at the time but … you have to be famous/expert for one right?

When I knew I wanted to become a VA, there were no specialisations or niches for VAs in 2012, it was the first day ever I earned 100k online. 

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38. How do I register my freelance business in Kenya?

The first time I asked about registering my freelancing business, the council officials couldn’t understand what I talked about. This is 2014 Kenya!

And paying taxes, I was told that my name doesn’t appear anywhere unless I bought properties!. So, I learnt if you want to register your freelancing business, register it as an official business.

You’re going to get a Single Business Permit for your business. Have a name ready for your company and go for it! It’s become easier to register businesses in Kenya in 2020, you can do it online.

39. How do I deal with burnout as a freelancer?

I dealt with a burnout in 2018 to 2009 – the beginnings of my freelancing careers. I did too much at the same time. Right now, it’s a joy to work and create content for this blog.

The morning routine helped me solidify my days and work schedule. I give myself a break because I’m not a programmed robot and need to step away from work.

I chose to do one thing at a time. I don’t take in client after client after client because every client is different and demands different from freelancers every time.  

40. How can I get work from home on Linkedin?

Get Work From Home Leads on Linkedin in Kenya
Get Work From Home Leads on Linkedin in Kenya

Linkedin is the best platform for freelancers working on their own or those not depending on freelancing platforms.

Begin with your profile, have a photo that’s with you on it, with you smiling. 

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41. How much money do I earn working online as a Kenyan? 

The amount of money to earn depends on what your skills are. On top of skills, comes how you network and the number of hours you want to work.

Also, it depends on whether you set a business or simply knowing how to charge your worth. When first starting online, you are tempted to sign up for shitty 2-dollar jobs as I call them.

That diminishes your earning capabilities helping you give up early.

Learn how to start a business with an on-demand online skill like that of a copywriter or digital services. More about this on How to start an online business as a Kenyan. 

 42. How do I charge my worth when working online as a Kenyan?. All I see are 2-dollar jobs on Upwork 

When your profile gets accepted on Upwork or freelancer, you start applying for jobs immediately. The best jobs online are what I call 2-dollar jobs.

The first thing as you set your freelancing profile online to ask is how much are your skills or expertise worth?.

If other freelancers, seasoned, have listed their jobs as 95 dollars an hour for example as landing pages copywriter. What’s making you charge 10 dollars an hour for the same job.

You’re devaluing your work hence your employer will devalue your work and worth. Be confident and charge competitively, a profile with stars or not.

Always be a confident expert and stop getting intimidated, who does 200 shillings/$2 help in Kenya?. Living in Kenya is hard.

And if an employer says, I’d love to hire you but your rates are so high yet you’re a newbie.

Tell them, ‘Sir, the experts started from my stage. I may not be an expert on Upwork but my services/skills match/excel what you are looking for. Try my services, I go above and beyond for my valued/valuable clients’’.

Come report to me if they still said no and if they did, move on. Never devalue your work/worth for a pittance.

And most employers take advantage of your location, so beware of cheap hounding employers.

Keep in mind Upwork takes a cut as well and count for the extreme number of hours you’ll be given to revise the same amount of work for 2 dollars.

Now, go out and give the best job there is according to your expertise. 

 43. What is the difference between home-based/freelancing/work online/work at home/ independent contractor/solopreneur? 

There’s a small difference among these terms and which you must note so that you don’t get confused with terminology when working online. 

A home-based business is a business done from the home. Some of these businesses are ‘moving‘ like when driving Uber/Lyft/Bolt are listed as home-based businesses. You’re doing the business from the comfort of your own home. 

Freelancing, on the other hand, means working on different projects online for oneself. I remember back in 2010 when I came across this word and how it was my eureka moment. You are self-employed but you can work for companies/organisations.

So you set your own hours, pay your taxes, choose the clients you’d love to work with/for. There are lots of freelancing opportunities online and that’s what’s called working online/working from home jobs.

Independent contractor bears almost the same meaning as a freelancer. In simple meaning, it can be an agency/organisation you have set up providing digital services, for example, but you’re not an employee of the company you provide the service for.

The work of an independent contractor is to provide services/products as asked example, a plumber, electrician.

Work online. You use the laptop/pc on the internet/virtually entirely. You don’t work anywhere else. A term that’s different from work from home.

 Work at home. Means working from the comfort of your home/coffee shop, if it’s allowed, a co-working space but it can be online or offline jobs. Therefore you use a computer or not.

Uber or Airbnb are great examples of work from home/online businesses in Kenya. Some work from home jobs can be online/self-employee/company based opportunities. 

Solopreneur. Can be a freelancer/independent contractor/work at home/online individual. All these words can be confusing, they are slightly different from one another. In the end, you can call yourself a solopreneur/self-employed individual.  

In Kenya, freelancing/work from home/working online/online businesses get inter-changed and inter-used. The most popular work online job is ONLINE WRITING.

 44. What are the terminologies/special terms/words used for work online in Kenya? 

The following special terms are used for work online in Kenya and they include, solopreneur, freelancer, work online, an independent contractor.

There are other terminologies when working online as well as a copywriter in writing and SEO specialist in technology.

As you get into the online working world, you will get to know the differences in terminologies according to your industry. Learn everything there is to learn in your niche. 

 45. What are the jobs I can do online as a Kenyan? 

The number of jobs you can do online as a Kenyan are many. The thing I emphasise a lot is to find your niche and work on it until you are the best in it. 

And the various jobs online include:



Seo expert 

Digital services guru 

Social media marketer/expert 

Public relations 




Leads generator 

And the list keeps growing and getting longer. 

 46. What are the most popular work online jobs? 

The most popular online jobs a Kenyan can do are: 






Social media marketing 

Graphic designer 

Handmade crafter 

Being an Airbnb host 




Affiliate marketer 

And the list keeps getting longer and longer. 

 47. Is it easy to get hired online? How?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s easier for Kenyans to get hired online. The best work online practices include some of the expert tips I give. 

It’s not a get rich scheme. You won’t get rich overnight working online. 

You have to exercise your patience.

Like all Kenyans, the rush to acquire wealth is something that keeps us from patience.

We forget that all great men and women took their time to build their empires. Some have taken decades to learn, like me. Some have taken 2 years and others, months.

It’s not about luck, it’s working on the opportunity tirelessly until you get what you want. Napoleon Hill calls it DESIRE. 

Keep learning and having fun. Honestly, if you are coming to work online and you believe that you know it all, better stop and keep moving because there’s nothing called working online without a few lessons. This is an opportunity like offline work and you can’t assume. Keep failing but moving. 

Balance productivity. There’s nothing as daunting as working online. The opportunities are there but the distraction from social media and life’s duties are overwhelming. You have to create a balance. Get disciplined.  

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 48. Do you hire people to work online in Kenya? 

I don’t hire people working online unless I have assignments on my own which I can’t accomplish/complete.

But I update my online jobs board with jobs which I scour from prominent jobs boards like realwaystoearnmoneyonline and ProBlogger. Sometimes, I check other websites like rat race rebellion.

I check Kuhustle, a Kenyan jobs board with employers in Kenya or abroad. But the jobs on Kuhustle are low-paying. But you never know, I got a copywriting job on Kuhustle.  

 49. Which work at home job can I do online as a Kenyan? 

There are numerous work online/ from at home jobs you can do as a Kenyan and they include 


Taking surveys, not highly recommended but great for quick pocket money. I never find trusted survey companies. Also, most work online opportunities started as survey companies. 

Data entry. This one is loaded with conmen/artists, go with caution. Try typists job/transcriptionists instead. 




Graphic work/design

Design websites despite the market flood with easier to build websites like Wix, there’s a need for web designers, choose a niche.

Which includes building websites for travel companies, web designers themselves, writers, coaches.

Always include some great features for the niche identified. For example, as a coach web designer, you need to keep in mind billing per hour/ books/pdf/articles written by the coach and consultation hours and the methods of payment have to get incorporated. 

 50. Are there work at home/work online companies in Kenya. 

Are there companies in Kenya hiring work from home?
Are there companies in Kenya hiring work from home?

Not yet. Many companies in Kenya haven’t embraced work online opportunities. Even apple recognises the part of the changing culture for the need for work freedom. Why not big companies in Kenya, it’s you and me to enhance the change. 

 51. How do I start working online as a Kenyan in Kenya? 

To start working online as a Kenyan, you need to beware of some of the rules about working online and they include 

The equipment you will need. Your laptop and abundance of internet connection. 

Learning resources. I mean, you are going to acquire some knowledge which requires for you to keep investing in yourself through books/courses/masterclasses. Masterclasses are great for helping you polish your knowledge. 

Investing in self. When you want to begin work online you have to invest in yourself. That means, buying knowledge and immersing yourself in the knowledge. To acquire all you can about what you want to do online. 

A dedicated workstation or home office. There is no background noise and children running around. In fact, your work environment isn’t different from the offline office setup. Make it yours, fun and appetising to work in it. 

Productivity. You have to master productivity and there are some key areas you have to pay attention to. 

Learn about your skills. What can you do offline and how are these skills transferable online. Learn about the most popular work online skills here. Skills are what sells and the amount of experience you have. You don’t have to have experience working online, you need the right kind of skills.

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 52. What job sites do I need to use to get hired online in Kenya? 

There are some best job sites out there. And some of them better than others. 

The best sites to get hired online for Kenyans include:


Indeed.com, though some times it has offline jobs or country-based jobs mostly Americans. 

Use content mill websites like Upwork/Freelancer. Know how to charge your worth, don’t get undervalued.

You can start your own business too. Starting a business has endless earning potentials. 

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 53. Work online jobs are only for writers, a job I cannot do because I’m not a writer 

No, the work online opportunities vary and are so many. There are so many jobs available but writing being a popular niche leads always.

The need for writers is enormous online. You don’t have to be a great writer. You will get rejected over and over and over.

But you need to be a persistent writer. There are some courses suited for writers only and I will scour the internet to find the courses.

The best writer there is they say is one who practices. So keep writing. And if you are teachable, you can be learn anything. I learnt bookkeeping and Java programming, SEO and sewing and so can you. 

54. Why do I need to learn when working at home? 

You need to learn/take an online course, paid or free on Yoube, when starting a work-at-home opportunity as a Kenyan to enhance your skills in your niche/industry.

You can take a three-month learning journey then apply your knowledge to free jobs/undercharge your services.

You need to learn because the more knowledge you have and the greater the plans, the more you are going to find success working online. 

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 55. I signed up on Upwork a week ago, my profile got rejected. I give up 

You cannot sign up on Upwork and give up in a week. That’s what I call impatient Kenyans working online. You have to keep bidding for jobs and understanding how the bidding websites work.

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 56. How do I know a work at home opportunity is legit as a Kenyan? 

For you not to get scammed online, you have to perform due diligence. You have to check on websites like Glassdoor to learn about the company and how much it pays.

You have to check the company’s reviews online as well. And if the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. That’s why you must know how much your industry pays.

Ask for your payment to get secured on Escrow.

Make sure you are not working on third party sites when working on content mill sites, this means, don’t work away from Upwork, for example.

Ask for employers to pay you an upfront minimum and have a freelancing contract signed by you and the employer.

So that in case of disputes, you know how to solve them or in case of court cases. Ask for payment in known online transaction sites like Paypal, Stripe or via your Payoneer card. 

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 57. Is a niche necessary when working from home in Kenya? 

Yes, when working online as a Kenyan you have to have a niche. A niche is an area of specialisation for you as a freelancer.

The area of specialisation needs for you to find a broader field then narrow it down.

For example, if a writer, don’t call yourself a general writer or a writer who writes everything and nothing. Be a writer that writes on SEO only, or an SEO copywriter or a romance ghostwriter.

Same applies to a web designer. Don’t design websites for everyone.

In everything that you do online, ensure you have a specification. That way, you have a solid portfolio to back you up.

Also, with a niche, you get opportunities faster than serving a general audience, at least, I learnt this one the very hard way. 

 58. How does it become a business when online, I mean how do I start an online business in Kenya 

To turn work online opportunities to a business, you need to start thinking like a businessman. Embrace the business mindset. That includes being patient, not giving up, recognising an opportunity and diving right into it. 

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59. Are there personalities made for work online? If so, how does a Kenyan know which personality suits the online working world? 

Yes, there are some personalities suited to work online. The personalities include, freelancers with self-drive.

Working online is a self-employed opportunity which puts you at a lot of time-wasting opportunities such as access to the internet and social media non-stop.

Being non-productive can kick in immediately. Another great personality is get disciplined. No one is going to tell you to do this or that task, you are at your own mercy/discipline.

You have to know about time blocking that means, putting off everything else to focus on what you want to accomplish.

You have to learn how to have a life. Sometimes, I fall short of this where I overwork and don’t unload, then when the burn out happens, I sleep or travel until inspiration jumps again.

You have to learn how to automate your business or do the bulk work during those times when you feel great inspiration/desire. 

 60. How do you keep sane working online in Kenya? 

There are methods to keep your sanity when working online. The methods include 

Being time productive or mastering the key productive areas mentioned including time management and business automation.

There’s no balance about working online, you are responsible for your working hours and no one else.

So, keep in mind, house chores, kids, if you have them, time blocking for focus. You have to keep time for exercise as well.

Have a small gym within your house for cardio or lifts so that you don’t amass weights in areas you don’t desire. That means you can get waist trainers and arm toners. Run up and down the stairs or use a rope. 

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 61. How do I become productive working online in Kenya? 

If you slump while working in your day job you cannot be productive. There are some posture correctors I recommend plus I’d advise you to invest in a good chair and desk. Many people list productivity as keeping in check with your morning routine, which is great, I mention the posture. If I don’t sit on a proper chair and desk, I suffer from severe backaches and body pains. There are so many productivity areas freelancers ignore including self-care and constant distractions. You have to pay attention to how you spend your time. 

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 62. What’s does working from home not mean

It doesn’t mean working in your pyjamas or never having a plan for success. Working from home doesn’t mean not having a niche or wandering online like a pastured animal. 

63. Why are many Kenyans not getting hired online? 

Many Kenyans aren’t building a freelancing brand. They are online to make side-hustle money. If you want to make money, some serious money, you have to have a niche. You must be prepared to stand out among the sea of freelancers and win. 

 64. What are the reasons for making you want to work online as a Kenyan? 

I started working online because I felt I spent so much time on Facebook and one of the things I saw floating was how to make money with Facebook. After clicking on links, I saw it was bogus ads containing malicious content. I stopped myself. And the search for online work started. 

 65. Are you ready to learn while you work online in Kenya? 

 What are the various free learning online universities best for Kenyans? 

They are so many the best one and free ones are YouTube School and Coursera. Coursera is a bit more serious because you get to earn certificates from various universities. 

Sites to Learn Any SKill for Free in Kenya for Freelancers 

 66. Is it necessary to acquire additional skills while working online in Kenya? How 

OMG, YES. It’s better to acquire additional skills which will help you earn more money. The best skills to acquire and you can learn in a few weeks or as you go along are the tech skills. Tech skills keep on increasing in demand and they pay very well. I have written several articles on tech skills that are the best to acquire online in Kenya for Kenyans. 

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How to get a tech job without tech skills in Kenya 

 67. What are the best paying and high paying online jobs in Kenya 

In my opinion, all online jobs are high-paying. I don’t know much about data entry and typing jobs though because though are full of scam artists these days. Writing, blogging, freelance writing, photography, SEO, social media marketing, web design, web development, logo design are some of the most popular jobs online and they pay very well. The key is don’t call yourself a logo designer, specify what kind of logos you design and why. Give a story

 68. Are the work from home jobs in Kenya a bunch of rubbish and con artistry 

A bunch of the work online jobs I see advertised in the Kenyan space take advantage of newbie and desperate freelancers. A lot of the employers I sent to free samples, who never wanted my samples are from Kenya, sad to say.

After which they don’t pay and disappear some of them go to the extent of saying you don’t know how to write and your writing is published on their websites.

When they ask you to provide samples according to the topic given, kindly run away as fast. 

 69. Are there equipment necessary I need to purchase while working online in Kenya 

Of course, if you’re not going to work as a transcriber, then you need only a laptop and internet connection. 

 70. Are there software I must rely on while working online? And do they work in Kenya? 

Software is called software because it can be accessed by people from all over the world. The tools used by freelancers are varied but the most common ones are the time trackers, whether you’re working hourly or per project jobs, you need a time tracker to show your client that you’re working. 

71.  Is social media a necessary marketing tool while working online as a Kenyan

I recall when I was told to advertise my writing on social media and every time I heard social media, I got too shy to advertise. Nowadays, I’m full-time in advertising my freelancing lifestyle on YouTube. 

 72. What social media is the best to use when working online in Kenya 

Depends on what niche or industry you’re in and what social media platforms you love. I love YouTube and Pinterest. I love Instagram but it was too much work to do all social media at once so I abandoned Instagram and stuck with Pins and YouTube. What social media is good for your business? 

 73. Are there online jobs which pay handsome amounts of money in Kenya

Yes, I get paid a lot of money to be a writer and all the online jobs I keep posting here pay a lot of money. I don’t share any jobs which won’t bring you money. 

74.  What’s the difference between having an offline and online business in Kenya 

The only difference is you’re not in an office-like setting with your online business. The rest is done like having an offline business. Kenyans, when they hear online, they assume you don’t have to work twice as hard. In fact, because the online world is drowned with people from developed nations, you have to stand out, as Indians do.  

 75. What are the tips for getting hired online as fast as a Kenyan? 

Know what you are going to offer as a service online if you want to get hired fast. The other thing is, of course, narrow down your offering. If you love social media, ensure you know what kind of social media and you know this social media in and out. Don’t say you’ll be a social media manager, there are a million and one of those. 

76. How can I create a recurring revenue stream as a freelancer?

I am a big proponent of having as many incomes as you can handle. Money loves you and it never gets tired of you. 

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77. How can I make clients love working with me as a freelancer?

Do the work you promised. Everyone loves a freelancer who does what they promised. The biggest gift is to underpromise yet over-deliver, go above and beyond. Do your best to work in the deadline specified and be a communicative freelancer. 

78. What are the video marketing tips you’d give to freelancers?

I learnt a lot about video marketing after becoming obsessive with YouTube and creating YouTube videos. Be prepared to introduce yourself. Video marketing helps your personality show, so, make a joke if that’s you. Muster the courage, you’re talking to the camera only. You will keep improving as you move along. 

How do I manage my money as a freelancer in Kenya?

Have you earned so much money that you invested and invested until you didn’t know what to do with the rest? It’s what happened to me and before I knew it I was in debt and plunging in bad debt. I lost a freelance client unexpectedly and that became a wake-up call. Learn to invest, save and reinvest the money, either in your business or a new venture. 

79. How do I develop reading habits as a freelancer?

Put everything on hold and grab a book. You won’t progress without adding knowledge every day. You have to learn something new every day in your job and outside the world. Some of the fascinating topics a freelancer must learn to include investing, saving, creating and building a brand. Gear towards expanding your knowledge and you will grow to love your work. 

80. Does sleep deprivation affect freelancers and their productivity?

I called myself a night owl until 2019 and the beginning of 2020 the habit of night owling stopped. I experimented with sleeping early and waking up early and it worked. My body is better when I wake up early and do something before anyone talks to me. It depends on how I went to sleep, so I formed a night routine as a freelancer too. If you don’t get enough sleep, you won’t be productive. You will need to nap when you are supposed to be working. Go to sleep and get adequate 6-10 hours of sleep a night. The day was made with 24 hours for a reason. You have to get into the habit of prioritising so you don’t find yourself needing to work when you must be sleeping. 

81. How do I overcome impostor syndrome as a freelancer? 

If anyone has found a cure for overcoming impostor syndrome, kindly tell me. Once in a while, I feel like who do I think I am moments. I give myself a break because I know I’m tired and overexerting myself. When you break your back so much for the dollars something cracks. That’s why I insist and emphasise on a morning and a night routine, you have to keep training your brain. 

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81. How do you avoid sitting down too much while working from home? 

Give yourself a break often, or invest in a standing desk. Also, prop your back and don’t ever slump on your desk. Like a tailor, ensure you invest in a good table and your back is always straight. Your shoulders should be thrown back like a bodybuilder. 

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82. Is journalling good for a freelancer?

83. How to gain authentic social followers as a freelancer?

84. How do I create a professional freelancing website?

85. Should freelancers charge per project or per hour?

86. How do I move from content mills website as a freelancer in Kenya?

87. How do I deal with procrastination working from home?

88. How do I cope with loneliness working from home in Kenya?

89. How do I become a millionaire freelancer in Kenya?

90. How do I fire a bad freelance client?

91. How do I build a personal brand as a freelancer in Kenya?

92. Do you need a website and a blog as a freelancer in Kenya?

93. How do I write a lead magnet for my freelance business

94. What side hustle are best for freelancers in Kenya?

95. How do I start freelancing as a stay at home parent in Kenya?

96. What are silly mistakes freelancers in Kenya make and how can I avoid them?

97. Can you balance a full-time job and freelancing in Kenya?

98. How do I raise my rates without losing freelance clients?

99. Is the freelance client always right?

100. What I wish I knew before freelancing in Kenya

This article, walks you through everything you need to know about getting started on freelancing/working from home/working online in Kenya.

Learning about pricing, producitivty working from home are a few things to keep in mind if working from home is a long-term career for you.

Working online isn’t for the faint-hearted or those needing quick money online through clicking links, you must work, put in the effort to succeed online.

You’re a business owner who must think of building a freelancing/work from home brand.

What other questions about working from home in Kenya do you have so we add to this article?




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