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I selected a few books for Kenyan Freelancers (Online Entrepreneurs) to read in 2020 from January to December.

Reading is crucial for entrepreneurs because it helps you overcome boredom. Increase your creativity by picking up new ideas.

Reading also makes you overcome depression as you feel productive.

As an entrepreneur/freelancer in Kenya, reading derives pleasure and satisfaction, a great productivity tool to add to your morning routine. 

The 12 Books Kenyan Entrepreneurs/Freelancers Must Read in 2020 to Enhance Their Business

  1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 

Think and Grow Rich is for tackling the depth of your mindset.

As a business person, the thoughts of difficult months can shroud your judgement to see the great things coming ahead. In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill encouraged individuals to chase their desires.

What do you want? And how bad do you want it? Are you ready to go for what you want no matter the obstacles that arise?

You will realise entrepreneurship isn’t about your level of education.

In fact, Napoleon says some well-educated people don’t know how to package their education.

This isn’t a personal development book only but a great book for your mindset, a core that many entrepreneurs neglect. 

Buy this book here to get encouraged in the way you approach your business.

Think and Grow Rich is a book you will read over and over again because there’s a concept you missed or need further analysis.

It’s like reading the Bible of How Your Mind Thinks. Employing these concepts by Napoleon creates doors to your personal and business life. 

Grab Think and Grow Rich HERE.

2. Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss

When I first came across the blog, Four Hour Work Week, I believed the concept wasn’t meant for me.

I didn’t read the blog in-depth to realise it wasn’t about 4-hours of work per week but embracing a passive income lifestyle.

Where you build/toil now, then sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour a few months/years to come. I have never read this book, but this is my opinion in 2020.

The aim of beginning freelancing/entrepreneurship isn’t to work like a 9-5, it’s to have the freedom to do what you want while creating an income.

Depending on how you view this book or read it, you will want to read over and over again.

I believe it’s the approach Tim Ferris used to become not only a great author but entrepreneur. 

Grab a copy of the book on Amazon HERE.

NOTE; You can choose to have audibles, kindle books or paperback books. I mostly recommend kindle books because there’s no shipping hustle. 

3. Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins 

Who wouldn’t want to awaken their inner genius?.

We were all brought on earth to prosper and conquer by being the best versions of ourselves trusting and believing in God and the power He placed within us.

This book by Tony Robbins aims to remind us of the power of our inner self.

There’s no dwelling in self-pity/doubt or fear.

I love this book because it speaks the depth of the human mind and the power of belief.

Tony Robbins sees himself as a conqueror, and you are too.

What are those hidden talents you have within you that you keep inside because of fear, rejection, doubt or because you are the pioneer?

Go get your dreams because you deserve the best life there is and it’s already there provided by God.

Go Awaken the Giant. Live your life with purpose. Because it’s a self-development book and a favourite of all time, I decided to include it here.

I’ll create a round-up of all the self-development books you must read as a Kenyan entrepreneur.

Self-development and business go hand in hand because ideas get bred in the mind, you must have the stamina to leave your mindset and go for it. 

Awaken the Giant is HERE for grabs.  

4. The Success Principles by Jack Canfield 

Let’s talk success, what’s does success mean to you?

In the book Success Principles, Jack Canfield says that success starts with confidence. Confidence that you can achieve your goals.

The Success Principles also talk about money and the fundamentals of success.

Under the fundamentals of success, there are some key areas to pay attention to and they include surround yourself with success.

For you to be successful, what’s your inner circle?. When Bob Collymore died, did you notice his circle of friends?.

I follow Toyin Lawani, her best of friends, another great thinker and businesswoman, Jaruma’s Empire.

Not to mean that you must discard your friends, but align with friends who surpass your vision/mission and who will support your goals no matter the odds.

Those friends who cheer you on and tell you, you can do it.

Another success principle is to take responsibility for your actions.

When I came up with an idea of selling reusable market bags to Nakumatt in 2014, I gave excuse after excuse.

Are you such a person, who would rather have the easy high road out?

Or are you the one who no matter the circumstances stays put and wears a brave face?

A success principle is to realise that you’re a genius and meant for greatness.

When you realise this you awaken the giant within enabling you to do greater things.

To be successful, stop waiting for the right time as I did.

There’s never a right time, the time to do is now.

Embrace the Power of Now.

You have to define what success and money mean to you.

To achieve success, you have to declutter.

Stop asking why people don’t love you.

Ask instead, do you love yourself enough?.

Not everyone will be for you but you have to be for yourself.

In other words, stop paying attention to things which aren’t your problem that drain and suck the living daylights out of you. 

You cannot talk success without reading the Success Principles, a book that explores both business and personal life.

The reason why I recommend this book to read over and over again.

Do make Success Principle your Bible by grabbing it HERE

5. Start With Why by Simon Sinek 

Simon Sinek’s most popular quote in the book, ‘People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it’.

Do you work to fulfil your purpose or do you work because situations forced you?

In the Start With Why book, you’ll get challenged to pursue your purpose, that means fulfilling your mission, your destiny on earth.

Ask yourself, do you do work which inspires you?

Did you know to inspire others you must start from why?

When you have a team as an entrepreneur, you don’t need marketing gimmicks to sell or stay relevant.

Because your why mirrors not only your employees’ passion but your own. I started with me why when I couldn’t get employment.

Why do I love writing?

To whom will my writing be and will it fulfil my life’s purpose?

I love Kenya to the core, wanted to show how Kenya is great and all the opportunities we need are right under our noses.

Freelancing didn’t occur, I searched for it.

I love freedom, I realised I didn’t have to work for someone else to be happy or make money.

It may take some time to realise why you started, like in my situation, why I started blogging, but ask yourself again.

WHY?. Because your why pushes you above and beyond, you’ll learn about yourself and become an expert because your why pushes you to be the best. 

This book made me rethink about this blog. It made me ask why do I do what I do.

And suddenly my mojo came back.

Grab Start With Why HERE.

6. Build a Story Brand Donald Miller 

There’s too much information online that it becomes confusing to find information fast.

Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller emphasises on creating a brand with everyday stories people relate to so that they listen.

How is your company making a positive difference in people’s lives?

What message would you love for people to carry from your brand?

For example, I want people/Kenyan companies to embrace the Flexible Work, Freedom Lifestyle.

I want my brand to show the world we can create stories and success while being comfortable.

Plus, I want this blog to have as many articles as possible about work from home in all the possible areas under the sun. 

This book resonates with me because, in my early freelancing years, I struggled a lot in finding what worked for me.

I believed too much information, when they said it’s hard-working online and boy was it?

I took it as the final word.

I sunk in a sea of over-information and I vowed to create a brand that’s simple, believes and lives to tell a story.

Grab the Build Your Story Brand HERE. 

7. Purple Cow Seth Godin 

Seth Godin might be the Father of Marketing.

Honestly, this is the only book that almost confused me but to get the message, you have to open your mind.

In Purple Cow, Seth Godin talks about focusing on early adopters.

I had early adopters to my blog in the article about daycare and some more.

I didn’t know how to woo them back then. Remember how I insist on word of mouth marketing, the message hasn’t been spared in Purple Cow either.

You can choose to take risks, innovate and invent like Apple or McDonald or remain dormant and boring like Ford.

Don’t forget to leave your mark. Stand out in the noise, do you, tell the story and let others sing your praise. 

Grab the Purple Cow HERE

8. Profit First Mike Michalowicz 

As the title says, Profit First Mike insists on paying yourself as an entrepreneur.

Don’t get caught in the survival trap which means to sell anything to stay afloat.

Be true to your brand by asking what’s the broader picture I wanted?

Is this the direction I wanted my brand to go?

Stop with the desperation by taking short-cuts you do this when you neglect your purpose.

What’s your business purpose?.

This book’s approach is like start with your why, because when you start from why, you attract abundance. 

I love this book’s way of approaching business.

Pay yourself so you don’t use your business’ funds or leave the ‘Ploughing back all the profits’ business life.

In fact, you’ll learn to have a personal and business account.

How will you pay yourself if the money you make goes back to business?.

What was your business’ purpose?

Read Profit First year round, back to back to understand the concept.

Grab yours HERE

9. Rich Dad’s Quadrant Rob Kiyosaki 

Rob Kiyosaki in Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant says no true freedom comes without financial freedom.

Which is something I deeply share, how can you sleep well when the accounts read zero and creditors knock?

In Rich Dad’s Quadrant, education is a process meaning education never stops when you complete school.

What’s your life’s goal? Finding your path means finding what you were put on earth to do.

What’s your life’s purpose and are you fulfilling that purpose?.

Your life’s purpose isn’t to go to school and find a job later, it’s to identify your mission.

You have to fail so many times to finally reach your purpose. 

I love this book and the approach on school, though it feels like a rant.

School is useless when the information learnt from school gets abandoned/ goes unimplemented as Napoleon Hill said. 

Grab the Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant HERE.

10. How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age 

It’s easy to forget about forging lasting friendships and How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age, insists on lasting, meaningful relationships.

Stop criticising, condemning and complaining about others and affirm what’s good.

Find out what people want and truly offer to help them find what they seek.

Take interests in others, smile, listen longer and discuss what matters. Share your journey.

I found this a little hard to do because I’m a reserved person but when you share your journey, you never know who you may encourage/motivate. 

Grab How to Win Friends HERE. 

11. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey 

In the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey, he emphasises that change begins with you.

Change occurs from the inside out. You have to learn to communicate and deal with people.

The habits include in summary;

1. Be proactive,

2. Begin with the end in mind,

3. Put first things first,

4. Think win/win,

5. Seek to understand then to be understood,

6. Synergize,

7. Sharpen the saw,

then go inside out again.

These habits revolve around you being the best version of yourself.

Know that the world is full of abundance and more than enough to go around.

This habit must teach you that no matter the niche you’re in, however, oversaturated it is, there’s money to be made.

Find an angle and a personal spin.

Check my Guide on Oversaturated Businesses in Kenya. 

Grab a copy of this phenomenal book that teaches and preaches abundance HERE.  

12. The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod 

I first came across morning routines from Stephan’s channel Project Life Mastery in 2018 when I embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

Hal Elrod insists on a proper morning routine to enhance the quality of your life.

Keep your alarm away so that you wake up to switch it off, then drink water, brush your teeth and wash your face.

Practice silence, affirmations, visualisations, exercise, reading and writing to enhance your morning routine.

Check out my morning routine in this article. 

The Miracle Morning book talks about taking responsibility for your life. Hal Elrod says, ‘Remember the moment you accept total responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you claim the power to change anything in your life’.

If you Procrastinate in one area of your life means procrastinating in all areas.

So think twice when you forego your gym. Check your mindset, if you tell yourself you can’t, you won’t. 

There are series for The Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs among others.

Why adopt a morning routine?. I’m not a morning person but it feels powerful to wake up ahead of others.

I also believe your morning is when you wake up, doesn’t matter what time of day.

Simply follow the miracle morning see your days change.

And you can read this book year-round for when the morning routine concept doesn’t make sense. 

Grab a copy of the Miracle Morning HERE. 

Since jumping into the world of reading entrepreneurial books, my perspective on business and personal life changed.

I used to believe I’m a failure when I don’t do certain tasks. I used to believe I should let things flow.

Then I grabbed Think and Grow Rich, I learnt about DESIRE, HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT?

And I grabbed You’re a Badass at Making Money. That’s the day I realised what I have been neglecting; My Mindset.

A businessman/woman uses their mind all the time, it’s the most powerful tool, how do you use your mind?.

And the craziness for reading books of all kinds sparked joy in me.

Now, I’d rather read before grabbing a course. Books are cheap with Kindle’s help unless you want paperback versions. 

Do you love reading?. Why?. Why not?.

You can read these books back to back like guidelines and they’ll never bore you, get old or annoying, there will be a new concept you discover every time you read.

As a business owner, set aside time to enlighten yourself with books to help your mindset, personal and business life.

Which of these books are on your reading list in 2020 as a Kenyan entrepreneur?




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