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What is romantic, we got to understand this term and it’s usage, according to Merriam Webster, an on-line resource and dictionary, romantic is described as ”relating to, or involving love between two people. Or thinking about love and doing or saying things to show that you love someone”

Simple, but not so very easy to follow the ‘simple’ things in life are what make a difference and not necessarily the money involved. Here’s how to be romantic:

  1. Most Kenyan men believe or think that gift – giving must be cars and forget chocolates or flowers go along way or even cotton panties something that shows you care for your woman. Men get into the habit of gifting your girlfriends time and again. Gifts from the heart are more appreciated.
  2. Why are most Kenyan men slow thinkers (not intending to be abusive). Why do you think that Kenyan women think of the Latino, Nigerian or the Mzungu men as more romantic, employ the art of serenading!!! Come to her window or work place or just anywhere, whether she lives in a rented apartment or her own house or a ramshackle and sing to her a song she loves. You don’t have to have the best voice in the planet, but a thoughtful serenade goes a long way for us … we love this … trust me!!
  3. Leave notes. Why don’t you men get into the habit of writing some love notes for a women you love. You can experiment this with your mum or sister, see how beaming their faces get when they see how much you love them? It costs nothing to leave love notes, just a piece of paper and pen or pencil, as long as it from the heart, then a woman will love it !!! And you say romance is expensive … I never understand.
  4. Why don’t you men engage in writing thoughtful text messages or sending emails to your women? Writing a message nowadays is so cheap and subscribing to internet bundles for as low as 5 shillings from telecommunication service provider like Safaricom is very easy as long you have a ‘smartphone’ S40. You keep bragging of how you belong to the digital age, yet sending a simple ‘ You mean a lot to me, From Yours, Love” is so hectic.
  5. Some Kenyan men believe that doing a favour for a woman is being her slave, favours like running errands, washing the dishes or taking care of the kids while at work. Why are men so reluctant to do things for their women? Their fellow men will laugh at them saying ‘Na hako kamwanamke kamekukalia” (That woman has sat on you … literally speaking )
  6. Most of our men believe or think that women want to spend big on Valentine’s Day though true to some women, it doesn’t apply to all. We don’t want to spend lots of money from a man we love, we want love, romantic gestures, throughout the year. What of massage, being a masseuse doesn’t require one to be trained especially if doing it on someone you love. It is an exquisite Romantic Gesture … unforgettable!!
  7. Why don’t you play with your spouse or loved one, games like hide and seek helps in bonding sessions. Does this cost anything to be playful like kids? Who said play is for kids, only?
  8. Sometime, it is important to be affectionate no matter the glaring eye of the public. Show your lady that you got eyes for her by kissing her, ( be careful not to overdo it), hold hands and do it with pleasure and courage, not checking to see who is looking!
  9. Good to sometime be apart from each other and not intoxicate her with emotions, she will go around screaming and telling her ‘girls’ how controlling you are. Who wants a control freak for a boyfriend anyway?. And spending time apart doesn’t mean that she will immediately go into some other man’s arms…. OH Please … Kenyan men. Grow the art of trust, it shows growing up!!!
  10. Many Kenyan men rarely compliment their women… wait until they see a woman cared for and see tongue-wagging judgemental Kenyan men sreaming ”Kenyan women are gold – diggers”.!! Compliment your woman at all costs but don’t sugar coat it.
  11. Grooming. Never forget that a woman doesn’t like a smelling man, smelling armpits, unkempt facial hairs and private parts. Wash well, bathe and maintain good breath.,brush teeth, floss . Men, groom, groom, groom!
  12. Why do Kenyan men think that dating is expensive. Do we say that most of these men are stingy. Going on a date after five years of dating doesn’t mean going to break a bank! You can grab a cup of coffee or juice or tea!
  13. Get into the habit of bringing newness into the picture, spontaneity. Do something unique and fresh, this is how to keep women in relationships… quit being boring and doing same things over and over!
  14. Be sexual but not a Porn Star. Kenyan women keep running into the hands of Wazungus, in the name ”wazungu are bettter in bed”? It is because women keep believing that Kenyan men are the most un experimental men in bed … being experimental doesn’t mean being a porn star but trying numerous positions and styles. Being open and kind to new ideas!

Kenyan men, I dint mean to blast at you or be offensive but to show that, romance doesn’t have to cost a dime!! Just because a woman has set high standards for the men she wants in her life doesn’t amount to gold – digging. If you run, a woman will definitely believe you are afraid of responsibilities which comes with and in long term relationships.

What is it that you do to be romantic, what is unique that I haven’t added here?

Look into some of these areas and sure will never regret why you read it … try to be a little thoughtful and experimental and sure will convince your woman that ‘money doesn’t buy happiness’. Come for more love or romantic relationship tips, sometime. You can be romantic, there is no limitation. Share your thoughts, vent, or just stop by.



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