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There are side hustles for all fields in the world career coaches haven’t been left behind.

A side hustle isn’t another job or just another way to make an income.

In Chris Guillebeau’s book on Side Hustles, he defines a side hustle as a passion.

Something you do because you are passionate.

Who is a career coach?

A career coach is a mentor/guide/counsellor who helps you find your inner strengths.

These strengths help you create a career from passion. Who needs a career coach and why?

We all need a career coach when in school trying to figure our lives out when stuck in one job title for decades when we don’t know what we want to do with our lives.

I was once stuck not knowing what I wanted to do. I checked in with a lot of career blogs and learnt what career coaches do as side hustles. 

What are the Best Side Hustles for Career Coaches in Kenya in 2020? 

The following is a list of the top side-hustles career coaches do and they include:

  1. Life Coach 

How many life coaches have you heard about in Kenya?

A career coach becomes a life coach when they advise you about various aspects of your life where you feel stuck.

I remember a time in my life when I felt stuck like I wasn’t doing anything fun. I suffered from serious burnout.

I asked myself what do I really want to do with my life? Why don’t I enjoy writing any more?

After embracing a career coach and reading career blogs for weeks, I realised it wasn’t my career but a burnout.

I reflected what I did and realised I overstretched myself. I sewed, cared and taught the kids, wrote for clients.

I couldn’t blog, it was in 2018 from June, I got my mojo back in December.

That’s the year I decided to re-strategise for this blog.

I didn’t want to write for clients any more, I lacked a plan so went to my comfort zone.

I don’t want history to repeat itself in 2020.

A life coach helps you see the gifts you don’t see.

I visualised my life and career. A dedicated career coach will help you in not only working your career out but your life.

I decided to hire a life coach in 2019 but haven’t got down to business with him but look forward. 

2. Resume writers/Cover Letter Writers 

A career coach also helps write CVs and cover letters for customers.

They know what employers look for when searching for employees. They know how the mind of an employer works.

Some people including myself miss out on job opportunities because we don’t know what makes for a great CV.

Have you ever tried to write a cover letter and got stuck on what the employer wanted?

Has this effort made you give up searching for a job?

Get the help of a career coach to help you figure out your skills and abilities and how they will help your employer. Plus never give up. 

3. Career Blogger 

Career coaches can start blogs to help advise on a number of things.

A career blog can be divided into several categories including a jobs corner, a CV/cover letter writing corner, how to find your dream job, how to win your boss, tips and tricks for getting hired after graduating school, discover your strengths and utilise them among other career topics. 

4. Start a Career Membership Site 

A career membership site means creating exclusive content for the members that visit your career blog/website.

A membership site is where visitors to the blog pay a monthly subscription to get exclusive content.

For example, including product tiers and under each product tier include what the clients get like a software company does.

Choose names like exclusive, premium, standard each with its own perks. When done right a career membership site not only adds to a career coaches pocket but to the lives of those visiting the website. 

5. CV/Cover Letter Template Design 

A career coach knows what employers seek when looking for employees.

Why not create/ design templates on Photoshop, a great design tool to learn about?.

Or on Canva then customers download the template and edit it to their fields specifications?. Templates save the hustle of guesswork. 

6. Authors 

A career coach already advises people on a lot. Create books about careers.

The dos and don t’s of getting your dream jobs. And what to do when you can’t find employment.

Such topics resonate with a lot of people because often times we get stuck doing what we don’t love.

Propel your career as a career coach by writing books solving the pain points of getting a dream job. 

7. Career Podcaster 

Podcasting took the world by storm since around 2015/2016 with Apple’s iTunes and Spotify.

The idea of starting your own radio station/podcasting from your home’s comfort appeals to a career coach.

You get to talk about what people struggle with when finding employment.

Dealing with getting fired and what to do after getting fired. You touch on every aspect of a career.

From a podcast, you can monetise with affiliates, write books and blogs.

8. Youtubers Advising Graduates on Landing Dream Careers 

Start a YouTube channel on career advice.

On YouTube, create content about how to choose a great career matching one’s ability and talents.

How to choose office wear for the first day of the interview.

How to win your boss’ heart with your cv and the core components of a cover letter among other diversified career topics.

YouTube is a great marketing tool if done right with correct SEO and work is one of the most profitable niches.

People worldwide look for a job all the time. 

9. Official Wear Stylist 

You get to impress your boss once.

As a career coach, you help clients find the best official wear.

It’s already daunting to write a winning resume how about finding the best wear?.

It gets confusing, especially for ladies. Do you go for casual/official or ordinary wear?

What makes professional clothing.

To start a side hustle as an official wear stylist, show your style on Instagram or YouTube where many people frequent to check for options. 

10. Consultant on Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp

Another career coach’s side hustle is that of a consultant. You get to consult for employers by helping them choose the kind of CVs they must go for.

Nowadays, employees became crafty by using CV writing software where they exaggerate their achievements.

You help employers stick to the skills and abilities rather than the level of education. You help them check for enthusiasm. 

11. Mentor

You help so many people as a career coach.

Some end up looking up to you as their mentor.

If anyone wants to get mentored one on one by you, you charge them for services they want you to offer.

You can organise youth seminars and conferences where youths and others seeking employment come to listen to your talks about working and employment.

Who must start businesses and why?

You get to talk about various topics on such mentorship programmes. Invite other guest speakers to grace these occasions from scholars, business gurus, other career coaches/life coaches.

Charge per ticket sale or book.

Be creative in your charges before access. 

12. A Columnist in a Newspaper 

When you check in the Kenyan dailies, there are politicians writing columns and even stylists like Connie Aluoch.

A career coach can be a columnist where you help others dress for their interviews.

Or answer Q and As about careers and how to choose the best career.

Because those are some of the most recurring career questions. Or who must start a business?

Should I go to school to get a career? Being a columnist helps you earn a side income while establishing your authority as a career coach. 

13. Online Course Creator 

As a career coach, an online coaching/course is inevitable.

Courses can include lessons on starting a career coach business, what subjects must I study to become a career coach?.

Must I be a graduate to begin a career coach to begin career coaching?. Or simple topics like writing winning resumes.

The online courses career coaches can create are a million-plus one because there’s a lot to talk about jobs. 

14. App Developer 

As a career coach, you want to offer tips, advice, tricks and five-minute solutions to your customers.

A great way to do this is by developing a career app.

In the app, include motivational talk and speakers so that job seekers can find encouragement.

You have to learn how to develop an app or pay someone to develop the app for you. 

15. Manager 

Who is a better manager than a career coach?

You are already dealing with helping people find jobs, organise areas of their lives they found challenging.

You know how to organise, schedule, plan and execute, skills jobs seekers crave for.

You know how to advertise and have figured out the strengths your clients have and others which they don’t recognise in themselves. 

16. Public Speaker 

As a career coach, you have spoken at many events, retreats. You know what makes a great public speaking career.

Or you can read the book on how to win friends and influence people.

Or books on public speaking to help you know great opening statements.

My greatest public speaker apart from President Obama or Steve Jobs is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.

She has mastered the art of public speaking, start by wooing or creating a joke to emphasise and break the career conference ice.

It gets daunting with career events. 

In conclusion, these side hustles make career coaches six-figure incomes in Kenya even though the coaching career isn’t well developed.

I believe there are 6 or fewer career coaches in Kenya. To become a career coach expert, blog about careers, get certified, have empathy, learn psychology 101 and know how to communicate with people by having great listening skills.

Go out of your way to make people’s lives better by helping them choose careers they never thought would become possible.

Or use the tactic of manifestation as used in You’re a Badass at Making Money to help job seekers earn their dream jobs.

It’s fulfilling to change someone’s life, isn’t it?

Do you love speaking about jobs like I do but don’t know how to become a career coach?.

Do you believe youth unemployment can get solved with the help of career coaches in Kenya?

Has this article about side hustle for career coaches made you rethink about work and how you want to help other job seekers?.

Which of these career coaches side hustles will you implement as a career coach in Kenya in 2020? 




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