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Are you a frustrated Kenyan teacher wondering how to make money beyond the classroom and business isn’t your thing?

Well, wonder less because I’m compiling for you a list of soo many resources you’ll never cry ”solidarity”.


 Wading off Un-serious seekers:

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So, Or are you a retired teacher wanting to make some extra cash?

Or are you a budding teacher with salary troubles and think you have ideas which can help you earn money?

Or do you clear school so early and feel like taking some extra work?

Or are you a night owl ready to schedule ungodly hours just to pass knowledge? To match with your students’ time zone?

Yet, you don’t know how or where to start?

The requirements are:


2. Computer savvy( maneuvering your way – basic in other words. No programming is essential – hahaha, sorry for the scare.)

3. A microphone headset 

4. Fast internet: Faiba, Safaricom Wifi, Telkom Wifi (if you live near 4g zones), Zuku plus many more don’t limit self and always have a back-up.

5. Computer or laptop -no mobile phones. Invest in one from $400 and buy from a trusted supplier.

Only Take Note or Salivate: Some websites I have found which are very reputable are:

  1. Vip Kid
  2. Q Kids
  3. 51 Talk
  4. iTalk

Which are all very good sites but have very strict working requirements: you have to work in the Canada or USA.

But 1. iTalk doesn’t have that requirement and so do all the ones below:


Golden Voice  

They say have: competitive wages, flexible hours

Free training

Work from Home

and their page screams: WE’RE HIRING NOW!.

4. Cambly   

The kid gets a certificate.

You work on your schedule( a good perk).

It’s from home opportunity.

5. Same Speak

6. Tutor ABC

7. Open English

Don’t confuse it with the one in Spanish, just open the English site.

Highly recommended by other sites like CNN

8. DaDa. This site gives me teachaway as the research find. So I went onto Glassdoor to read its reviews and the link is below( copy and paste it for reading).,4_KO5,20.htm

The location says anywhere so doesn’t matter.

Can teach kids from 4- 16 years.

They have a 6-12 month contract length.

Eligible candidates = ESL Instructors.

You’ll teach from early childhood to elementary

Didn’t find the pay info.

9. GoGoKid.

The Gogokid is linked to both Chinese having partnered with American Tesol.

Google again to find out more because I find it being compared to VipKid and VipKid is the awesomest one with good rates.


A worldwide marketplace where you can find remote jobs.

At indeed, they pride themselves to list many jobs daily.

It’s a fairly big site so check wisely( use correct keywords).

11. Buddy School

They have everything listed from how to get paid,

how to be a tutor,

12. iTutor

They have YouTube tutorial links for tutors.

Have a look around to find out more.

13. Verbal Planet

They say you can learn any language meaning you can teach any language! Just like iTalk where you can teach Swahili lessons.

Has over 2,000 Native English Teachers.

Time to make Swahili a popular language!

Time to get a job or side-hustle.

14. Preply 

Something I found interesting was the search box asking if you want to find a tutor!

You can learn English, rather teach, Spanish or German plus many more from the comfort of your home.

Tutors come from very varied nations (185)!

You can request for a private tutor.

Techcrunch, Business Insider recommends them.

Payment method- securely, maybe a bank transfer through Paypal? I don’t know.

15. RYPE

Learn a language without a limit is there site’s welcome.

New members(learners) get a free 7-day trial which is limited.

Most info is for members, so sign up to find out or have a look around.

16. Lingoda.

If you want to learn, Lingoda is the place to be; there’s a free trial there for three months!

They offer: English, French, German lessons.

17. Craigslist ( full of cons but can provide some good leads. It’s massive.)

18. Jumia Marketplace ( I believe there’s a jobs board but not for online workers.).

19. Or Advertise your services directly on blog.

                                         Take a Kind Note: 

Sometimes, I can over-read whether it’s worldwide based or it stated but doesn’t have the service.

Remember I said: ”Native Speakers” but according to some sites, Native English Speakers in Africa are ONLY in SA, so, read carefully.

I included for Natives speaker where it wasn’t specific because some Kenyans consider themselves Native Speakers!


  if you don’t prefer to tutor directly because:

You don’t feel like a Native Speaker as some of these sites require.

Native Speaker meaning( someone with an English, American or Canadian, Australian accent, or from English Speaking Countries).

Warning / Fun Fact: Some of the sites won’t employ you because you lack an accent, they’re Chinese sites who’d want or fancy those accents, like we all do, haha.

OR simply take advantage of the platforms like iTalk that allow you to tutor at your own rate or verbal planet.

If you have a great following or readers, followers on social media or

have a passion for teaching and passionate learners, you can offer your services.

You get to determine your rates and schedule.

There are always options for you though:

  1. You can teach home-school students through Skype from whichever location they’re from,
  2. Teaching adults or corporate,
  3. An online Professor if you have a specialisation you’d love to teach there are forums for expressing that like Coursera,
  4. A Writing coach,
  5. Curriculum developer,
  6. Teacher materials/resources  – teacher planners, teaching mediums,
  7. AN Educational writer – focusing on educational materials,
  8. A Test scorer- more like marking the National Exams (KCSE, KCPE or KNEC tests),
  9. You can blog on Education,
  10. Education Consultant.

More on these topics in other blog posts.

Please Note:

  1. Always do your due diligence that means ask questions like payment methods if it’s a Paypal you need a Paypal account.
  2. Due diligence = How long should you expect your pay
  3. Is there a way of working longer hours?
  4. Find reviews on Glassdoor and other reputable reviewing sites.
  5. Make sure the job is legit.
  6. Ensure you understand the terms of service like the site taking a percent cut.

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There are over 1000 resources for making money online in Kenya waiting for you – not just for teachers!




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