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Getting into the Home Decor business or pillow business in Kenya is good for making some side income.

There are reasons to consider:

  1. Kenyans always need comfortable pillows to rest either their backs or legs, always.

2.   We need to spice up my homes with stylish lovely cuddly pillows every time we’re in the house.

3.  We need to have something to carry when placing our cups of tea when having lazy access to the tea table.

4.  They are just cute.

5.  We love to shop and show off our style.

6.  A good pillow adds value to a couch.

NEED HELP:    Add more reasons.

After considering this factor, you have to start figuring out where to find your supplier for the pillow or if you’re going to be needing to know how to sew.

I offer free sewing training on YouTube so you have a place to start.

And I also offer in-person training at a fee, just ask.

There are some more things which you’ll be needing and to be honest they are quite limited.

  1.   A polyester filling.

2.  Fabric( white fabric for pillows).

3.  Sewing machine

4.  Threads

5.  Kikoi fabric or any other material you prefer.

Now the only investment here will be a sewing machine and a location in case you choose a public outlet to sew your pillows.

Otherwise, sewing from home is doable but needs a lot of discipline

Also, you’ll need to consider a lot of factors, are you going to be sewing from home and selling from home as well? Online?

Or are you going to be the supplier for your offline shop, I mean, will you sew from home and send them to the shop to be sold by the attendant you will employ?

Both of this have their pros and cons.

For example, sewing from home and selling them online is one of the most time consuming things I have ever done. But enjoy the freedom of it anyway.

a).  You will find time to explore what your customers are looking for.

Yes the internet is a powerful tool and only its positive use can be implemented by the smart woman who knows how to listen without talking.

Stalk pages and groups frequented by Kenyans like Glam my Home Marketplace, Kilimani Mums and Dads Marketplace and see what sells there.

b).  You will need to know how to take beautiful pics. Yes, I have learnt that the very hardest way. You can’t just take mediocre photos and expect to have any traction. It’ll take a lot of time.

c).  Just like offline, you’ll need to listen to know what your market is really looking for.

The market is expanse with varying needs of people looking for different things to shop for and some to compare prices.

d).. So, what’s your market willing to pay for?.

e).  You will face a lot of competition which will lead to a lot of  sweat.

If you love to sprint, this sprint will exhaust you so fast you will give up before daybreak.

If you love marathons, well, this miles are for you to conquer because that’s who the internet is for, slow, painful, teary and begging to be understood.

f).  Become consistent and beat the odds. Yes, show people daily what you do. If not daily then appear at work weekly and on schedule.

g).  Share and be open to social media.

When I first started out, I never loved the idea of social media because I was afraid ”my friends” will see me.

Mind you, I would only keep in contact with 10 of those ”my friends”.

You have to share or tell them exactly what it is you’re doing. After all, after being open to sharing, money came from those friends I was hiding from.

h).  Know scheduling on social media as well and time of the day that your content gets shared across all networks.

You can become a scheduling master. Want to know which tools are best?

I’ll provide their links down below for you to get acquainted with them.

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I).  Be unique and offer those which aren’t offered around you.

After stalking those Facebook pages, I have realised that people, some of them are intrigued with trends, others stick to the usual and most don’t even care for change.

For the longest time, what you will get is a nod and very many ”likes”. Tomorrow you’ll see the similar thing you sold being sold by the one who ”nodded” you.

Quite discouraging I must admit. When I started advertising pillows, I was the only one doing it.

Because I hadn’t really learnt how to do it, I was bypassed by those who were previous social media sellers. I didn’t give up rather I checked what they were missing and decided to fill the gap.

j).   Always fill a gap and offer what others are missing.

They don’t offer customisable services like I do. They don’t offer assortments like I do, choose an angle and jive in like a bird.

k).  Keep changing and evolve.

Don’t stick to so last year styles even if your customers want to.

Keep them on their toes by allowing them to see what you’re capable of offering them and how it’s beneficial to them, more than even the last one.

l).   Build trust and relationships.

Mostly, I am quiet, so if you approach me without me understanding what you’re coming for or representing, you’ll always think I’m stupid or ignoring you.

Once I get your point or feel we’re on the same level, I begin responding and even offering suggestions for improvement.

That’s how business works, it’s all about creating relationships and listening.

You can’t just go into a shop and ask about a to z without hailing or  smiling to the attendant.

They’re going to have a bad attitude of you and will serve you halfheartedly.

After all, we’re humans and love to be regarded no matter what positions in life we’re at.

m).  Keep learning.

How many businessmen and women don’t even know what their businesses is all about. Those don’t see a lot of success.

Or is it just me who loves to be equipped with knowledge, I believe knowledge prepares you for mistakes about to happen or it helps you solve and it keeps you on your toes.

I started this blog as a hobby blog, but I didn’t know it’d connect me to many people, worldwide and even make an income. I’m learning about income and blogs.

You have to keep learning to be the best, only fools believe they know it all.

I even love to be called stupid because stupid people love to be clever and strive so that they aren’t labelled next time. 

N). Build a brand.

I didn’t know how to build a brand for my pillows but when I was offline I met an amazing friend who showed me how to( Thank you Dennis).

He always emphasised about having my name on products, my website and other things I do.

His words:

”When you build a brand, you’re building an empire which will stick forever and people won’t forget where they bought that ah-amazing pillow from, they’ll flip it find the address and place an order”.

Yes, I want to be remembered as the pillow lady years from now. Who doesn’t?

O). Have fun and never forget to unwind.

Man, owning and learning a business can be very daunting and time consuming even take a toll on your well being.

All the talking, orders, mishaps, customer service and training can exhaust even an Hyperactive mind and body like mine.

I don’t want to act on impulse hence disappearing for months so I take two days off each week, to reflect and enjoy life.

To be away from a lot of work and business and to rejuvenate because I need fresh ideas and thoughts.

Want to know how to start an offline sewing shop?

Have you learnt something from this blog post?

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