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These untapped business ideas guarantee you millions in revenue in Kenya as an entrepreneur. 

They are business opportunities which no one talks about yet have high ROI. What are these business ideas?

  1. Handmade Jewellery 

Women and men alike love to wear jewellery, in fact, the jewellery industry is so vast and big business. Jewellery is also diverse ranging from bracelets, anklets, necklaces and earrings. We wear jewellery for different aesthetic purposes as well. To start a successful jewellery business, you need to know the kind of jewellery you will sell for example, is it fine jewellery. You will also need to identify your niche market.

What line of jewellery will you produce and how often? The handmade jewellery industry is a market with appetite, make sure to cater to it.

Know how to price your jewellery to maximise on the profits and run a sustainable business. To correctly price, you’ll need to put the cost of production in mind and the length of time it takes to finish each product.

Know which market to sell your jewellery on, will you use social media to increase the sale or will you have an offline store?

Social media plays a vital role in bringing your jewellery business to many eyeballs. For example, you need beautiful pictures/visuals and styling techniques.

You may need to hire a product photographer to help with your social media campaigns. You can use Instagram or Pinterest or create a Facebook Group to create a fan of jewellery frenzy women/men.

Find more information about starting handmade jewellery in this article. And for handmade jewellery inspiration read this article

2. Flipping Limited Sneakers 

Reselling limited-edition sneakers is as tricky as reselling anything. This teen boy sells limited sneakers enabling him to make a seven-figure income in Kenya shillings of five-figure income in American dollars.

You need to join a site like to find out the data provided for high-selling sneakers or what sneakers are in high demand. There are other sneaker selling platforms like Facebook groups or Instagram using the hashtag follows.

It’s important to do research as to price mark-up so that you don’t spoil the market for others. Consider packaging as well as shoe hunting which you can do on eBay.

And the shipping, you don’t want to delay your customer’s shipping then they disappear from you. Having proper logistics is crucial when dealing with flipping limited sneakers.

And also it’s important to keep on the trends, sometimes the Jordan sells, other times it’s lower end kind of sneakers.

Work on your sneaker flipping like a business and not a hobby to find more profit.

To get started in your sneaker flipping business as a Kenyan entrepreneur, read more in this article

3. Instagram Travel Consultant 

Instagram changed the way businesses get conducted. Nowadays, you can show Kenya’s terrain by having a travel Instagram account then converting the Instagram account into a consultancy agency.

When you become a travel consultant, it means you have travelled the unbeaten travel paths. As the growth of Instagram keeps taking a great surge, this business model will too because people all over the world are looking for connections from people from other countries.

So, being an Instagram travel consultant is a great model business in 2020 and a new business idea and untapped niche.

The only travels we see in Kenya is those of animals while we have a lot to merry about. we don’t love to do free PR for our nation.

To start your business as a travel Instagram consultant in Kenya, you need to pay attention to the following:

A. Have a great username.

Your Instagram user name helps identify you and in a way your niche. For example, my travel company caters to the LGBTQ travellers only thus my company’s name is gertie’s queeventures.

Make your name as SEO searchable as possible. In finding or creating a username, nowadays, you have to keep the SEO factor into consideration. Take your time naming your Instagram travel business. 

B. What do you love doing while travelling?

A lot of us while travelling pay attention to different things, for example, I love to discover new places. I’m not so big on food because of an upset stomach.

I also love to know the kind of volunteer activities so I can participate. Whatever travelling adventure you love to engage in, share with the world, that’s your unique voice. 

C. Are your photos telling a story?

On Instagram as a travel consultant, your photos need to speak, need to talk by telling a story.

That doesn’t mean you hiring a professional photographer to follow you around the places you travel to.

It means, taking beautiful clear images. Some smartphone photography tips include wiping your front and back camera with cotton clothing. And learning to focus on your object of desire. 

D. As an Instagram travel consultant, there’s nothing as excruciating as posting photos and getting no engagement. You need to see your numbers soaring. For example, by using the correct hashtags.

Hashtags on Instagram need a lot of research. Some keywords are great like travel but have a high search volume, do some keyword research or related keywords to avoid your posts getting lost.

It’s also advisable to use geographical location keywords, for example, #mombasakenya or #travelmombasa. 

E. Engage.

I learnt about engaging on Instagram with my audience from a group I’m on called the six-figure chick. The rule of getting engagement on Instagram includes the 25 comment challenge.

In this challenge, you follow hashtags in your niche and comment on them, follow competitors hashtags and comment on them then your followers. When you learn to engage your audience, you don’t risk looking like a bot.

Keep your engagement high and see your Instagram travel consultant business soar. 

Share your travel experiences on Instagram stories, Instagram TV and Instagram Live. Show the unbeaten paths and this untapped business model help you soar your career as a travel consultant in 2020.

Read more about becoming an Instagram travel consultant in this article and see you getting travel deals. 

4. Co-working Space 

A co-working space is a dream come true for freelancers in Kenya yet it’s an untapped business model.

Freelance entrepreneurs are brewing everywhere from Kenya these days and need a co-working space where they can share their ideas, have meet-ups with like-minded individuals.

In a co-working space, it’s easier to meet other freelancers from other nations who can help a newbie freelancer get hired.

To start a co-working space, you need to begin small and scale-up.

A co-working space is like building a community.

Listen to the needs of the few freelancers who will come at first, now scale your business from there.

Have the most basic amenities.

The most basic amenities needed in a co-working are internet service and some refreshment.

The Internet has to be speedy enough to allow conference calls or skype calls and other live streaming activities freelancers engage in.

Have refreshments in order to add to your co-working income.

Choose a niche. Even a co-working space needs a niche.

For example, if you are a writer, start a co-working space dealing with writers, that way you’re creating a community of like-minded individuals.

Starting a co-working space gets you so far as you have different niches of people with different needs.

While concentrating on one area of your business, allows you to offer maximum service and satisfaction.

Having a co-working space is a viable business model predicted to bloom with the increase of freelancers in Kenya in 2020 and beyond.

It also has a high ROI depending on your chosen location.

Is it accessible to other freelancers or for rent? I believe in maximising your income stream always. Read this article on renting out your spaces. 

And read this one on starting a co-working space that pays you lots of money. 

5. Podcast

If you want to set up a podcasting business, you’re thinking great because this business model is sure to soar in 2020.

More and more people are finding value in listening to content than reading, doesn’t mean that blogging is dead though.

A podcast is like a radio talk show where you talk about a topic/topics you are passionate about. 

To start a successful podcasting business in Kenya, you need 

To have a name/title of the podcast. 

A name or title helps distinguish you from the rest. Your name must match the kind of content you create.

For example, if I was to start a podcast today around my mindset courses,

I’d simply call it Gertie Moulds Minds. A preferred and matching name to the kind of content I’m passionate about. 

Know the kind of required equipment. 

A podcast needs to have perfect voice-overs and therefore a great microphone and headphones.

A laptop with great space and internet connection for uploading the content you have created. 

Find a niche. 

You need to have a particular topic in mind.

To stand out, choose a field of interest and grow that audience before moving onto other topics. You need to stay committed and focused to grow. 

Takes time to build an audience. 

Be patient because your podcast growth depends on your commitment and focus. Don’t rush your journey. Learn and grow in the podcasting industry. 

Monetise your podcast. 

You can monetise your podcast by selling merchandise you create.

Or take advantage of reselling limited edition sneakers, tell your audience about it.

And also, create t-shirts or branded products surrounding your podcast. Branded products/merch help your audience connect to you. 

Here are some interesting Kenyan podcasts. 

To start a successful podcast, check this Pat Flynn’s How to Start a Podcast article.

Learn about making a passive income while you are at his site, the best smart passive income teacher there is. 

6. App Developer 

Starting a mobile app business is a lucrative trend as many Kenyans keep buying smartphones.

The price of smartphones in Kenya also keeps getting cheaper and affordable for Kenyans.

A business model that is sure to get high returns in 2020. To start a mobile app developer business you need 

Learn the basics of computer science. 

You develop apps for Apple/ Android mobile phones. you must also have software development skills and attend boot camps training upcoming software developers.

You’ll also need to know some software languages like Java, PHP, understanding the software development process and understanding the principles of stable software design.

Know the software developments platform and learn them.

Developing apps for mobile phones, needs for you to keep in mind the following mobile development topics, tools and languages.

Developing apps is a business niche for those interested in computers and information technology.

Lucrative business ideas for Kenyan youths in 2020 and beyond.

Read more information about starting a mobile phone app development business here

7. Phone Cases 

the entrance of smartphones has not only provided Kenyans youths with jobs but with the business of selling phone cases. the phone case selling industry keeps getting bigger and bigger with billions of dollars in sales taking place each year. making it a lucrative 2020 to invest in as a Kenyan youth or entrepreneur looking for technology as a way to channel your money.

phone cases are decorative yet protective. you can design them or ship them from china and other countries. you can buy iPhone cases or other range of phone cases. to get your leg deeper into the world of phone cases, you need the following ;

Why are you selling these phone cases? what’s your niche market and how do you intend on marketing to them. do they love your designs?

To start a phone case business, it’s more than beautiful products but also aligning your business with what you love/adore as a person. for example, if you are an animal lover, design phone cases with animals. a phone case business also needs to get marketed widely on all social media places and platforms. ask friends about the phone cases look that you have just launched.

it’s a rewarding experience seeing your customers adorning these beautiful phone cases you have designed. you can start working from home and scale into an offline shop depending on how you deem fit.

learn how to style other people’s phone by earning from this article by rob who made six-figures in an year by running a phone case company/brand.

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8. Fixing iPhone Cases/Phone Cases 

Starting an iPhone repair business means tapping into the smartphone industry. iPhones are nice and sleek until they break. This is an incoming generating business which works as a side-hustle or a full-time income.

This untapped market means putting a smile on people’s valuable gadgets. and don’t have to stop at iPhones, you can repair Samsung galaxy tablets, Huawei phones, oppo smartphones among others.

The phone’s repair business is huge because people break their phones and more people are buying smartphones. a great 2020 business investment for a Kenyan entrepreneur.

To get started in the iPhone repair business:

A. Be genuine.

Don’t be a conman. Deliver customer’s phones as agreed. have a clear plan meaning, have the customer’s name, contact details and the make of phone they have brought. When you keep proper records, customers learn to trust you especially when they have to leave their phone at your premises.

B. Use valuable spare parts. Don’t use electronics which have expired or won’t last long or have rusted. to maintain a name in this business model, you need to establish yourself as an expert who knows how to do their business, which is iPhone/phone repair.

C. Have a clear marketing strategy. A clear marketing plan for your repair business means asking how you’re going to acquire new customers and strategies for maintaining the old ones.

D. Learn everything about iPhones/phones.

When starting a business, the best way to get ahead in the business is usually absorbing as much knowledge as possible.

You can buy an old phone or broken phone and learn how to fix it through Youtube videos and immersing yourself in blogs.

E. Buy spare parts from trusted dealers.

Nothing kills an iPhone repair business than buying spare parts which won’t work at all. spend your time and money searching for the best spare part tools to use. and make sure to charge for the super quality you are buying.

F. Buy the necessary tools and supplies.

For you to start an iPhone repair business, you need to have a laptop and software and other pry tools to help remove the iPhone case covers.

G. Find a location.

There’s no iPhone repair business done in a dungeon. Make sure your place is accessible and is spacious that your customers can see what you are doing. And if your customers are present, make sure to explain to them the steps you’re taking in the repairs.

The phone repair business is growing and its potential increases every single day with the invention of smartphones and as the phone’s screen get bigger and bigger.

t=To learn more about the phone repair business, read here.

9. Excavator Rental 
Starting a machine rental business means, knowing what kind of machines bring in the most revenue.

You don’t have to start with the excavator rental alone but also other equipment.

An excavator rental business offers a lot on returns but can be a tricky business model for the Kenyan youths. because of a number of factors including how to charge and cost of maintaining the equipment.

When starting a machine rental/excavator rental business, make sure you know your market.

What is your target market looking for or what are your ideal customers looking for.

Are they looking to hire big machinery or small equipment? How is the material going to get delivered to them, will you avail it to them?

Are going to buy all the equipment?. Buying excavator rental is already a dent in the pocket, do you need to buy all the machinery.

If not, will you collaborate with others to buy equipment or other hardware shops to help spread the profit?

It’s best to make wise choices when buying the machinery, you can buy what’s in demand and a headache to acquire in Kenya.

To start a machine/excavator rental business, you need money. the money you get in return enables you to get more machines/equipment for expansion.

You also need to do a lot of upfront research to know what the machine rental business wants/is looking for. find out more about machine rental in this guide.

10. Bespoke Suits

When you think of bespoke suits, think the tailors of Saville Row and you immediately get what bespoke means.

A bespoke suit business has a lot of returns on investment because it’s custom-made, made for that one particular customer.

A bespoke suit is an untapped niche in Kenya because men import their suits from Italy, France, Japan, USA or the UK. this business pays you back because one custom-made suit costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But you need a plan,

What’s your why for starting a bespoke suit business. who are your ideal clients and why?

Are they able to afford your suits?

What materials are you going to use for the production of these bespoke suits?

How are you going to market to your ideal customers?

This business insider article will help you begin a custom-made suit business.

11. Wireless Earphones

Smartphones have sure changed the kind of gadgets we carry like earphones, for example.

Nowadays, there’s no need to having ordinary earphones but as a Kenyan entrepreneur, you can create an online dropping store selling wireless earphones.

A dropshipping store/business doesn’t have a higher initial start-up capital rather than have a Shopify account and apps like Oberlo if shipping from Aliexpress.

Start a wireless phone business by checking this article out on the best wireless earphones there are in the market. or make a selection on amazon as well.

12. Music Tutor

13. Flipping Websites

Imagine flipping websites as flipping houses, a lucrative business model for buying and selling websites.

A great business idea for entrepreneurs with not a lot of money to invest as their initial equity.

You can find websites/domains for as little as 50 dollars or five thousand shillings or more.

Then build the website/domain into six-figure or where they earn an income, resell it at a higher value.

You can help others build their websites as well then sell for them.

There are some marketplaces for website flipping apart from Flippa, the world-renowned website with a huge selection for this mode of business.

To succeed as a website/domain flipper, know how to create amazing content and write in SEO to get your website value backlinks.

Also, know how to place value on the websites/domains you bought.

Keep in mind the niche market as well. Find out more in this article to know if a business flipping websites is still a lucrative niche in 2020.

14. Installing Murphy Beds

Living in apartment complexes means not enough space for bigger beds. what if you know how to install murphy beds.

Are you a carpenter or a would-be carpenter or an enthusiastic learner.

This YouTube video will help open your eyes on how to install murphy beds.

Also, you need to get to know the people in the interior decorator industry for getting proper networks.

You can talk to home-owners who modernise their rental apartments as well. Installing one murphy bed costs thousands of dollars, imagine installing 10 beds in a month.

Getting into the untapped business opportunities in Kenya, meaning exploring new businesses and creating jobs.

Many Kenyan business owners are afraid of starting a trending business opportunity because of Kenya’s people reception.

A new business opportunity also means a lot of educating and marketing the business increasing the start-up costs.

What new business opportunity will you be exploring as a Kenyan business owner in 2020?




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