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2-dollar cloth diapers?

I just love being ”crazy creative’‘. I know, cheap is expensive.

I am making affordable cloth diapers for you mamas out there claiming that my diapers are too expensive.

Haha, I hate you soo much you know, because I have decided not to lower my costs but to make an alternative to drive you to my shop.

I will sew flannel and kitenge or any cute print diapers I find, just for you!

If you want it to be waterproof, no way round to it than buying the diaper shell or pocket cloth diaper.

But, you will fall in love with this one because:

  1. It looks and acts like a cloth training pant,

2. Enables you see what your baby will look like in the diaper.

3. Looks like the cute cloth diapers I sew.

4. Will offer an affordable way of donating to a charity.

5. You can gift a mamma in distress looking for nappies.

And because it has a stay dry layer, I promise your baby won’t feel irky when wet.

You don’t have to wait too long for the photos, you can simply place your orders asap.

I am waiting, photos coming.

You can also buy for a mama who is unable to provide for herself and her kids.

I know I will be donating a lot of these to mamas in hospitals or have special needs children, working on a tight budget.






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