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Living in Kenya poses its challenges. We are poor, struggling, dependent citizens of our republic. Yet, we wake up every morning rushing to work to provide for our families. Only a select few get to have what we are supposed to have, aren’t we hardworking?

I am recently a ”victim” of power outages in my beloved Motherland, so I thought how can I make money or keep busy during these horrendous times?

Some ideas are just ideas, but then some can make money, you get to choose which ones you soundly want to make money with. And it’s always from home, incredible, isn’t it?

1.Sell Solar panels

2. Craft shaggy mats

3 Crochet a sweater or cardigan

4. Design (crochet, knit, shaggy mats, clothes)

5. Do gardening.

6. Teach kids

7. Baby sit

8.Keep fit ( walking, running, aerobics)

9. Sleep

10. Find out about your locality ( local eateries, pubs, lounges, languages, taste food you have never tasted)

11. Meditate

12. Teach or do Yoga

13. Write actionable goals and how you plan to achieve them.

14. Find a hobby.

15. Who are you?

16. Write a journal turn it into a personal blog or vlog assuming you charged your phone or camera’s batteries.

17. Spt clean.

18. Try a recipe

19. Yard work

20.Mix chilly spices, eat them to hotten your body. Jogs mind

As usual, wait for some details, I hate to leave. Also a WARNING: BUY BACK-UP.

Please let’s add to this list and can bring in some civil politics about KPLC Kenya and how they ruin businesses.

Be civil, can’t wait for an in-depth discussion.





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