What is a business skill?

What skill do you need to acquire to start a businss?

A lot of entrepreneurs start businesses without knowing what skills they need to take their businesses to the next level.

Running a business is a demanding task.

When starting a business, there are a lot of set processes, decisions and solutions to problems to be made.

An entrepreneur starts off his business with a vision of success. 

If you, at one point, question yourself about how you are going to start and manage your business, then it means there are necessary skills you need to acquire. 

After you have done market research and put together your business model, you need to assemble the necessary skills to get your business off the ground.

If you are unsure about your abilities and skills, seek assistance or enrol in additional schooling to learn more about what you need.

A business owner should be able to lead from the front and motivate action. 

What are Business Skills?

Business skills are those aspects that help business owners to manage and run a business towards success.

They help you understand organisational and consumer behaviour and use this information to propel the company towards success.

Business skills are broadly categorized as soft skills and hard skills.

Soft skills are the interpersonal traits that dictate how you get along with people.

They are the centre of your relationship with your employer and coworkers.

There are not very many jobs where you are going to be working by yourself.

Working within groups and teams on projects is very important.

No one wants to work with someone who is difficult and hard to get along with.

Examples of soft skills include flexibility, ability to work under pressure, good communication skills, public speaking, good work ethic, positive attitude etc.

Hard skills are the technical skills that are acquired through education or training.

You need to have well-rounded expertise in the business you are venturing into.

Hard skills are important because they ensure the employee is suited for the job and there is guaranteed productivity.

Examples of hard skills include technical skills, analytical skills, Microsoft Office, project management skills etc.

Where Do I Learn Business Skills?

Business skills are acquired through education, training and enhanced through practice. 

If you want to learn business skills, you can enrol for an online or onsite class.

Take online courses or listen to podcasts from successful entrepreneurs.

You can also watch related YouTube videos and identify any skills that you can learn, either through listening or observing. 

How Do You Develop Business Skills?

Listen to other people. Be keen when successful entrepreneurs talk about their journeys and experiences in the business world.

You acquire knowledge through this.

Be ready to learn.

You should be able to accept and learn from criticism.

Do not take things personally.

Learn to get rid of habits that you get called out on. 

Learn to communicate.

Communication is key.

Talk to your mentor or employees if you are facing a problem.

Through that, you establish an understanding with yourself and your employees.

Take mentorship.

Attend a workshop or get a mentor to guide you through the skills you need to achieve business success. 

Best Skills You Need Before Becoming a Business Owner in Kenya

  1. Communication Skills

The best entrepreneurs are good communicators. As a business owner, you have to connect with your customers.

Your customers are your sounding board.

As you understand customer needs and build rapport with them, you are liable to customer evaluation and feedback.

In this way, you get to know how best to handle your customers, how to satisfy their needs and how to attract new customers.

Communication is also important when you are handling your employees.

Good communication skills are important when you want to get along with your employees.

Use courteous language such as excuse me, please, thank you.

It may seem insignificant, but it goes a long way in impacting a positive attitude in your employees about the business. 

2. Sales and Marketing Skills

Sales bring out the best in an entrepreneur.

In sales, you learn how you can sell your products, as well as your idea.

Salespeople take the forefront in a company and directly make deals with their customers.

Business failure or success entirely depends on sales.

Every industry eats the fruits of the labour of salespeople.

Through sales, a company gets an inflow of cash and you get to know more about market structure and what your customers want.

3. Customer Service Skills

A company cannot exist without its customers.

Good customer service involves positive interactions with customers.

Treat them with respect, honesty and courtesy.

Your customers need to feel they are valued and that their complaints are taken into account.

As an entrepreneur, you need to provide value and maintain a meaningful dialogue with your customers in order for your business to succeed.

4. Financial Management Skills

An entrepreneur should learn how to manage business funding.

How much capital is being allocated, how it is being used and how the profits are going to be shared.

5. Cash Flow Management Skills

An entrepreneur should be able to track the ins and outs of money.

You should keep an eye on the amount of revenue that is generated and what expenses are incurred.

In this way, you can know how much the business is left with to operate.

6. Problem-Solving Skills

There are many challenges in the business world.

These are best solved by making the right choices.

An entrepreneur should be able to offer the best and effective solutions to these problems.

Challenges should be approached in a structural and methodological manner. 

7. Leadership Skills.

An entrepreneur is his own boss.

You should be able to take total control of the business and brainstorm the right ideas and right approach to sell your goods and services.

You should also be able to lead your team.

8. Delegation Skills.

It is important to understand that as an entrepreneur, you cannot do everything alone.

If you are working with people, you need to have the ability to distribute tasks among your employees.

This is important when you want to beat deadlines or get the job done altogether. 

9. Team Building Skills

Your team needs to be motivated enough to keep their focus on achieving your business goals.

You need the best team for your company.

Offer training to new employees, give them bonuses and take them out on team building activities.

Your employees will feel valued and develop a positive attitude towards your company. 

10. Analytical Skills

This is important to an entrepreneur who wants to find out the present state of the business.

What is the business standing? Who are your competitors? 

11. Digital Marketing Skills

Many businesses in this day and age are run online.

An entrepreneur should get to know how to reach his target customers digitally.

This will also help him publicize his business and reach new markets. 

Skills like SEO and Copywriting are essential for marketing or advancing your business.

12. Social Management Skills

As an entrepreneur, you need to know how to grow your social media followers.

A lot of businesses use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to market their products and services.

Learn how you can keep track of these activities in order to attract more customers. 

13. Negotiation Skills

An entrepreneur should have the ability to make and close deals.

A good deal should be drawn up to the benefit of the entrepreneur. 

14. Persuasion Skills

This is vital when a business owner wants to make a sale.

You must have this skill under your belt as an entrepreneur.

Through persuasion, you are able to influence your customers to see the value in your product and make them understand that it can satisfy their needs.

15. Time Management Skills

There are only 24 hours in a day.

An entrepreneur should take his work hours and make them productive in order to stay above the competition.

Make a work schedule and strictly follow it. 

16. Planning Skills

An entrepreneur should formulate a business plan on how to achieve the business objectives.

Planning entails both project and product planning.

Project planning is important in choosing the right business model. Product planning entails coming up with a design that is going to meet customers needs. 

17. Data Analysis Skills

As a business owner, what do you do with the data you receive from your marketing efforts?

Do you use the data to predict what customers want or you don’t even know what to do with the data?

Knowing what your data says in your business helps you predict what customers want or how they will behave when launching your product.

You cannot rely on data alone, listen to your customers too.

18. Public Speaking

19. Business Plan Writing Skills

20. Project Management

21. Learning/Curious Mindset Skills

Do you call yourself an entrepreneur or run a business owner or a self-employed individual?

Well, what do you know about your industry beyond what you learnt a long time ago?

Even if you’re a handyman or a landscaper, how do you set yourself apart from every landscaper in Kenya?

Become curious and stay current on what’s happening around you in your industry that way you can come up with innovative solutions or stay ahead or make more money.

FAQs on Top Business Skills Needed to Launch Your Startup in Kenya

What are the skills you need before launching a business?

Business management and leadership

How to sell an idea skill

Planning your money

SEO Copywriting

What are the qualities of a good entrepreneur


Open to learning

Work like a slave




Live your brand

Love critics because they help you improve your business

Learn from mistake

How do I become an entrepreneur?

Identify a problem


Solve a problem

Test an idea

Is starting a business the only way to become rich?

Do Kenyan entrepreneurs have a salary?

How can I get rich overnight?

How do you go from rich to poor?

Have goals, set goals and plan goals.

Spend money within your means

Have multiple streams of income

Believe you can go from poor to rich

Work on yourself

Don’t engage in behaviour that drains your energy like alcoholism or drug addiction, gambling because these prevent one from seeing what lays ahead.

Why are Business Skills Important?

Business skills are important to steer the company towards success. 

Leadership skills are necessary when you want to guide your entire team to keep their focus on the end goal.

Business skills are important because they give you insight on how to utilise the available scarce resources.

Through sales and marketing skills, a business owner can win more customers, hence generate more revenue for his company. 

General management is important to control and direct business activities.

Business skills are important to build long-lasting relationships in business through good communication and team building. 

It is important to know how to approach business challenges and provide efficient solutions for business success. 

Keeping the score of your finances is important if you want to know if your business is closing or can continue to operate. Knowing the financial position of your business is vital.

An entrepreneur can apply his skills and abilities to plan how to better run and manage his business. 

Do you have an awesome idea that you’re sitting on?

Do you know you’re sitting on a billion-dollar business idea?

Do you have the skills to take your business idea to the next level?

Which of the top business skills do you have or would love to acquire?




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