Upholstery Pillows in Kenya: A good fabric choice?

Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude Upholstery fabric tends to be plain coloured or plain boring. I picked this because it gives a home a feel of excitement and total versatility. I love the art of mix and match especially with pillows and home decor. Don’t you? One colour tends to be boringly( … Read more

Crazy Pillow Rage in Kenya : Versatile Kikoi Pillows.

Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude Kikoi can make pillows? Wooow!I’m in love! How much? Did you know one Kikoi fabric could, can make these cuties?   Oh well, a fibre pillow through and through( polyester) covered with quality white cotton fabric for durability. Then coated with kikoi for the beautiful lush elegance. … Read more

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