Sewing a 18 by 18 Pillow from Scratch: Absolute Beginner Tutorial

Last Updated on 16 February 2019 by Gertrude

18 by 18 Pillow

Sewing a pillow requires extreme beginner skills. Like, know how to thread, pedal and sew away.

I love making pillows because of that and I’ll teach you so that what you buy is only filling or you can reuse your filling.

I didn’t show how to cut the 18 by 18 square because I know you know what and how to do it. In case it becomes confusing, you know how to get me.

Comments and a subscriber to my blog and vlogs. You’ll learn a lot.

Join your fabric right sides( pretty sides) together. Unfortunately, my pillow’s cover is white and finding the right sides isn’t easy.

TIP: If you have a fabric which doesn’t have right and wrong sides, pick the side that you like. I picked the softer silkier side. It irons without burning. Use cotton it’s an easy beginner fabric.


The Opening

After turning through the space you left, fix the corners to your desire. Those that refuse with your seam allowance.

TIP: Iron this fabric when inside out so that you can have the raw edges well managed. You’ll see why( Watch the video).

Time for the Fibre. This is the fun part. Because you’re done.


Don’t over fill your pillow with fibre unless you want to hand sew it shut. Or else fill it accordingly or as firm or as limp as you can.

Because we’re going to be closing with the machine, we won’t go overboard. See, when I told you to iron, we need that seam nice and flat like the pic above.

Now, top stitch shut or hand sew shut. If you like to know how to do a ladder stitch, there’s a video on Youtube by Made to Sew which is so easy and beginner friendly. Check her out.

Tip: A ladder or slip stitch is so awesome as it hides the stitches unlike the top stitch which will show. Pick accordingly.

I choose the top stitch as this pillow will be in a pillowcase which can be washed.  (more…)

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