How to Convert an Empty Space/Vacant House into a Business in Kenya: For Realtors/ Kenyan Home Owners

Last Updated on 24 August 2019 by Gertrude Do you have an empty space or a home with no use and you are in Kenya? Well, you’re making a mistake because there are ways to turn an empty space into a lucrative business space. When you’re in the real estate business in Kenya, you don’t … Read more

30 Realistic Ways to Raise $1000 or More in a Month as Business Capital in Kenya

Last Updated on 21 August 2019 by Gertrude Raising money for your business becomes isn’t easy. The aim of starting your business is to make a profit. How do you make money for your start-up? How does one raise money for a business? Why not borrow money? Borrowing money seems the best effective way to … Read more

50 FUN and Interesting Business Ideas for Kenyan Youths (Which You Cannot Go Wrong) to Earn Money From Home

Last Updated on 15 August 2019 by Gertrude Youths in Kenya are jobless and idle always complaining and blaming the government about lack of jobs. They aren’t utilising the internet to earn money yet the internet is earning money potential. Since Google’s Invention and Social Media, the ways to make money from home have become … Read more

10 Best Business Ideas To Do Once and Get Paid Forever as a Kenyan

Last Updated on 14 August 2019 by Gertrude A passive income is what many Kenyans need because the meagre salaries Kenyan employers pay isn’t sustainable. A hobby business helps set you apart by enhancing your earning abilities. Plus a side hustle helps you have extra income in spending money, entertainment money and emergency funds.  A … Read more

I’m in Kenya: How Can I Make $1000 Monthly Online?

Last Updated on 3 August 2019 by Gertrude There’s a lot of money online but unless you know how to put it in your pocket, you don’t have it. What are the business ideas that can earn a Kenyan a $1000 or more online in 2019 and beyond?  Making money online isn’t in black and … Read more

Hobby Businesses You Could Do For Big Bucks From Home Without Effort But Are Overlooking in Kenya

Last Updated on 2 August 2019 by Gertrude A hobby business is a business you do from the comfort of your home using the skills you have. What is a skill you are over-looking and how can you use that skill for creating an income online?  In this article you’re going to learn: What a … Read more

Easiest Online Business Niches for Kenyans to Start From Home

Last Updated on 1 August 2019 by Gertrude Having an online business is a dream come true for many Kenyans. The how-to begin an online business venture isn’t clear cut because we don’t know where to begin. What’s a niche online business? And how does one find an interesting online niche to venture on as … Read more

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