Secrets Revealed on How to Find High-Paying Freelance Work as a Newbie Kenyan Freelancer

Last Updated on 29 September 2019 by Gertrude There’s nothing as daunting as finding freelance work online as a beginner freelancer in Kenya.  Not because Kenyan freelancers aren’t on demand but because they face stiff competition.  So, you may get discouraged while looking for freelance opportunities as a Kenyan newbie freelancer.  The worst is that … Read more

How to Prepare Your Kenyan Online Business for the Holiday Season 2019

Last Updated on 28 September 2019 by Gertrude If you want to maximise on the holiday shopping frenzy as a Kenyan online business owner, this is for you.  The holiday season is not only a time to relax but shop. Take advantage of shoppers thronging your online business as a business owner.  What are the … Read more

15 Incredible Kenyan Holiday Jobs that Pay You Well

Last Updated on 26 September 2019 by Gertrude Getting a temporary well-paying job during the holiday season as a Kenyan is so easy. Employers are increasing their man-power for the anticipated customers patronising their stores. These seasonal jobs will pay you so much money and if you can do them well, they’ll give you the … Read more

30 Best Holiday Businesses in Kenya in 2019

Last Updated on 26 September 2019 by Gertrude The holiday season in Kenya is marked by celebrating and partying. As an entrepreneur, the holiday marks the time of the year to cash in. What Are The Best Holiday Businesses in Kenya?  The following holiday businesses in Kenya will make you an income immediately:  Before diving … Read more

How to Make Money with Airbnb Kenya; Niche Guide Ideas

Last Updated on 25 September 2019 by Gertrude The Airbnb marketplace in Kenya remains with untapped business potential. With hosts charging 50 dollars a night, finding a niche will help you move your Airbnb from side hustle to your main project.  Kenyans are travelling more and more with the entrance of Airbnb. Unlike hotels which … Read more

Top 15 Freelancing Qualities Needed for Newbie Kenyan Freelancers To Get Hired Online

Last Updated on 25 September 2019 by Gertrude Are there qualities making you as a newbie Kenyan freelancer get hired? Some beginner freelancers get hired fast while others take too long. What makes them different and favourable to employers enabling them to get hired?. Are there qualities setting them apart from you?.  Creating the laptop … Read more

Secrets Uncovered of Billionaire Mindset to Adopt for Your Kenyan Online Business

Last Updated on 26 September 2019 by Gertrude When we hear of Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates, or Warren Buffet or Rupert Murdoch, we hear about the 1 per cent dominating the world. What if you learn the habits that make these billionaires who they are?. We’ll reveal secrets of how their brains work.  All … Read more

5 Offline Skills that Landed Me Four-Figure Income as a Kenyan Beginner Freelancer

Last Updated on 25 September 2019 by Gertrude When I started working online or my online business quest in 2009, I didn’t realise that I had skills that would get me high paying clients. In fact, I believed I had a long way to go. While acquiring skills can be a hard task for you … Read more

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