6-Figure Freelancers in Kenya: How to Make Millions Working Online as a Kenyan Freelancer

Last Updated on 31 December 2019 by Gertrude Can a Kenyan make millions working online? Is it possible to make a six-figure income? We drive the point home of how Kenyans can earn millions per month online. In this tutorial, I give tips that moved me from a two-dollar freelancer to a four-figure income earner. … Read more

Businesses for Kenyan Students: How to Make Money as a Student in Kenya

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65 Businesses to Earn $3000 From Home as a Kenyan

Last Updated on 19 October 2020 by Gertrude Earning money from home gives one the freedom to travel and earn while on the move. There are some work at home jobs/business ideas which can earn you as much as $3000 per month to enhance your travel lifestyle as a Kenyan working from home. But is … Read more

30 Remarkable and Epic Small Business Ideas for Kenyans to Make Half a Million Profit Per Month

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Are You a Broke Kenyan Entrepreneur? 10 Best Businesses to Start When Broke

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25 Jobs a Kenyan Can Do Online: Online Jobs in Kenya

Last Updated on 11 October 2019 by Gertrude Online  Writing  Coaching  Teaching  Digital Marketing  Social Media Marketer  Virtual Assistant / Secretary  Dropshipping  Customer Service  Affiliate Marketer  Graphic Designer  Forex Trading  e-Business  Consultant  Lead Generator / Sales Job  Web Designer  Transcription  Voice Artist  Scopist  Proofreader  Translator  Online Marketer/SEO  Illustrator  Videographer  App Developer 

Black Friday/Cyber Monday in Kenya; 10 Irresistible Strategies to Make Your Kenyan Business Stand Out

Last Updated on 5 October 2019 by Gertrude What’s Black Friday and how is Black Friday in Kenya marked?. Black Friday is marked in Kenya mostly by Jumia Black Friday deals/discounts and offers on mobile phones and other electronics. How do you attract online shoppers to your Kenyan store online on Black Friday? Do Kenyan … Read more

October Reading List for Kenyan Entrepreneurs

Last Updated on 4 October 2019 by Gertrude All entrepreneurs have to tap into their genius or enhance their genius by having a reading list. Reading helps you increase your intellectual abilities. When you increase your intellectual abilities you become not only a genius but an industry guru. For example, when you read your mind’s … Read more

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