100 Home-Based Business Opportunities for Kenyans Online as Supplemental Income

Last Updated on 31 December 2019 by Gertrude A home-based business is one which you start from the comfort of your home.  What home-based businesses can Kenyans do to make the much needed supplemental income?  What are the least labour-intensive home-based opportunities to make at least 1000 dollars or more online per month?  The following … Read more

50 Most Burning FAQS on Freelancing in Kenya: Freelancing Your Way to a Fortune

Last Updated on 21 September 2020 by Gertrude Before you begin work online as a Kenyan, the only question you ask is how do I start working online.  The idea of working online is so enticing to many Kenyans but how to get started becomes confusing.  What are the most burning questions about starting work … Read more

10 Key Industries to Invest in as a Kenyan Entrepreneur Offline and Online

Last Updated on 31 December 2019 by Gertrude Sometimes, the biggest entrepreneurial step isn’t the capital but what to invest in. as a Kenyan entrepreneur, this can be mind-boggling because all industries seem like they have been taken. There are some key industries in Kenya which haven’t been explored. The key industries to invest in … Read more

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