Online Jobs Kenyan Students Can Turn Into a Career or a Business From Home

Last Updated on 31 August 2020 by Gertrude There are some online jobs which Kenyan students can turn into careers or businesses. That’s why I keep encouraging Kenyan university students who are out of school during the coronavirus to keep taking online opportunities. Online jobs are easy to start, can be done from your smartphone … Read more

Tech Start-up Ideas That Could Change Kenya and Kenyans Into a 2nd World Nation

Last Updated on 24 August 2020 by Gertrude Technology is making other countries rich and developed. Technology simply is a science that helps solves problems through machines. For example, the invention of Saas helped solve problems like grocery delivery, house-sharing, car-sharing and other services like pet services. In Kenya, a lot is going on to … Read more

Best Businesses for Kenyan Students to Start at Uni With Low Investment

Last Updated on 22 August 2020 by Gertrude Students are out of campus because of the coronavirus. Some students rely on HELB to make ends meet. As a student, you’re asking yourself how do I make myself busy earning money during these uncertain times? The education system in Kenya teaches students to wait upon their … Read more

Actionable Guide on Finding the Best Dream Job That Pays You Well in Kenya

Last Updated on 21 August 2020 by Gertrude In the book, you’re a badass at making money, Jen Sincero has a chapter that got my eye about finding your dream job. We want to work in jobs that we enjoy and make profits from them. I remember when I would spend days and weeks crying … Read more

10 Incredibly Fun Jobs to Consider in Kenya That Pay Well Without a Degree

Last Updated on 19 August 2020 by Gertrude There’s an article on Indeed called, 12 of the Most Fun Jobs in the World, I couldn’t pass to share this article. These days people work in jobs which they don’t enjoy for the sake of making money. Not that it’s a bad thing but once the … Read more

Extra-Curricular Activities to Include in Your Resume If You Want A Job in Kenya

Last Updated on 19 August 2020 by Gertrude An extracurricular activity is conducted outside the normal school routines. Extracurricular activities range from volunteering to working part-time in programmes of one’s choosing. When writing a resume you have to include extracurricular activities to help enhance or spice your resume up. A spiced-up resume helps you win … Read more

Jobs You Can Get With Any Degree in Kenya

Last Updated on 19 August 2020 by Gertrude It’s not easy to get a job even after studying for four years at the University. It’s becoming harder and harder to secure a well-paying job. Many graduands struggle with what to do after university because the reality sets in when your degree is ‘oversaturated’ and everyone … Read more

Jobs You Didn’t Think Could Be Done Online in Kenya

Last Updated on 19 August 2020 by Gertrude When Kenyans hear of work from home, they see ONLY the role of a writer. And many people tell me, I don’t know how to write or didn’t pass my writing tests in school, can I still work online because I’m interested. If you want to get … Read more

How to Write a Winning Resume That Gets You Lucrative Online Job Interviews in Kenya

Last Updated on 10 August 2020 by Gertrude When I look back the reason I couldn’t get a well-paying job is because I didn’t know how to write a resume. My resume lacked life and therefore lacked a chance. I had a very weak resume written in pen and a foolscap. Bet the employers had … Read more

How to Sell Weight Loss Products Online in Kenya and Live Like a Boss: Complete Guide

Last Updated on 10 August 2020 by Gertrude People are becoming aware of the foods they consume due to highly publicised ‘Lifestyle Diseases’ like cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure making headlines in the Kenyan media daily. Waistlines are increasing and so is the health-consciousness of Kenyans. Though people are aware of what to eat, … Read more

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