How Can I Make $30/3,000 Shillings a Day Online in Kenya? (Guaranteed Strategies & Ideas)

Last Updated on 28 October 2020 by Gertrude So you want to make $30/3000 shillings a day online in Kenya?  Why do you need $30/3000 a day? To pay off the mortgage?  Money for travelling? Pay off debts? Emergency funds  Or building your retirement savings? These are valid reasons for wanting 3000 shillings every day. … Read more

IT Support Jobs in Kenya: How to Get a Tech Job Online Without Experience

Last Updated on 24 October 2020 by Gertrude I love the tech industry because of the endless opportunities available within the tech industry. It takes so many years of mastery to learn anything techie. There are so many Kenyan youths who tell themselves, I wish I got into the tech industry, there are so many … Read more

Passionate About Crochet? Run a Successful Crochet Business in Kenya From Home

In 2014, I learnt how to crochet from Bagoday Crochet channel on Youtube. I made crochet market bags for sale to people because I saw a need for environment preservation. How does one begin a crochet business in Kenya that pays like that of Bagoday or HappyBerryCrochet or other crochet businesses making a killing business?  … Read more

25+ Side Hustles Online Kenyan Mums Swear By (Bringing in A Million a Month)

Parents/mums have lots of side hustle ideas they can pursue online or as a work from home business. The best side hustles for mums are the ones which create freedom. A side hustle provides value, helps solve a problem to the mass and is profitable. How does a busy mum choose a side hustle? Start … Read more

Free Online Learning Platforms for Kenyans Working Online to Boost Their Skills

Last Updated on 20 October 2020 by Gertrude Back in 2012, I found websites/blogs including Smart blogger- my favourite of all time telling me to learn if I wanted to succeed as a freelance writer. Take a course, they screamed. My aim for freelancing was to prove everyone wrong that online work is work and … Read more

100+ Questions Freelancers Earning 1M/Month Ask Before Working Online in Kenya Answered

The thrill of a work from home job can make you feel like you’re in the heavens. But there are questions as a beginner or even seasoned freelancer you must ask yourself before you begin freelancing/working online. Some of the questions you ask include: what do successful freelancers do to set them apart from the … Read more

What to Research Before Working Online/a Freelance Interview in Kenya: Get Rid of Interview Nerves

After getting invited for a freelance interview, the joy of winning the job fades as reality sinks in. Will I win the job yet I want it so bad? Will I get this position in the noise of other freelancers? These are some nerves you want to avoid as a freelancer. On Glassdoor, 7 Things … Read more

A Freelance Company Research That Landed Me a $2500/Month in Kenya

Last Updated on 15 October 2020 by Gertrude Why is it important to do company research as a freelancer? And how do I do company research? Career websites like career sidekick in their blog, How to research a company for a job interview: 7 Steps, say that researching a company helps your build confidence so … Read more

Quickly Get an Online/Freelance Job in Kenya (Preparing for a Freelance Interview)

Is there anything called a freelance interview? And what are the common questions interviewers ask in a freelance interview setting? New freelancers/beginner work from home people and some seasoned ones face a dilemma when it comes to having a face to face interview with their clients. In this article, I’ll show you how to prepare … Read more

Freelance Clients from Hell in Kenya: Figuring Out Bad Clients

Last Updated on 13 October 2020 by Gertrude There are bad freelance clients as there are freelancers. As a freelancer, it’s not easy to spot a bad freelance client because your aim is to make money. Some clients exhaust the living daylights out of you, from asking for samples which they won’t pay for and … Read more

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