Make Money (10K/Book Cover) You Design in Kenya

Last Updated on 19 August 2021 by Gertrude I love books. Everything books; the design, covers, fonts, authors, you name it! Can you name a book that you saw or read and went, ‘I love the design of this book, the fonts and chapter look well-thought-out; I’m reading this one’’. If you have a passion … Read more

Make 10M+ Shopping for the Ultra-Wealthy in Kenya [Luxury Personal Shopper]

Last Updated on 18 August 2021 by Gertrude When I hear “personal shopper” my mind jumps on people that love hanging around the mall and expensive boutiques collecting the best luxury pieces of clothes and accessories for affluent people. Luxury personal shoppers earn upwards of 10million/year depending on their experience of sourcing exclusive pieces for … Read more

Want 7K+/Day With a Taxi Service Like Uber in Kenya? [Start With One Car]

Last Updated on 11 August 2021 by Gertrude Since the coronavirus, Kenyans opted for taxis. Matatus became as expensive as taxis and people asked, ‘Why to bother boarding a loud, ruthless matatu when I can enjoy a taxi ride?”. Kenyans weren’t travelling a lot so they saw taxis as a way of not only convenience … Read more

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