Jobless in Kenya? Top Skills Employers Want You to Have to Get a Dream Job

Identifying your skills helps you know the problems an employer wants to solve. Your skills give the employers a reason to hire you. What are your skills/skillset, I’d get asked when applying for a job a decade ago? Then I’d look at the employer in dismay and would confidently say, I’m looking for any job … Read more

Work a Few Hours Daily and Make 500k+/Month in These Businesses in Kenya

Last Updated on 29 September 2021 by Gertrude  A business that runs itself? That sounds too good to be true, I’d love that. We will divide the businesses that run themselves into two: those that are simple to operate and run without your active involvement and the complex businesses that have employees running the business.  … Read more

How Beginners Earn Free Money Online in Kenya Without Investing or Paying for Anything

Last Updated on 28 September 2021 by Gertrude Those that want to work online but don’t know how to get started ask me, ”How do I make money online in Kenya from home without falling for scams and investing or paying for anything?”. Who will pay me if I work online? Do Kenyans make a … Read more

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