Why Do Women Face Sexual Harassment in the Office in Kenya and How Can They Stop It?

Every day there are dozens of sexual harassment cases that are filed.  Many organisations face a lot of women harassment reports and it is something that has yet to be dealt with accordingly. In this day and age, matters concerning sexual relations are still taboo, despite the efforts and knowledge that is out there to … Read more

What are the Elements of Cybersecurity in Kenya

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting computer systems, networks and programs from digital attacks, which are aimed at accessing, changing or destroying sensitive information or interrupting normal business processes. There are many sophisticated digital attacks that keep on coming up every day.  For this reason, it is essential for an organization to have a proper … Read more

6 Top Reasons Why Cybercrime is Increasing Day by Day in Kenya

Last Updated on 29 November 2021 by Gertrude There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds. 43% of these attacks usually target small businesses. With the increasing number of sophisticated cybercrimes, there has been a need to identify the root cause of this present crisis.  Despite the measures being put in place to prevent cybercrimes, … Read more

How to Run a Successful Automatic Car Wash Business in Kenya Earning 6.5M/Month

I recently found out that Kenya has a number of automatic car wash tunnels, starting with GECO in Kilimani which has been around for 11 years. Automatic car wash tunnels have been in Kenya from as early as the 1970s but were expensive. They slowly died out due to other car wash businesses mushrooming everywhere. … Read more

Make 250K/Month+ Walking Dogs Full-time in Kenya [NO Experience Needed]

Are you a pet lover?  Do you share an amazing bond with animals? Are you looking to earn passive income while doing the thing you are passionate about? Look no further. A dog walking business is the best business idea for you right now. A lot of families take in pets today and with the … Read more

How to Start a Self-Storage Business Without Money in Kenya

Are you looking for low maintenance ways to earn passive income? A self-storage business is the best idea for you right now. Self-storage businesses have been on the rise because of the less risk they have than basic rental facilities as there is little chance of property damage. There are many small businesses that can … Read more

Earn 1M+ Every Christmas With a Bounce House Business in Kenya

Do you love the thrill of bounce houses? Bounce houses become more appealing and profitable during Christmas. Christmas is a time for enjoyment and bounce houses provide the enjoyment everyone looks for during Christmas. Bounce houses make you become a kid again while having fun. As we age, we lose our sense of humour a … Read more

Start a Bakery Business Making Over 250K/Month in 90 Days in Kenya

Do you love baking? Are you thinking about how you can use your baking skills to make money? I started a baking business and earned 2000 shillings in profits on the first day. I went on to earn almost 500k a month in profits while baking from home. In 2012, after trying my hands in … Read more

What’s AI and Everything You Need to Know About AI in Kenya

Computers are talking and we’re listening. Computers seem to know what we want or what we searched for the last time we visited Google. Why? Artificial Intelligence is changing the world and Kenya needs to embrace advanced technology to not only change our economy but create job opportunities. Computers are talking these days and can … Read more

Making 10 Million+/Month With SaaS in Kenya: Everything to Know About SaaS

You can become a millionaire when you innovate a software service that solves problems. Research what people find hard in running their day to day lives. Then develop software that solves problems people have. SaaS is a part of everyone’s life.  Take this instance: When you need to use the Internet, all you have to … Read more

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