How to Become a Web Developer Without a Degree and Make Money in Kenya

Web development has created a lot of buzzes globally over the years, because of its projected growth in the future. I have friends who became web developers fresh out of high school and when I see how much money they are making now, I wish I had joined this bandwagon earlier. I know I’m not … Read more

How a Kenyan Teen Makes Over a Million Shillings Customising Sneakers as a Side Hustle

I have two pairs of sneakers that I do not wear. Something about the fit and the design doesn’t sit right with me. I recently got in touch with a friend who designs and sells custom sneakers and I’m thinking about changing them. I’ll probably wear them right after. My friend tells me that he … Read more

Earn 100K+ Posting for Brands on Their Facebook Pages as a Facebook Ads Specialist in Kenya

Facebook Ads specialists are making money and a lot of it from the comfort of their homes. A Facebook ads specialist knows everything about Facebook ads. Understanding how Facebook ads works mean more money to your business. Do you want to start making money online? Are you interested in becoming a digital marketer? Becoming a … Read more

How to Make Money Selling Cloud Services in Kenya [Cloud Computing]

Businesses prefer to store their information/data in the cloud. And brands are ready to spend millions to invest in a cloud computing company like Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud computing has been a major point of focus by many companies in the world. A lot of businesses are making big bets on cloud computing as … Read more

How to Stop Wasting Time and Become Who God Created You To Become as a Kenyan

We’re wasting valuable, you’re wasting time, listening to people and not following what God put you on earth to do. How many of you can say they freely live following their dreams and goals? These days I ask every day, am I living life according to my terms and conditions or according to what standards … Read more

How to Build and Grow a Graphic Design Business From Home in Kenya

The demand for graphic designers increases every day. More businesses look for ways to captivate their audience with content and so the services of graphic designers increases. If you’re a graphic designer, you may be wondering if you will make a cut to help you grow your business. Are you a graphic designer interested in … Read more

Design Logos Online as a Side Hustle and Getting Paid 100K/Month in Kenya

What’s in a logo? Why are brands paying attention to their logos, website design and brand story? It takes 90 seconds for a consumer to make a judgement about a business or a company at first glance. The base assessment for this judgement is usually on the logo design used. This means that designing logos … Read more

How to Develop Consistency in Business in Kenya

I struggle with consistency. Oftentimes, I can plan out my daily activities in detail to ensure that I stick to a healthy routine (that will guarantee my overall success) which I try for a few days and end up falling back into the same old pattern. It is difficult to follow things through. I know … Read more

These Work From Home Skills Earn a Kenyan Woman 500K/Week Sitting at Her Computer

I have been working from home for the past few months and trust me when I tell you, I would not trade working from home for the cosiest office in the world. When I tell my family and friends I work from home, they tend to get a little jealous and a bit sceptical. The … Read more

Make 500K/Month [Passively] Selling Bath Bombs From Home in Kenya

Bath bombs are round cute explosives and disguised as bath goodies. Some people call them bath melts or bubble baths. Bath bombs are called “bombs” because of the fizzing crackling sound they produce when they are placed in water and dissolve partly or completely to produce bubbles. The dizziness of bath bombs comes from chemical … Read more

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