How to Start 250k+/Month Mobile Phone Repair Business From Home in Kenya [Side Hustle]

Mobile phones have become a part of our lives and so the services of a mobile phone repairer. Everyone owns a smartphone today and there is no doubt they can get damaged at any time. Mobile phones are falling in water/liquids, in the toilets and need to get repaired asap. Sometimes, a simple quick mobile … Read more

How to Start a 10M+/Month Gym Business in Kenya From Scratch

Can a gym business be profitable despite the oversaturation of gyms? How can you make 10M or more per month with a gym business? What is a Gym Business and How Does it Work? What is a gym? This is a facility where physical education (P.E) classes take place. These classes involve lifting weights and … Read more

How to Make a Fortune as an Online Nutrition Coach in Kenya [Help People Get Healthy]

One of the best online businesses you can start today is an online nutrition coaching business. If you are passionate about helping people achieve their health and wellness goals, you should most definitely start an online nutrition coaching business. There are so many people who want to get fit, healthier and better. You can start … Read more

How to Make Money On The Side From Home With a Party Decorations Business in Kenya

Have you ever been to a wedding, birthday or graduation party and wondered, how did they achieve this magnificence? What is a Party Decorations Business and How Does it Work?  A party decorations business helps you improve the decor of parties and make them more creative, appealing and festive. You need party decoration materials to … Read more

How to Start a Profitable Wholesale Toys Business Online in Kenya

We love toys, our kids love toys and we love to spend money on toys. Do you remember Toys R Us? The biggest toy store/distributor in the world? Toys R Us refused to adapt to the modern ways of selling toys. When starting a toy business, keep in mind the toys industry change as babies/children … Read more

How a Kenyan Makes a Living Repairing Laptops From Home [3M+/Year]

What is a Laptop Repair Business and How Does it Work? A laptop repairing business is a business where you start to improve a client’s laptop functionality by replacing and restoring the damaged and broken parts on their laptop computers. In a laptop repairing business, a customer will approach you with a damaged laptop. Laptop … Read more

How to Start a Private Label Brand in Kenya Making 100k/Month in Passive Income

A private label is a brand manufactured by another brand. Private labelling is a way of selling products that are manufactured or formulated by a supplier which you will later label and market under your brand. So this means that the products you sell are manufactured by a third party but sold under your brand … Read more

Make 100k+/Day Renting Farm and Construction Equipment From Home in Kenya

Last Updated on 20 January 2022 by Gertrude Not everyone invests millions in buying equipment. Some equipment is for short-term use therefore renting equipment seems viable. Before starting an equipment rental business, you have to understand what customers need, what they’re looking for in terms of equipment needs. An equipment rental business is a business … Read more

How a Wedding Rental Business Brings 1M/Month in Kenya [From Home]

Do you like planning and organising? Do you love weddings? Are you wondering how you can use your planning skills to start making money? Are you an event planner or have you ever played a role in organising activities for an event? A wedding rental business is a business that rents dresses, chairs, tables to … Read more

How to Earn Over 5M/Month Operating a Wines and Spirits Wholesale Business in Kenya

Last Updated on 14 January 2022 by Gertrude A wines and spirits business is a business that you start to sell or distribute alcoholic drinks to individuals, businesses or organisations and events. The wines and spirits are either sold when bottled, glassed or in greater quantity, as determined by individual preferences. Wines and spirits business … Read more

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